Top 5 Best VPNs for Android (Fast & Secure VPN App)

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Are you still worried about the fact that your internet connections or the public Wifi you use can be a cause of threat to you? There are a lot of cases where people hack your important information. You sometimes fail to realize that there should be security for your internet connections. The best VPN will be the security for your internet connections. This VPN will safeguard all your content and you will no longer have to face the fear of your content being caught by others. 

There is a lot of censored content that you are unable to see the use of a VPN will help you do away with all the restrictions imposed. You can now see anything you want to without any restrictions. Moreover, no one will know who you are as your identity will be absolutely anonymous to all. Thus, you can view anything or share any personal information via the Internet or Wifi, nothing related to you will be disclosed. 

But you might think about how to get this VPN. There are a lot of VPN apps that will shield your internet connections. These apps not only shield your connections but also enhance them. Once you install these apps then there is no looking back. Just be carefree while using any of the internet or Wifi connections. 

List of Best Virtual Private Network Apps

Below is the list of the best VPN apps for Android to remove all restrictions on the website in your country. If any website is not opening in your location then you should use the VPS app on your smartphone.

#1. NordVPN – Fast VPN App

NordVPN - Fast VPN App

Keep your internet data absolutely safe with the NordVPN app. No one can access your internet connection while you are using it. This is a highly encrypted app that keeps the use of public Wifi, or browsing history absolutely safe and secure. Thus you can get private access to your internet. You often have to use a lot of devices while at work. This app can keep up to 6 devices secured while you are using the internet. The security of the app does not compromise the speed as this app provides you with both. Thus no more buffering while viewing your favorite videos. 

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#2. Express VPN – Trusted & Secure VPN

Now you can use your internet in a secure way with ExpressVPN. This app allows you to defeat all the restrictions or censorship on your content. It enables you to watch videos, music, or anything from anywhere in a secure manner. The app keeps your identity absolutely anonymous so that no one can view what you are doing. You can operate this app on any of the devices by paying a subscription. Moreover, there are individuals available 24/7 to help you in case you face any problems while using the app. 

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#3. IPVanish VPN – Fastest VPN

You can make any of your internet connections secure with the help of the IPVanish app. This highly encrypted app keeps all your data secure. Sync to the other apps keeps your data secured as well as stored. You can break free from all the censorship and restrictions on videos or other content and get the raw form of data. Your identity or activities are never recorded in order to preserve your privacy. 

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#4. Surf Shark VPN – Secure VPN App

Surf Shark VPN - Secure VPN App

You can stay absolutely secure and worry less while using your internet. Surf Shark VPN app gives instant and secure access to any of the content you like. All your sensitive information is absolutely safe and private with the help of this VPN security every time you use it. Without the VPN there will always be a fear that your information might get caught. This VPN app will act as a shield to protect all your data. Anyone can collect and sell your data to advertisers in the absence of a proper security app.

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#5. CyberGhost VPN – Secure WiFi Protection

CyberGhost VPN - Secure WiFi Protection

Your digital identity is well protected with the CyberGhost app. Your identity can stay hidden even when you log in to other apps. It can secure all your online bank transactions so that you can make use of online banking quite safely. You can secure almost 7 devices with the help of this app and just with one tap, you can effortlessly protect your data. It also speeds up your connection so that you do not have to face the problem of buffering. You should install this app on your mobile phone as it will save you from any kind of unwanted practices. 


In today’s world cybercrime has reached its peak. Almost, everyone is under the threat of being a victim of such a crime. So, why not be the one to stop it and take the initiative from your side? You can install these VPN apps and secure your devices. Moreover, you should even advise your friends and family to download these best VPN apps and explain their benefits.  These apps will not only save you but also everyone related to you.

Besides, protecting your connections also saves you from the problem of buffering that you face while watching any videos or downloading any music or movies. Now you can do all these without facing the problem of buffering. Just downloading any one of these apps will solve a lot of problems for you. 

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