Top 5 Best Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Provider Online in 2022

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Do you want to create a virtual credit card for international transactions without having a credit card? Well, There are many VCC providers on the internet. You can easily get a VCC Card ( Visa/Masters’s card) online that you can use to pay for online transactions anywhere in the world. Yes! A virtual credit card is the best option for those who want to buy hosting or any product from outside of their country. In this article, I will show you where to get FREE Virtual credit or debit card online and which is a popular virtual card provider!

A Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is called a Prepaid credit card and also known as a temporary credit card. When you join the VCC provider site then you will get a virtual card number and then you can use that virtual card number while transacting internationally. you must learn to earn Google play credit free.

There are tons of payment methods nowadays we have which earlier we couldn’t even imagine of and that’s the beauty of advanced technology. One of the latest and greatest additions to the payment world was virtual credit card services. Even though you might be using some virtual credit card services, if you are looking for the best virtual card provider, you are at the right place.

When you are trying to make a purchase online, having multiple virtual credit cards gives you an extra edge. There are many online service providers for credit card and related services, but here our financial experts.

So firstly you need to add funds from the bank to your instant virtual credit card for a secure online transaction. The main reason to use VCC is – Most of the time we can’t buy goods from international sites using non-global ATM cards. That’s why we need a Virtual credit card to purchase from International sites or e-commerce sites. Currently, PayPal doesn’t support some cards so use the virtual prepaid card and add funds.

Sites to Get Virtual Credit Card FREE

Actually, there are a lot of VCC providers on the internet. We become confused about which one site is best to create a virtual credit card. Well, don’t think too much. Here I am giving you a trusted & popular virtual credit card provider. They are not totally free. You need to pay some Taxes while adding or purchasing a product through their virtual card number.

#1. US Unlocked

When it comes to online shopping and making payments through virtual crests or debit cards, the only name that comes into our mind in the first place is the US unlocked. They are the master of their domain and know how to provide the essential service at a reasonable price range. Now that’s why more than 100000 customers are using US unlocked virtual credit cards. 

The US unlocked offers you not only the option to purchase online services but products at different US billing addresses. You can order our products using their credit card service at different US billing addresses, and there is an objection to doing that. Of course, you will have to collect the ordered goods from that billing address. Their service can be availed by anyone using the subscription for which they charge $15 as a membership fee, and a monthly fee of $3.5 will be levied thereupon. 


  • Personalized support availability.
  • Accepted at all of the online US merchant stores.
  • Easy to use credit cards approved by US banks.
  • Get access to premium freight forwarding partners.

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#2. Netspend

If you have never used a virtual credit card before, then Netspend is the type you would like to use. It’s another virtual credit card service provider whose main focus is to enable customers to buy online products as much as they can. The main thing we liked about Netspend is that you don’t have to pay any membership fees for joining. You can sign up free and enjoy the perks. You will be asked for identity verification in the first place, and it does involve that much-complicated process. It provides FDIC-insured Visa Prepaid and Prepaid Mastercard and corporate prepaid card solutions in the United States.

Netspend, as the name suggests, helps you make online payments without any fuss or issues, and that’s the beauty of using virtual credit cards. You can order anything online using Netspend’s virtual credit card and get the benefit of using them during holiday seasons also. Here you can change the profile picture and add a unique identification of yours only if you want to, and there are other multiple premium features.


  • No requirement of minimum balance requirement or joining fee.
  • You can check the balance anytime, anywhere.
  • High security embedded in it protects your credential.
  • Netspend is authorized and accepted in every part of the country.

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#3. Privacy

When it comes to digital payment, everything seems quite easy, but we all know the threat of misusing our credit card information by hackers. So here, Privacy virtual credit cards have been listed in the list because of their high-end security services. Here the payment done by you will be ultra secured, and the chances of hacking into the virtual credit card without your proper authorization would be null. 

Each card meme will have a unique credit card number, and you will be able to use it for online payment at multiple locations. There are no issues in using Pirvacy’s virtual credit cards, and it’s one of the trusted sources for sure. The company values the customers’ privacy, and if you feel not comfortable with tier service, you can cancel it off with just one click, and no questions will be asked of you also. 


  • You will receive an email notification before the transaction occurs.
  • The card gets closed after its first use.
  • If the card number is exposed, then it gets closed automatically.

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#4. American Express

American Express is another site where you can create your virtual credit card. It provides banking services and also providing a prepaid and virtual credit card for anyone in the world. So let’s get your own American Express card and use that card while purchasing online goods, Hosting etc.

#5. Dreamweaver VCC

Dreamweaver CC is widely known for providing the PayPal VCC for users looking to use the PayPal virtual credit card for online transactions. If you don’t know about activating the PayPal account, you need PayPal VCC, and that’s what this company provides. Here you will receive the authenticated PayPal VCC information you can use with any name, address, and no questions.

Here you will get a 16 digit unique card number, expiry date and other significant information on the VCC, which are necessary to verify the PayPal account. Add PayPal VCC to the PayPal account, and then you will be able to use this card directly for purchasing various items online, and no questions would be asked. 


  • Dreamweaver VCC provides quick delivery of VCC.
  • Make multiple payments without any issues.
  • Use the VCC card at multiple US online stores.
  • The registration is quite easy.

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#6. Blur (Abine)

When you are using the credit card for multiple Payments, and if you are trying to protect it, Blur is the platform you should use. Because it helps you to protect the username, password,m credit card number, email address, and much other essential information. Here the reason why anyone would want to use Blur is to prevent cyber fraud. 

The main idea is to protect from cybercriminals who are always watching their prey. This enables you to check out from all of your devices at once with proper authorization. 


  • You can get a new credit card number for every single transaction.
  • All of the devices connected to the account would be synced.
  • Fill out the online form with ease.
  • Encrypts essential information related to the account. 

#7. Payoneer

Payoneer is a well-known virtual credit card provider globally for the master card. It is one of the best to get paid by marketplaces & direct clients worldwide. Here you will get a free virtual credit card (prepaid Mastercard) for secure payment quickly. You need to verify your identification (Name, address, and other information). It takes a very low processing fee as compared to other VCC sites. So let’s create an account on Payoneer to send & receive payment worldwide.

#8. Netletter VCC (Net+ Card)

Netletter is another popular prepaid virtual credit card provider and here you can create a virtual bank account. It is similar to PayPal. You can create a Netletter virtual card easily. USD and EUR currency are widely used here. Netletter also takes small charges on every transaction.

#9. Entropay

Entropay is another way to get a virtual card online. It is one of the best virtual card providers. Now create a virtual card on Entropay by verifying your address and card information. Entropay also charges per transaction online as Payoneer does. You can create many cards and load fund through your bank account or ATM card to Entropay account.

Other Virtual card providers :


So these are the best virtual credit card providers that you can use to generate VCC and use them for various reasons. The usage of virtual credit cards is quite important considering we get so many great offers on them, and we hope you like this list. 

If you are using any other VCC for your online payment then let us know in the comment section. And also don’t forget to share this list with your friends on social media.

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