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‘Laughter is good for health’, you have often heard this term. However, in this busy life do you even get a good laugh? Well then from now on you will have a smile on your face with these best funny apps. These apps have some of the funniest memes and gifs that will make your day better. 

These apps have various videos and pictures for you, which will immediately make you happy and change your entire mood from sad and dull to bright and happy. You can have an entirely fun app instead of searching for funny memes and pictures on your social media. 

These are some of the best apps full of hilarious content. The main purpose of these apps is your happiness. You might find many apps on your play store but all apps are not as funny as the list of these following apps.

List of Best Funny Android Apps

Below are the best funny apps for your Android smartphone. You can use the below apps for funny content on your phone. You can enjoy it with a laugh.

#1. 9GAG App

9Gag app

Sometimes you go days without even putting a smile on your face or experiencing a good laugh. Well with this app you will have a good laugh every day as it has some of the funniest gifs, videos, and pictures that will make you go crazy with laughter. You can access this app anytime anywhere in a boring class or in a family function that fails to interest you. This app will instantly enlighten all your mood. You can even make several humorous friends who would entertain you with their fun pictures and would bring a smile to your face. You can even share your funny pictures and gifs or suggest humorous contents that should be posted.

#2. iFunny App

iFunny App

This is a fun app that will make you forget all your day’s stress and worries and make you much happier. You can get some of the funniest memes, gifs, and videos on this app. You can also become a member with the help of iFunny by creating your own collection of memes.

Moreover, it allows you to share funny memes and videos with your friends and family. You can find new people who share the same humor as you and thus build new friendships. You will definitely enjoy being a part of this community which only spreads happiness. 

#3. Imgur App

Imgur App

If you are searching for a place where you can laugh your hearts out then Imgur is that magical place that will make this happen. It has everything that will make you laugh out loud ranging from funny movies to videos to art, puns, comics, and many more. It has endless fun things to make you happy.

You can find almost any type of meme, the trending one or the weird one. This app will no more allow you to be sad or worried as it will replace all your worries with fun and happiness.

#4. Memedroid App

Memedroid App

The only solution for your boredom these days is reading some of the funniest memes and passing your time. This app will bring you one of the finest collections of humorous memes and gifs. It is an online app where you receive memes from the most creative and humorous people.

You can also be one of them by creating your own unique memes and sharing them on the app. You can even save the memes or gifs you love and share them with your friends. It also allows you to chat with new people and get new memes every day.

#5. Easy xkcd

Easy xkcd App

Easy xkcd is the best app for you to read the xkcd comics easily. You do not have to spend much time searching for the best xkcd comics as you will get a complete collection of them on this app. You can even use this app in offline mode and can even download your favorite xkcd comic.

You can even search for the article titles or get random articles to read on it. It also supports formulas and alt texts. You can even share the comic URL with your friends so that they can enjoy the amazing comics.


This app has been solely designed for you to have a good laugh and bust out all your stress. You might have a bundle of options to get different humorous content like websites or social media, but why search for different options when you can get all in one app? You can even share funny memes, videos or pictures with your friends and family. It also allows you to create your own memes and bring out your good sense of humor.

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