Top 5 Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps (FB Download)

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Are you a Facebook user? If yes! then this post is for you. In this article, I will share the best Facebook video downloader to download Facebook videos from your Android mobile. But the question is here why do we need a Facebook video downloader?

Well, Facebook doesn’t give any option to save the Facebook video offline on SD/Hard disk. Most of the time we watch interesting videos but forget to save that video. And if we need that video then don’t able to find that exact video. So it’s time to use the Facebook video downloader app on an Android smartphone.

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Do you know? Facebook is the No.1 social messaging site in the world which was launched on 4 Feb 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. We always used to share photos and videos on Facebook. It can be operated through mobile or PC. FB allows its user to download photos but is never given the option to save the Facebook video. Yaa. There is the option to bookmark videos on Facebook by selecting the save video option on Facebook.

Best Facebook Video Downloader App/Site

Here are the five best apps that allow you to browse Facebook and when you need to download a Facebook video then there will be a red button/download button appearing on the screen. Hit the download video button to save it on the SD card so that you can share that Facebook video with anyone through fast file-sharing apps.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with or endorsed by these FB downloader apps or Official Facebook. Also, I want to include that you are not allowed to re-upload or download Facebook videos. THIS POST IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES TO TELL HOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK VIDEOS.

#1. (Online)

FBdown Facebook video downloader is one of the best online tools to download Facebook videos without the FB downloader app. It’s really easy to download FB video from your browser and support it on any device online.

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#2. FastVid – Facebook Video Downloader App

Fastvid is the easiest video downloader app for Facebook users that helps you to download any Facebook videos and save them on your local device. Only you have to paste Facebook URL without login. Here you can download videos from Facebook directly to your smartphone. So if you want to download other videos from Facebook then this app also helps you very well.

#3. Video Downloader for Facebook

After the Vidmate app, You can try Video Downloader for the Facebook app to download and save videos from Facebook easily. It allows users to explore their Facebook account and news feed through its building browser. And then select the Facebook video that you want to download and save to your SD Card.

#4. Video Downloader – Story Saver

If you want to download fb videos then this video downloader & story saver app will help you to save Facebook videos directly to your device. You can also download Facebook stories and reel videos from this app. It’s very easy to download good quality Facebook videos in any resolution like SD, 360p SD, 480p SD, 720p HD, or even just the audio.

#5. VidPro – Downloader for Facebook

VidPRO is a well-known video downloader for Facebook on the internet. It allows you to download Facebook videos easily. Before downloading videos from Facebook, you can select the quality of the Facebook video to be downloaded.

If you’re looking for a secure and lightning-fast way to save videos and stories from Facebook and keep them on your device, this app is for you.


I hope you got a free video downloader to download videos from Facebook. I have used the above apps on my phone and working well. So now it’s your time to tell me which Facebook video downloader is best working on your mobile. And also don’t forget to share this list with your friends on social media.

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