Top 5 Teachable Alternatives to Sell Course Online

By Vikas Kumar

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Are you looking for a website to sell courses online or looking for teachable alternatives? Here I’m going to share the best online course-selling website where you can sell your course online easily as teachable.

When you create something, whether it’s a product or service, what comes into your mind is reaching the maximum number of people because that’s how you can make sure that the value of the thing you have created will impact others. I have been using Teachable to create and sell my online courses, but one day I wondered what could be a better alternative than this one.

When you are creating a masterclass that can change lives, you need to make sure that the platform you’re choosing is correct and gives you the highest amount of benefits. So if you’re also trying to find the best alternatives for teachable, then you’re at the right place.

List of Best Teachable Alternatives Online

So here is the list of the best alternatives to Teachable that can help you sell the courses online and give you some extra benefits that Teachable is not providing.

#1. Udacity

There are very few platforms in the market that will give you full control of everything, and Udacity is one of those rare platforms. Here the wide range of courses available can be beneficial not only for the readers but also helps creators to go with any master class they like. In addition, Udacity can help you list the course easily, and you can get help from their technical support system, and that’s quite important if you look at the number of new teachers who are trying to enter the teaching field. 

Udacity is quite beneficial from the selling point of view also, here you can get tons of good amounts of money through selling a high number of courses and many other things. Very few people can agree that they would love to sell their master class courses free of cost since if you’re doing something great for a wide range of people, choose the platform that will give you the correct amount of rewards. 

Features of Udacity:

  • Easy to use for many newcomers.
  • Manage everything under the dashboard.
  • Get full control of everything from the content to the design.
  • Relatively offers a wide range of customers to sell your courses.

#2. Podia

Podia has managed to impact a higher number of audiences because the way this platform gives access to the courses is quite beneficial for those who want to sell the courses. Podia is famous among users for using a minimalist design, and that’s why so many creators love to use this platform. In addition, you can generate revenue through various sources from Podia because here, you can sell those courses from live online courses, membership, and digital downloads that give audiences more options to choose the courses.

If you compare Podia with Teachable, it has a dedicated digital online platform, which helps you manage things easily. The interface is quite neat and easy, so there won’t be any issues with it for sure. In addition, those who have subscribed to your platform can get drip-feed emails directly broadcasted the way you want. The best thing I like about Teachable is that there are no hidden charges or fees on any sales made here through your courses.

Features of Podia:

  • The sleek design is easy to use and manage.
  • Relatively cheaper and offers more premium features.
  • Embed your website and use default payment gateway options. 
  • There are more white-label features on Podia.

#3. Thinkific

Thinkific is that type of platform that has made everyone a fan of it because whether you’re a student or teacher, it works wonderfully for everyone. Thinkific has a great user interface, and that’s where you will find the main difference while using it compared to Teachable. Just like Teachable, you can create online courses along with your website and customize them according to your choice. Unfortunately, very few platforms exist which will give you full access to everything and fortunately, Thinkific is one of those.

There are no hidden charges here, and that’s what the creator of the online course wants. If you’re not going to make a profit for the content you’re making, it will become quite harder to maintain things. You can build the design of your course the way you want with inbuilt features without even using a single line of coding. Thinkific allows creators to use voice-over features to make your course look more professional and helps make things easier for students.

Features of Thinkific:

  • You can get rid of the branding to make your courses better.
  • It offers you a built survey mechanism.
  • Relatively offers more stylish and customizable design options.
  • There are no transaction fees hidden in it.

#4. Learndash

Learndash offers you the integration of the WordPress website through a plugin, so if you are switching from Teachable, then don’t worry because all of the technical things will be taken care of within a few minutes. With the help of WordPress, you can make the course more flexible and optimize the platform further also. Very few people exist who will tell you that they haven’t liked the user interface of the learn dash because it’s super easy and flexible. You can sort out your courses the way you want and make changes further without any issues.

There are no further hidden charges or anything, and that’s what attracts more and more craters on the learndash. So the platform is a great opportunity for anyone trying to create a big impact on various types of users, which is quite important. In addition, LearnDash offers you a one-off price that will make things easier to manage once you pay it and don’t have to bother about it.

Features of Learndash:

  • You get access to sales and marketing tools.
  • Use the in-built certificates, badges, and many other things.
  • There is a payment and transaction support system available.
  • Use various types of useful plugins. 

#5. Kajabi

If you are trying to make a good amount of money, you need to ensure that there is a proper sales funnel available to complete that sale price. Kajabi offers various tools, from making online video lectures to hosting videos on this platform, which creates a huge impact on sales. In addition, there are more useful features made available by the Kajabi than what you would get from Teachable. The best thing about this platform is that you can manage courses even from your smartphone; the dashboard is accessible from mobile also.

Even though kajabi might seem a little bit more expensive than Teachable, this platform works great and is worth every single penny you spend on it. Many professional course creators use Kajabi because this platform helps you create a better sales funnel than any other thing. One of the best things about Kajabi is that anyone can use it to its maximum potential without worrying too much about it, and that’s what matters the most. 

Features of Kajabi:

  • Manage everything from Android or iOs applications.
  • Website functionality becomes easier with available tools.
  • A well-trained group of technicians.
  • Offers a wide range of marketing and management features.


So these are the best alternatives for Teachable to sell off your course onion. I know that many people love using Teachable because it’s cheap, but when you go beyond just a few bucks every month, you can get tons of useful tools and other benefits through the alternatives mentioned above.

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