Top 5 Sites to Get Facebook Page Likes FREE in 2023

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If I am not wrong, You want to know how to get free Facebook page likes. Right? Well, Every Facebook business owner wants to boost their Social Likes. Facebook is one of the popular social networking sites that every business owner knows how Facebook can boost their online presence. Today’s article is mainly for those who want to build trusted online authority & presence on Facebook. You may like to know the Facebook video downloader app for Android to download any Facebook video.

Let’s know something about Facebook, Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. It was launched on 4 Feb 2004 by Zuckerberg. Well, Do you know, Facebook has 2 Billion monthly active users (According to Wikipedia, Update – June 2017). It really has big users. So why not take the benefits of this? Now increase your Facebook page likes and impact on customers that you are really a well-known brand. You may also use the FB auto liker website for increasing Facebook likes.

I am not talking only about brand or business, If you have a Facebook page then you can use these tips to get Facebook page likes. Yes! It’s free. No need to pay anything for Facebook page likes.

Get Facebook Page Likes (FREE & Unlimited)

The below sites are able to increase Facebook likes. With the help of them Not only on the Facebook page but also you can get likes on Facebook Photo or video & get Facebook followers also.

Here are the best sites to get as many likes as you want – 250 or 500 or 1000 or even 10000. Yes, Here you can get unlimited Facebook page likes but you must have patience for this. It’s a little time-consuming but 100% working and safe to get likes. Let’s see which sites can able to give Facebook page likes.

#1. is one of the best websites to get likes on your Facebook page. I have already used this site for getting likes on our page ;). Now I am also recommending you use this site to increase Facebook likes.

I suggest you not use the Facebook auto liker website. Yes! they are not safe for your Facebook page. Actually, Facebook auto liker requires Token access and you should know that token can be used as your Facebook password. So Facebook page Auto Liker is not safe for you. That’s why I recommend you use social media exchange websites. It’s 100% safe and liked by the real user. is one of the best sites to get Likes on Facebook. Follow the below process to get likes :

  1. Signup
  2. After Successful Signup, You will get 100 coins.
  3. Hit on “Add Website/Social Network
  4. Select the Facebook Fanpage Likes option in What you wish to Promote
  5. Paste your Facebook Page URL(It will look like or in the URL link to add an input box
  6. Write Your Facebook page Name in the Display name
  7. Leave higher coins as possible for a fast response.
  8. Collect coins by Liking, Subscribing or doing other tasks.
  9. When a real user likes your Facebook page, your point will be credited to him.
  10. Now you got real Facebook likes.

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#2. is another website. You can understand the site by its name like4like. Like4Like is the best way to get Likes by giving likes. I hope you have used the above sites then you must signup for this site also because there are also a lot of active users to exchange likes with your Facebook page likes. It’s really a very user-friendly like4like site. You should try its Facebook page-like exchange features where you can exchange Likes. The main thing is, It’s totally free.

Let’s see how to get Facebook page likes free using the Like4Like site :

  1. Firstly signup to
  2. Verify your email address (If require)
  3. After login, move your cursor or click on Social Media Exchange
  4. Hit any one of the services (as Facebook Page Likes)
  5. Now it’s time to collect Credits. The higher the credits you have, The more Facebook page likes you gain.
  6. After collecting some credits.
  7. Click on Add and Page Manager
  8. Again click on the Facebook Page Like link
  9. The next page will show you the Facebook Page list if you already added it.
  10. If not added any FB page then fill in the page URL & select high credits to get likes faster.
  11. Give me some time. It will automatically send real Facebook likes to your Facebook page.

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Addmefast is a famous Facebook likes exchange. I usually use this site to promote my Facebook page. I get social signals through this site. They are providing a Facebook exchange service to promote their Facebook Page to get free likes.

The process to get Facebook page likes from Addmefast:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Signup and register with your Email id.
  3. Now go to Add page/site section keep the cursor on Facebook and then click on Fan-page likes.
  4. Fill in the form like page title, page URL, points per like, daily likes limit, captcha number, target USA, UK or any other people likes.
  5. Hit on Submit button.
  6. Visit in My Page section to see your submitted Facebook fan page.
  7. Keep patience and enjoy likes.

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Social Clickers is also a well-known social exchange network. If you really want to get free Facebook page likes then you must also use them. It can provide you with real Facebook likes. You not only Facebook page likes but also you can get Likes, Shares, and followers on other social media accounts.

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#5. is one of the best options to get Facebook page likes. There is a huge number of members to like your pages. Only you have to collect tokens by doing a simple task and then invest tokens on getting Facebook likes. Most of this site users high bid on Facebook Fan pages & YouTube Subscribers that’s why I recommend you to use LinkCollider to get likes on your Facebook page.

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Below are some other sites to get Facebook likes :

If you have already used the above sites and need more sites for Facebook likes then you can use the below sites also.


I hope you liked this post. If you know of any other sites that provide Facebook like then let us know in the comment section & I will include that site in the above list. And I request you to share this post with your friends so that they can increase likes on their Facebook page.

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