Top 5 Grid Photo Maker Apps (9 Cut Photos for Instagram)

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Do you want to create outstanding Instagram content and want to stand out from the rest? Then, these are the top photo grid maker apps that will help you to create unique collages and edit them in quite different ways. You can layout your pictures in a way different from other followers on your Instagram!

Did you know that editing pictures can be so much fun? These apps will organize your Instagram accounts into professional accounts and can even increase your followers.

Be it the splitting of a single image into nine cut images for Instagram or the grid of two or more images, these apps will create anything you want. Just download these apps and see the magic it does to your Instagram profile.

List of Best 9 Cut Instagram Apps for Android

Below is the list of best apps to create nine cut images and use them on Instagram. You can easily create grid photos using these apps. So, Let’s see the best 9 cut Instagram photo maker apps.

#1. 9square for Instagram

9square for Instagram App

9square for Instagram – Everyone wants to gain fame on the social media platform. If you aspire to become an influencer or a famous social media personality on Instagram, this app is one of the best options. It allows you to easily crop your pictures to any size that best suits your needs.

Moreover, if you wish to upload more than one picture you can also create a grid of your favorite pictures and post it directly from the app to Instagram and increase the list of your followers with some high-quality and beautifully presented images. 

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#2. PhotoSplit – Grid Photo Maker for Instagram

Photosplit – You must have come across the trendiest way of splitting one picture into different parts to create a complete image when viewed together. However, the question arises: how can you do it? The Photosplit app simplifies this task for you by offering a variety of split options – 12 or 43.

The best part about it is that the quality of the picture is not compromised. Creating a single, large split picture will enhance your Instagram profile and give it a professional look. You can post the picture directly after splitting it.

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#3. Grid Maker for Instagram

Grid Maker for Instagram App

Grid Photo Maker – Posting pictures on Instagram can become challenging if they are not square in size. To prevent picture cropping and achieve precise squares, all you need to do is rotate and adjust your pictures using this app. Additionally, the app offers the feature of creating panorama-cropped images specifically tailored for Instagram.

These panorama images lend an amazing look to your profile and might even attract a higher number of likes. You can effortlessly post the images to social media, and the app also includes an automatic saving feature, ensuring you have beautiful pictures in your gallery as well.

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#4. 9 Cut Photos For Instagram

9 Cut Photos For Instagram App

9Cut Photos for Instagram – You may have noticed numerous grid images on Instagram and might want to create your own. This app allows you to arrange your images in a grid format and even offers the option to arrange them in different shapes such as hearts, squares, or circles.

Thus, it’s not just about normal grid arrangements of images; you can now create unique and creative layouts by changing the shapes. The app also maintains picture quality, providing high-resolution images for direct posting on Instagram without any hindrance.

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#5. Nine Grid Crop

Nine Grid Crop

Nine Grid Crop – Have you ever thought about how creative it would look when you cut down your large images into small pieces of 3, 6, or 9? This app will help you give it a try with your glamorous images. It is a tool that allows you to brainstorm, write, and efficiently share your ideas. Story Crop consists of nine different grids (9 cuts for Instagram).

Not only does it have the feature of dividing the image into several parts, but it also has the ability to zoom in on your picture. This allows you to present every detail of the image with absolute clarity to your followers. This app has been the choice of many Instagram users for cropping, moving, or zooming their pictures without compromising quality.


These apps create split images for your Instagram, which can create a strong visual impact on viewers. You can add different colors, themes, and tones to your pictures. Such layouts work best for posting glamorous pictures or launching a product. These apps are likely to help you become an Instagram influencer.

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