Top 5 Sites to Get FREE YouTube Subscribers (Sub4Sub) in 2023

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Hey, Are you YouTuber? If yes! then this post is for you. Actually, most of the new YouTube creators ask “Where to get free YouTube subscribers?” Well, Today I came up with the best sub4sub websites that will provide you with free YouTube subscribers from real people. And they are also the best subscriber delivery network ever I used to increase my subscriber list. You must read which is the best Facebook auto liker site.

I think YouTube Subscribers Exchange is the best way to collect YouTube Subscribers instead of auto YouTube subscribers. Because auto YouTube subscribers are also known as bot subscribers. As we know bot subscribers are not beneficial as compared to real subscribers. That’s why I recommend everyone to try social exchange sites to boost their likes, followers & subscribers. Instead of a sub4sub site, You may like to see the list of best photo editors online and if you are an Android user then check the best photo editing app for Android.

Everyone knows that YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing sites where users upload videos publicly. YouTube allows people to upload, view, and share videos. If you have talent or passion for something then you can show your creativity on YouTube where 1 billion unique visitors on YouTube are waiting to watch your video. Do you know 5+ billion hours of video are watched each month? Well, That’s OK. but what if you don’t have any subscribers or viewers to watch your video? Now it’s time to use YouTube marketing to increase Subscribers, Views, Share. You can either use sub4sub or buy YouTube subscribers.

How to Get YouTube Subscribers FREE?

Use below Sub4Sub sites to gain free YouTube subscribers on your YouTube channel. I think, After using the below technique, You will not ask “How to get free youtube subscribers?” because they are able to give unlimited youtube subscribers.

It’s in your hand to grow your YouTube channel fast using youtube subscribers exchange. I hope you know very well about LinkCollider which is also one of the best sites to increase social signals. If you haven’t joined this then You can join for getting YouTube Subscribers. Actually, this site is the most popular so I am not adding it to the list. Now Let’s see which sites are helpful to get free YouTube Subscribers.

Important Note: They never ask for the password. Only you have to register with your email id. And I advise You should get YouTube subscribers in Limit. I suggest you get only 20-30 Subscribers daily (Make a ratio between video views). If you get more subscribers in very little time then YouTube can detect fake subscribers. Your Subscribers may be deleted. I am saying this on the basis of my experience. So be patient!

#1. is the same as sub4sub. It is also one of the best social exchanges ever used. If you have used the above sites then you must signup for this site also because there is also a huge active user to exchange likes with subscribers. It’s really a very user-friendly site. You must try its YouTube exchange features where you can exchange Likes, Views, Comments & Subscribers without paying anything. That means you will get YouTube subscribers for Free.

Let’s see how to get YouTube Subscribers free using the Like4Like site :

  1. Firstly signup to
  2. Verify your email address (If require)
  3. After login, move your cursor or click on Social Media Exchange
  4. Hit any one of the services (Facebook Likes or YouTube Subscribers)
  5. Now it’s time to collect Credits. The higher the credits you have, The more YouTube Subscribers you gain.
  6. After collecting some credits.
  7. Click on Add and Page Manager
  8. Again click on YouTube Subscribers link
  9. The next page will show you the YouTube Channel list if you already added it.
  10. If not added any channel then fill channel URL & select high credits to get subscribers faster.
  11. Give me some time. It will automatically send real subscribers to your channel to subscribe your channel.

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#2. is another useful YouTube exchange site. Usually, I use YouLikeHits to promote all of my blog articles on social media. I get Social signals from Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon & Pinterest. They are also providing YouTube Subscribers the option to promote your YouTube channel. The main thing is YouLikeHits don’t sell Followers or Subscribers but they sell points and you can use their points to get YouTube subscribers.

The process to get YouTube subscribers from YouLikeHits:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Signup and register with Email id then check your mail & click on verify link.
  3. Now go to Add page/site section
  4. keep the cursor on YouTube and then click on Channel Subscribers.
  5. Fill in the form with the Channel title, Channel URL, points per subscribing (CPC), Total points allocate for getting subscribers, Auto-stop at, daily likes, target subscribers and captcha number.
  6. Hit on Submit button.
  7. Visit in My Page section to see your channel list.

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I have already mentioned FollowLike in the Social media exchange. It is mainly used to get Likes, Followers, Tweets, Views, Subscribers and more. When I submitted my YouTube channel to this site I got almost 400+ subscribers in 2 days. (Actually, I didn’t have enough points to continue the subscriber’s campaign. So again I collected points by liking and subscribing to other channels and again bid my point to get subscribers.) Here is almost 200+ user online to exchange your point by subscribing.

How to Use to Get Subscribers :

  1. Signup
  2. After Successful Signup, You will get 100 coins.
  3. Hit on “Add Website/Social Network”
  4. Select the YouTube Subscribers option in What you wish to Promote
  5. Paste your YouTube channel link (It will look like or in the URL link to add an input box
  6. Write Your Channel Name in the Display name
  7. Leave higher coins as possible for a fast response.
  8. Collect coins by Liking, Subscribing or doing other tasks.
  9. When a real user subscribes to your channel your point will be credited to him.
  10. Now you got real YouTube subscribers.

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#4. is also a well-known social exchange network. It is running for many years. If you really want to get YouTube subscribers then you must also use this. It can provide you with real YouTube subscribers. Not only YouTube subscribers but also you can get Likes, Video views, and followers on other social media accounts.

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#5. has huge visitors. You can use Link Collider for YouTube exchanges. Here you have to collect tokens by doing a simple task and investing tokens in getting YouTube subscribers. Most of the site’s User bid high on Facebook Fan Page Likes & Youtube Subscribers that’s why I recommend you try LinkCollider to get YouTube subscribers.

Below are some other Sub4Sub :

If you have already used the above sites and need more sites like sub4sub then you can use the below sites also.


I hope you liked this post. If you know of any other sites like sub4sub that can help in getting YouTube subscribers then let us know in the comment section & I will include that site in the above list. And I suggest you share this post with your friends who are working on the YouTube Channel.

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23 thoughts on “Top 5 Sites to Get FREE YouTube Subscribers (Sub4Sub) in 2023”

    • Thanks, Aisha for asking this valuable question.

      Sub4Sub is not 100% banned on YouTube. I got Almost 1000 subscribers from these sites. You should know, All subscribers will be the real user not bot from these Sub4Sub sites. I will not recommend if you are going for long-term with your YouTube channel.

      If you get 100 subscribers from Sub4sub then after 1 day you will have only 20-30 subscribers. It’s because people do unsubscribe after getting point/coin. :(

      Try to learn YouTube SEO, Share your post on Facebook groups (Related to your video), Generate eye-catching thumbnail.

  1. This sites are very good for small YouTubers to earn subscriber but after getting the required points the subbers unsubscribes us… thats my main problem with this sites….
    Please put some severe punishment to those types of people..
    Thank you

  2. ALL of this kind-of sites working EXCLUSIVELY for views and a bit of likes.
    If you are looking for subscribers… EVERY “sub for sub” site doesn’t works.

    Everyone, and I repeat EVERYONE wont still subscribed longer than an hour or two… sometimes until the day after.
    They just subscribe the time to get points/coins/credits/tokens… then unsubscribe.
    Almost every site shows “UNSUBSCRIBERS WILL BE BANNED” but NO ONE really get banned.
    No one keeps subscription and if you get 20 subscribers, you will lose all of them.

    No one respect the subscriber’s rules. Those sites have to apply IRON RULES and force users to respect them, banning whoever don’t.

  3. Just wanna share my 3 weeks of experience using this tool. At first I was confused how to use it. But overtime, its just easy. My rank improves and my likes increases. Will try their premium membership if I could get better result. Will post my update later.

  4. linkcollider Not working for me Subscribers not found it shows messages even i subscribe channels and my subscription not private for me its dumb


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