Top 5 Ways to Earn FREE Google Play Credit (By Android Apps)

Are you looking the ways to earn free Google play credit? I’m sure you want to buy premium apps or games or ebooks from the play store. Well, Don’t worry, Now you don’t have to pay anything to get paid for Android apps and games. You can also use those earned play credits to get access to movies, ebooks and more. Not only this but also you can convert google play credit to real money.

As you know, Google Play is one of the biggest sources of eBooks, movies, Apps and games either free of charge or at a cost. Well, Today I will tell you how to get FREE google play credit to get applications without paying anything to Google. Google play credit is the only way to get paid apps free. In this article, I will show you where to get free google play to redeem code to get free google play credit.

If you are still reading this means you are interested to know “how to earn google play credit”. Here I will tell you the best apps that will provide you Google play gift card or redeem code and then you have to redeem that gift card code to your Google Play. you’re earning to credited to google play.

List of Best Apps to Earn Google Play Credit

Here are five apps to earn Google play credit to get paid apps totally free. Not only Google Credit but also you can earn money from the below app and send money to your bank. So let’s use apps and do some tasks to earn free google play credit.

#1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Option Rewards is a part of Google where people earn Google Play credit by simply giving an answer to the easy question. It is like short surveys and every survey can pay you up to 1$ free in your Google Play credit. You should know how to redeem Google opinion rewards balance to Bank, Paytm or PayPal.

Google Opinion Rewards App

Follow the below process to get started with Google Option Rewards :

  • Install Google Option Rewards from Google Play Store
  • Open Google Option Rewards app
  • Scroll and read How to complete survey question to earn Google Play credit for buying free apps, games and much more
  • Then it will ask you almost 9 Questions about yourself.
  • Fill in your answer carefully. Its main purpose is to know about your interest that they will provide your interest-related surveys. The question will be like What is your gender, Age, Postal code, Language etc.

It will take some time to get approval in Google Option Reward. So be patient. If you got approved then you will be able to see Google Play credit & Reward history option.

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#2. AppNana – Free Gift Cards

AppNana Free Gift Cards App

AppNana is Free Google Play gift card rewarding app. Here you can easily earn by installing apps and you can redeem that earning with any of the gift cards including google play gift card. Just install AppNana on your android smartphone. And register yourself there.

Now you have to download free apps from the Offers section to earn Nanas Points and then convert Nanas points to Google Play Gift cards. Do you know? It claims that you can earn 400 points daily. If you invite your friends to this app then you can earn more points.

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#3. AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards App

AppKarma Rewards App is another best app to earn daily rewards and gift cards of Google play, PayPal,, iTunes, Playstation, Facebook, Steam, and much more. So, If you are thinking to get a gift card totally free then you must think to use this app. This app is also the same as the above two apps. Here is also you have to install apps and open that app and use that app daily to earn AppKarma Rewards & Free gift cards.

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#4. Tap Cash Rewards – FREE Gift Card & Make Money

Tap Cash Rewards App

Tab cash reward app is another best app to make money and get a free google play gift card like Google Option Rewards. Just simply install apps & games, watch videos from their list and get free gift cards to redeem in Google Play Credit. Tab Cash Rewards provides redeem gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, and other 15 gift card options available including google play gift cards.

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#5. Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards

If you are still not satisfied with the above free gift card providers then you give a try to Cash Gift. It is also a very popular App and is downloaded by 1+ million users. You should know that this app team claims that Their app users redeemed 1000k$ money through Gift cards. Just complete some easy tasks and get Amazon, PayPal & Google to play gift cards for free. If you earn 10$ or 25$ then you are allowed to redeem with a Google Play gift card.


I hope you got your answer on How to get Google Play credit without investing a single penny. So now you learned the ways to earn google play credit. If you know any other app that pays a good amount similar to Google Option Rewards and other free Gift card providers then let us know in comment section. And don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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