Top 5+15 Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost SEO & Get Unlimited Traffic in 2022

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Hey, Are you a blogger or webmaster? I am sure you are one of them who want to increase traffic to the website and also want to increase SEO for your website. Now your desire ends here. Try authority social bookmarking sites to increase your traffic as well as SEO. This post is especially for the new blogger who wants to know which is free social bookmarking sites except for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. You can buy high-quality backlinks and social bookmarking from

You should know that these bookmarking sites improve the social signal of your article that will improve your Google ranking. Every webmaster knows the importance of blog promotion for successful blogging. If we talk about blog promotion then social bookmarking sites are the best place for this. You may like to know which is cheap web hosting to host your own website.

Most of the blogger doesn’t know what to do after publishing a new article? I suggest them first they should share published an article on popular social networking site and bookmarking sites. Especially you should post your article link to Google+. Yes! It will support you to index fast in Google.  Now give your 10 min after writing an article in promoting on social bookmarking sites. You may get a large amount of traffic instantly. You may like to use Social exchange sites to gain social bookmarks, likes, shares & followers.

Social Bookmarking Sites List 2021

Below is the list of social bookmarking sites. Now it’s time to collect more traffic, Targeted visitors, Social Signals & Fast indexing through bookmarking sites. Let’s submit your every post to high pr bookmarking sites.

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#1. Reddit

I love Reddit. It’s a huge source of informative articles. You should know that Reddit is high pr social bookmarking site. Reddit is an American social news and discussion website. Submit your article to link inappropriate categories. (Be cautious while choosing Reddit categories otherwise your article will be removed from Reddit.). Then upvote and re-submit other Reddit posts that will improve your Reddit karma. And if your article starts getting upvote then you will get huge traffic from Reddit.


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#2. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is the place where you can read categories wise article and also you can share your article link publicly in the StumbleUpon group. Submit your blog post for instant traffic. It can generate thousands of traffic without any cost. Not only one time traffic, but Stumbleupon is also able to provide lifetime traffic on your article. But your article should be impressive and interesting. If your post got stumb and likes then you can expect how much you will get traffic from this single Stumbleupon bookmarking site. Stumbleupon is also known best alternative to Reddit and Flipboard.

Visit Stumbleupon

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#3. Delicious (

Delicious is one of the best user-friendly bookmarking sites. I am using this site since starting my blogging journey. Now bookmark your article link with appropriate tags & keywords in Delicious. It will give a social signal in a blog post.

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#4. Pocket

Pocket is another save for later sites which is the same as bookmarking. It was founded in 2007. Pocket is the place where people save interesting articles, links from the internet for later enjoyment. Now you can use this for your benefit. Save your article link and get views and backlinks also.

Visit Pocket

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#5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a widely used bookmarking site. It is the most popular graphical content distribution social bookmarking site. Pinterest is having huge content and most of the content is in graphical format. Pinterest is based on Pins, Re-pins and follow. Pin your article link in the relevant category with popular tags.

Visit Pinterest

Other High Pr Social Bookmarking Sites :

Actually, I don’t want to limit the list of best-bookmarking sites. That’s why I am giving you similar sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest.

Final Word

I used these sites to bookmark the article link. There are a lot of best-bookmarking sites but I listed here what I used. You may need a disposable email generator to create a temporary email without registration. Final, If you have used any other sites then let us know in the comment box.

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