Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps for Your Android in 2023

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Are you bored with the default keyboard of your phone? Now you want to change it with a colorful, fancy & amazing keyboard app. Well, Here is the best list of the best Android keyboard for your smartphone to make your time interesting. In our world there are two types of people, a few are those who have to habit to change themselves for some things whereas another category is those who want everything according to them.

Most people are okay with the default keyboard provided with their Android smartphones. Whereas few keep on looking at some new smartphone emoji keyboard. We are here for those who haven’t been satisfied with the default Android Keyboard.

List of Best Keyboard Android Apps

After searching a lot, we have selected mind-blowing keyboard apps for your Android. These keyboards are selected after deep research and the mode of selection was the satisfaction of users.

#1. GO Keyboard

Go Keyboard is the best Play Store app with over 200 million happy users. A very stylish and interactive Keyboard. You will get the support of 60+ languages and 100+ font styles. The numbers of themes are unpredictable, whereas over 100+ Emojis are there in this Keyboard App. Along with this, there are more than 800 stickers present in the database of this stunning application.

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#2. FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey is a completely customizable keyboard for your Android Device. You will get more than 3200 Emojis and around 50 themes. Users will get more than 70 funky fonts to write in the mood they want, along with this, FancyKeyKeyboard has the support of 50+ international languages. A tiny keyboard pack for those who use old Smartphones with less internal storage.

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#3. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard App

The very option in our list regarding Keyboards. SwiftKey Keyboard had crossed more than 150 million downloads. This keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to perform the auto-correction. Users also have the privilege to save their own words in the database provided by SwiftKey Keyboard. There are more than 80+ colors, and themes that you can apply to change the appearance of the Keyboard. This keyboard can be used by different users belonging to different regions as it supports more than 150 languages.

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#4. iKeyboard

iKeyboard App

iKeyboard app is the most famous app in the Google play store. A lot of people have already downloaded this app on their smartphones. In this app, you will get a huge amount of emojis that give a funny look to our chatting whenever we send a text to our friends. Like if you want to chat with your friend in a funny mood or in symbols then this app is perfect for that. The rating is quite well and after having looked at the comments of users, now I can tell you that this app is really good for us. If you are looking for a funny keyboard then it is best.

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#5. Fleksy Fast Emoji

Fleksy is the fastest keyboard with an all-in-one emoji keyboard, millions of FREE themes, millions of GIFs, millions of stickers, and an award-winning auto-correction. Here, you’ll get emoji suggestions, different keyboard sizes, key boxes, Fleksywave swipe-to-type glide typing, etc. It is known as the TouchPal keyboard, Facemoji, and Kika keyboard.

#6. Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard App

Cheetah is a well-known name in the play store. Most of us have downloaded several apps with the first name Cheetah. Cheetah Keyboard is another cool keyboard option for your Android Device. You can transform your tough conversation into easy talk by adding some predicted emojis and by voice typing feature. You will get dozens of free themes to make your keyboard colorful and interesting.

Users can type words in more than 100 languages on a single keyboard. If you love 3d effects then you can also apply 3D effects. It is one of the top 10 downloaded apps on the Play Store.


So, These were fancy and colorful keyboard apps for your Android mobile. Now you are free to choose theme looks according to your interest. Well, I am a simple guy ;) so I am using the Google Gboard keyboard app which looks like the latest smartphone’s keyboard. I hope you got alternative apps for your inbuilt keyboard.

At last, I want to know which keyboard app you are using on your smartphone. Please let us know in the comment section. And also Share this list with friends.

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