Top 5 Free Music Download Apps for Android in 2022

Listening to Music will always make you feel good and happy because there is something magical about it that no one can stop listening to their favorite songs. If you closely look at the number of options we currently have, it makes you bamboozled for sure. Because nowadays, everyone is on their smartphone trying to find their desired songs to play. Gone are the days of the walkman, CD’s, tape recorder, etc. Now you just need a perfect music application that will give you access to unlimited sources of Music. 

I know currently, we are living in that period where you are getting plenty of options in every other subject. Now that becomes quite confusing, especially for those people who cannot make the appropriate decision based upon such a confusing option. So here I have made things easier since I have shared some great applications which you can use for free of cost to download the Music. 

List of Best Music Download Apps for Android

So here is the list of music applications that one can use to download the Music free of cost on their android smartphone, and that’s the beauty of it. 

#1. Audiomack

Have you wondered where you would find an unlimited source of songs that can be played without interruption from the advertisement or anything else?. If you’re still thinking about those things, don’t worry because by using Audiotrack, you can successfully download and listen to millions of songs in one place. Audiotrack is a great application that offers tons of Music like hip-hop, rap, classical, EDM, and many others in one place. There are no limitations on how many songs you can play; the option of listening offline will also give you an option to listen to your favorite songs without any data.

The user interface is quite easy and simple, just click on the given categories, and you will find the required song easily. The trending section gives an option to the users to surf through the latest types of songs that can be beneficial for those who love trending songs. Whether going on a trip or any other place, just download songs and listen to them offline.

Features: of Audiomack

  • Unlimited source of entertainment.
  • Offline download option available.
  • Browse through the various types of playlists.
  • Multiple language songs are also available.

#2. Songily

We all like to listen to music when we get bored and what’s the best way to enjoy them other than getting a very sort of song in one application that is too free of cost, right?. Well, Sony is the type of application that will help you listen to some amazing songs and that too from the different types of the genre. Very few people know about it, but this application is built up by super innovative developers who are helping people to listen to their songs without spending even a dollar.

If you are trying to find alternatives for the Spotify premium, this is the best application. Whether you like Jazz, Hip-Pop, Rock, EDM, or any other type of Music, you will only find everything in this single application. Download any song and will find it in the folders of your smartphone so that you can stream them anytime, anywhere. 

Features of Songily:

  • Download and listen to unlimited songs.
  • Songs from different genres are available.
  • Use it for free of cost.
  • Dark mode and new design changes were made available.

#3. YMusic

yMusic is a great choice for those who love youtube for listening to audio songs only. Suppose you are truly bothered about the data consumption by youtube and not trying to get satisfaction from YouTube premium also. In that case, you can download Music and enjoy unlimited sources of entertainment. Music lets you stream the audio file version of any video song, and you can enjoy them without spending too much internet data. 

Youtube has every type of song in its database, and you can listen to unlimited sources of songs in one place. However, if you want to listen to high-end audio quality songs from Youtube, this is the best way to do it. Music will help you to listen to tons of songs, and that’s the beauty of it. Very few people can enjoy audio songs from YouTube because you have to get a YouTube premium to enjoy the unlimited capacity. However, through this app, you can get everything in one place without spending any money.

Features: of Music

  • Download unlimited youtube videos in mp3 format
  • More clearer and high-end quality of the songs.
  • You get a customizable interface with tons of options.
  • Offline listen to unlimited songs. 

#4. Fildo

There are many premium music downloading applications on the play store, but most of them require you to pay a certain amount of money. However, that’s not the case with this amazing application. Here you can download any type of song and play them offline mode. If you are the type of person who loves streaming offline songs, this is the best application that will suit you. Fildo application is designed in that way which has a stunning user interface, and other than that, you get to choose from various types of options. 

Fildo application works in the majority of the countries; the creators have recently issued tons of updates in which they made its functionality available in such regions. The user interface is quite simple, and you can import from the other application songs directly also. Use the search engine to get your favorite songs and listen to them.

Features of Fildo:

  • Clean and exact matching songs quality.
  • We have improved audio quality.
  • Frequent updates make it useful for the long term.
  • Stream or download MP3 songs in one place.

#5. Itunes Music Downloader

This is the type of application that is too easy to use, making it useful for a large number of people. Very few people know this, but Itunes music downloader is one of the oldest and most popular downloading applications available. You need to search for the specific song, click on it, even preview it, and then download it in one go. The downloaded songs will directly get saved in the phone’s various types of folders also, and that’s what everyone needs to do.

The user interface of the Gtune is what makes it more user-friendly for sure. The theme used by the developers is so easy to get with, and maybe that’s the reason why everyone is fond of this application. Itunes will give you tons of other options like the song’s quality, and format before downloading. Using such a type of application is a must when trying to create an offline playlist for your favorite type of song. 

Features iTunes Music Downloader:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Download unlimited songs in one place.
  • Store songs in external memory.
  • Type the name of a song, and you can download it instantly.


So these are the best free android applications that you can use for downloading songs and playing them anywhere. There are many options right now coming up. Still, the majority of them are subscription-based that very few people are currently interested in, so the list mentioned above of options are made solely to help you out to stream any songs in offline mode and enjoy them. If you got any doubts or questions about any of these apps, then leave a comment down below.

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