Top 5 Best Free Web Proxy Sites to Unblock Website (Hide IP)

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Is your favorite website blocked in your country or in your school? Don’t worry, Here I am going to share the free web proxy site list that will help you to access the banned site in your location. It is possible by IP hiding. Every internet user needs to access some websites in their daily life for various purposes whether it is regarding official work or entertainment. After depending on a website, it becomes an integral part of your daily routine.

Basically, social interaction and entertainment websites like Facebook and Youtube are frequently accessed by internet users throughout the world. But it is also possible that these websites will go un-accessible due to some barriers. Mostly, this occurs in educational institutions and official areas where the administration doesn’t want anyone to waste their time on this kind of stuff. It is also possible that a specific website is banned in your country but popular in the rest of the world. The Internet is for everyone and no one can prohibit you from accessing information through the Internet.

To overcome this kind of situation, the best way is to use a free proxy server. Through these websites, you will be able to access all other sites which are currently not available to use. There are countless proxy websites available on the internet but they are not capable of providing proper anonymity while surfing.

Note: This is only for educational purposes. It depends on you what you do with your education.

List of Best Working Proxy Websites

If you want to completely hide your information while using the internet, then here are some websites to try out as a solution. Let’s use the best proxy servers and hide your location and get access to blocked content –

#1. – Free Web Proxy Site

Proxy Site

Proxy site is a simple and very useful website that has the solution to unblock every kind of website. Simply go to the homepage of the site, and enter the web address of a site that you want to access in the search bar. Click on go & it’s done! They also provide you the option to choose from various servers in the US and Europe for secure browsing.

This website protects your privacy by removing all of your search history traces so that no one can track your preferences. the proxy site has a gigabyte network for lightning-fast and global access to all websites of the world.

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#2. HMA Free Proxy

With HMA, you will get an opportunity to surf websites having high restrictions anonymously. They provide the proxy server location of the USA (New york city, Seattle), Germany (Frankfurt), Netherlands (Amsterdam), UK (London), and Czech Republic (Prague).

For secure access, they provide you various options of encryption such as:-

  • Encrypt URL
  • Encrypt page
  • Allow cookies
  • Remove script
  • Remove objects

They provide high security with the help of 128-bit encryption which is best in class for optimum privacy. The special mechanism of their site is capable of preventing filters from blocking websites having high security. Also, this site provides an option to manage cookies and edit browsers according to the preference of the user.

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#3. – Website Unblocker is a complete hideout that privileges you the freedom of accessing websites having restrictions. You can simply enter the URL of the website, set the proxy location, and choose additional options such as cookie allowance and page encryption.

Every server of the hiding me website supports protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and much more. Currently, more than 5 million users across the world are using their services for everyday use. Here you will get both VPN and proxy servers that support all torrent clients. One can easily download the virtual private network of hiding my site from the home page and use it as a free, premium, or plus user as per the requirement.

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Web Surf Proxy Site

Websurf is a cloud-based proxy server that uses remote sources to recreate the website that you want to access. Currently, this site is providing a US server location for anonymous access. Websurf is a modern proxy site that includes all encryption options and you can also control cookies.

The server of this site is capable of downloading everything including:-

  • HTML files
  • JavaScript
  • CSS style
  • Images
  • Some video formats

Because they use a cloud server, it becomes impossible to track the exact identification of internet users.

#5. – Anonymously Web Proxy

Filterbypass is the free and fastest anonymous web proxy website where you can hide your IP address from the website. If any website is not opening in your country then use the Filter bypass website and enjoy the content. For the security of the user, here you will get automatic SSL technology. With 128-bit encryption, it ensures the privacy of the user to the best level.

There is no need for registration or contract while using their services. Currently, they are providing you with secure servers of the UK proxy to surf the websites having a restriction in your local network.

Bonus Proxy Websites

If you are not satisfied with the above proxy sites then you can try below 100+ best alternatives and similar proxy sites for opening the blocked site in your country and also it will help you to change the IP of your location :

  1. Anonymouse –
  2. Brazil Proxy –
  3. Ca Proxies –
  4. Canada Proxy –
  5. Change IP & Country –
  6. Cool Proxy –
  7. Crazy Proxy –
  8. DeFilter –
  9. Don’t Filter –
  10. 4Ever Proxy –
  11. America Proxy –
  12. ECXS –
  13. England Proxy –
  14. Europe Proxy –
  15. Extreme Proxy –
  16. Fast School Proxy –
  17. Fast Time –
  18. Fast USA Proxy –
  19. FB Proxies –
  20. Fish Proxy –
  21. Free Open Proxy –
  22. Free Proxy Server –
  23. Free Publick Proxy –
  24. Free You Proxy Tube –
  25. Free YouTube Proxy –
  26. Go Proxy –
  27. Greatest Free Proxy –
  28. Hidden Digital Info –
  29. Hide IP Proxy –
  30. Anony Mizer – (14 days free trial)
  31. Hide Me Ass –
  32. Hide My Ass –
  33. Hide My Trax Proxy –
  34. Hide N Seek –
  35. Hide The Internet –
  36. Hope Proxy –
  37. Host App –
  38. Intern Cloud –
  39. IP Switcher –
  40. Just Proxy –
  41. Just Unblock It –
  42. KProxy –
  43. King Surf Proxy –
  44. Korea Proxy –
  45. KProxy Site –
  46. Me Hide –
  47. Mega Proxy –
  48. Monster Proxy –
  49. Network Bypass –
  50. New IP Now –
  51. Ninja Cloak –
  52. Orange Proxy –
  53. PHP Proxy –
  54. PK Proxy –
  55. Private Surf –
  56. Pro Intern –
  57. Prox Me Call Me Names –
  58. Proxay –
  59. Proxify – (3 days trial)
  60. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  61. Proxy 2014 –
  62. Proxy 2014 –
  63. Proxy 2015 –
  64. Proxy Browse –
  65. Proxy Internet –
  66. Proxy One –
  67. Proxy Pirate –
  68. Proxy Power –
  69. Proxy This –
  70. Proxy Tube –
  71. Proxy –
  72. Proxyfree –
  73. Proxyo –
  74. Pun Proxy –
  75. Push Proxy –
  76. Quick Proxy –
  77. Rapid Proxy –
  78. Remove Filters –
  79. Rexoss –
  80. Safe Proxy –
  81. Saoudi Proxy –
  82. See Proxy –
  83. Singapore Proxy –
  84. Skull Proxy –
  85. Sporium –
  86. SSL Proxy –
  87. Stardoll Proxy –
  88. Stealth Proxy –
  89. Suede Proxy –
  90. Surf for Free –
  91. Surf Proxy –
  92. The Best Proxy –
  93. Travel VPN –
  94. UK – Proxy –
  95. Unblocker –
  96. Unlock My Web –
  97. US Proxies –
  98. US Proxy –
  99. View Youtube –
  100. VPN Browse –
  101. VTunnel –
  102. Web Proxy Free –
  103. Work Host –
  104. Working Proxy –
  105. World Cup Proxy –
  106. Xite Now –
  107. You Server –
  108. Your Proxy –
  109. Zacebook –
  110. Zalmos Web Proxy –


Above proxy sites are selected by me. I have only listed the best working proxy sites. There are thousands of proxy sites on the internet to use for the same work. If you are using any other free proxy site then let us know in the comment section. You should also share this list with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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