Top 5 Free Shooting Games with Guns & People for Android Mobile

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Do you love playing Android games? Here I’m going to list free shooting games for Android mobile. If you are looking for 3D sniper games for Android then this post is for you also.

Your mother might stop you to play games but, my dear friends playing games did have some good effects on anyone’s health. Everything has some good as well as some bad effects but the major topic is, can those good effects have the tendency to change your lifestyle?

You people might not be familiar with the sentence that everyone should play games on their smartphone at least for an hour. Playing games will make you cheerful and somewhere it will enhance your understanding skills. Several theories had claimed that playing games is far better than doing meditation. Some games like free shooting games with guns will increase your focus and will definitely sharpen up your mind. You should know which is up to 1GB of Android games for Android smartphones.

Playing shooting games might help you to think much more creatively than your existing thinking. Whereas some of them are mood-oriented games, these games have the tendency to transform your mood. There are some other good effects including an increase in creativity, and gaming will keep you calm and normal. So, we have gone through several lists based on “sniper shooting games” and had prepared another list of the five best shooting games free. All those games which are mentioned below are fully tested and very loyal to use.

Although there are some adverse effects of games too such as if you are playing it for a long time then your eyes might be adversely affected. Few reports say that some of the users suffer from a temporary headaches whereas few of them are having serious problems so beware of that friends. Now let’s begin with our list.

Best Free Shooting Games for Android

Below are the best shooting games for your Android mobile. Seriously I love to play these shooting games on my smartphone. You should have a high ram and well performance smartphone to play HD-quality shooting games. And also some of the below games are multiplayer shooting games. So you can play games with your friends online. Let’s see free shooting games :

#1. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

One of the most trending shooting games these days especially among teenagers. However, this game for designed to create a stress-free environment, and to some extent, it is successful too. You just have to Aim and shoot. There are several levels of difficulty so that you won’t feel bored. It is having some cool animations. That’s why it is one of the best shooting games.

In the database of this game, tons of guns and Weapons are pre-loaded which you can own once you have earned sufficient points. In terms of rating, Sniper 3D is having 16.2M reviews of total 4.2 stars. According to some users, it is a very addictive game.

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#2. Modern Combat 5

It is another best shooting game available on the web. You must be known of the fact that Modern Combat is a huge game. So to experience you need to have at least 1 GB net usage. Users can choose any model from a bunch of options available. If you want to challenge an unknown player then the online multiplayer game mode is also there. If the rating is a concern then Moder Combat is having a 4.3-star rating and some great reviews.

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#3. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury is a war action shooting game designed very calmly. You will get more than 130 missions and at every level, you will face something adventurous and tricky. Some of the missions will force you to think deeply and then too you will face many other problems. Animations of Sniper Fury will give you a closer look at the Future. Sniper is not the single weapon that you will get in this game, along with this there are several other secret weapons.

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#4. Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 is a very complex game with an easy interface. You will get around 110 different missions and for that, there are more than Dozens of weapons. This game comes with the support of 7 different languages. Special Forces Group 2 has 5 modes of gameplay which include Multiplayer, solo play, and some other modes too.

#5. Bullet Force

Bullet Force is not a single-player game thus you need to have a group or a team to play this game. There are several difficulty levels from which you can choose. Bullet Force has customization options by which you can edit your match according to your wish. Along with this if you don’t have an active internet connection then you can play the game with bots. According to the maximum user, “It is an interesting game”.


These were the list of multiplayer shooting games free for your smartphone. I hope you liked the above shooting games. I would like to know which one of the five is the best & user-friendly shooting game for you. Please tell us in the comment section. And also you should share the shooting games list with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.

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