Top 5 Social Media Like Exchange Sites to Get Unlimited Likes & Traffic

Social Media is one of the best ways to connect with friends and family. Almost 90% of internet users are using social media. In social media we show reaction by Liking, commenting, sharing a post, images, videos etc. Well, Today I am going to show you five website for social media exchange to get unlimited Likes, Follow, Subscribe & share.

Only you have to sign up below sites and get points by doing some task. Use collected point to get social media likes/Share/Follow/Subscribe/Votes/Traffic and much more exchanges on social networking sites. This is best for social media marketer to use as a social marketing tool online.

There are many likes exchange website on the Internet & the most popular social media exchange is which is very easy to use. When you signup for this site you will get some points. I am using this for 4 years.

Suggestion Before Using Exchange Website

After using a long time, I learned a lot of things about social exchange. So, I am telling you something about before using exchange sites.

  • You must have the patience for unlimited likes from social exchange sites.
  • Don’t create more than one account in social exchange for Facebook, Instagram…
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get likes otherwise, your social account may be blocked for some hour.
  • Refer your friends on these exchange sites for collecting points without doing any task.

Best Social Media Exchange Sites

Before using social media ranked sites I recommend you to use the Best Facebook Auto Liker App for Android to get unlimited Facebook likes. Let’s use a social exchange like

#1. is the most popular social exchange. If we talk according to the popularity of social media exchange Linkcollider will be in Top social media exchange site in the world. There are 420,000+ active members. With the help of this, you can get Web Traffic, Facebook Likes, Google Plus, Pinterest Pins, Twitter Tweets, Tumblr Posts, Stumbleupon Posts, Blogger posts, Backlinks and much more. If you are a blogger then you must use LinkCollider exchange for improving the SEO of your blog.

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#2. FollowLike.Net is another useful website for bloggers & social promoter. Follow like is available in over almost 200 countries and 140000+ members. It is having extra features including all Addmefast service. Here are SEO promotional tools that you can easily get backlinks from someone site & get bookmarks from popular sites like Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Delicious etc. If you are a blogger that you know how Social Media is helpful in growing online business with search engine ranking. You should also try Traffic booster option to increase your site Alexa ranking. offers many Services like – Facebook exchange, Twitter exchange, YouTube exchange, Google exchange, Pinterest exchange, Instagram exchange, VK exchange, Soundcloud exchange, Stumbleupon exchange, Tumblr exchange, Delicious exchange, Website traffic boost, Linkedin exchange, Diggo exchange, Vimeo exchange, Reddit exchange, exchange and many more social bookmaring sites.

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#3. FollowFast.Com is one of the best sites for social media likes. This site was started in 2012 with the aim to provide unlimited likes on social media posts. It is based on Like 4 Like method. That means when you like/follow or subscribe to someone you will get Point and then you can use that point to get likes on your post.

There is four-way to get Points. #1. Get point by Liking, Subscribing & Following #2. Referral your friend & when they join through your link, you will get 100 point #3. Pay some dollars for Point #4. Log in every day and do some task to earn daily bonus.

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I hope you understood what is the work of by its name. Well, you are right. Like4like is another best social media likes/follow exchange site. For new or old businesses, you must have a Social Presence online to scale up your business. Here you will get Likes, Followers, shares, comments, Tweets, Retweets, Followers, Subscribers, Viewers, Google plus & circles, Pins, Repins, Revines, Connections, Fan exchange, join exchange & Website hits. It is the same as

The main thing about Like4Like is, It doesn’t sell Likes/Follows/Subscribe as most social media exchange do. Well, you must try this site also to increase your social media likes. It is the best alternative to follow like.

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Meet another social media exchange network & promotional tool provider, is YouLikeHits will help you to grow your Social media account (Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, StumbleUpon, SoundCloud, VK) and give you huge website traffic also. It’s very easy to use to gain free likes on your Photos. Only you have to add social media post link or website link. That’s it.

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#6. is another best website as like Addmefast and Follow fast. Now it is easy to exchange likes. Here you will get the same what you get from above all sites. Like planet can be used to earn money. Collect 5000 points by liking, following and subscribing someone, then convert your point into dollars. 5000 points are equal to 1$. You must have minimum 2$ to cash out in your PayPal or Payza account.

If you don’t like to collect point or want to save time then you can directly buy social likes and followers.

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Join another social exchange sites for Social Exchanges :

There is more social media exchange there will be more social Likes. So I am not limiting this list. Join social exchange sites, Given below –

If you are using any other social exchanges then let us know in comment section. We will add to the list.


So these are high-quality sites for social media exchange to gain likes. I am using all of the above sites to promote my blog articles. Well, There are many sites for social media promotion.

If you are using any other site then please let us know in comment section. & Also Share this article with your friends.

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  1. Really, it’s very interesting article. It helps me with my website traffic exchange. But for fb bussines page it,s not so good. What I mean… In beggining was good and I got followers, but after 1-2 days they “disappeared”. But sure these sites are good for youtube views and website traffic.

  2. Addmefast likes are bad, like youtube likes all of my 200 likes are gone after a day or 2 days. Any other site that can gain youtube likes without disappearing. Great article and thanks for sharing.

  3. Addmefast site is a FRAUD ! BEWARE ! No support, no accept links, do not send any money… impostor.
    The other sites are so BAD, the likes are total fake and come from servidor BOT SMMpanels.
    Bad review… be honest, please.


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