Top 5 Best CPA Network for Beginners in 2022

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Earning money online is easy only when you know what type of resources you need to make it. Doing CPA is one of the best ways digital marketers earn money. In CPA, you get paid for generating leads for the said company’s products. 

Now, as you know, it’s quite hard from the beginner’s point of view to find the best affiliate networks for the CPA. However, after doing tons of research and using each of them, I’ve created the list of best affiliate networks for doing CPA, which will be helpful for beginners.

Since it’s quite hard when you’re just a beginner and don’t know much about doing anything related to CPA. So in such a case, you need those CPA networks that will make you earn more money, and that’s what I’ve found while doing the research. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dig into which type of CPA network is good for you.

Best CPA network for the beginners

Since the internet is filled with tons of options, it’s quite hard to find out which one is best among them, but I’ve managed to short list each of them, and here is the list of top 5 CPA networks that will help you earn more money.

#1. CPAlead

I still remember the first time I entered the world of CPA. I didn’t know which network I should choose, so I found out about CPAlead and went with it in such a case. CPAlead is one of the oldest and best CPA networks in the market. Their facilities are great in terms of everything; you can track the earnings that you have made with just one click.

There is no pre-approval processing mess that you need to follow when creating an account with this company. Because they know what the beginners want the most, and that’s why they have made it easier for the users to decide. You need to sign up with the email, and that’s it; the game starts from there in favor of you. In a survey done by the Inc 500 company, CPAlead placed at 40th most growing companies globally. So you can imagine how great their service is towards not only marketers but customers as well.

CPAlead offers you to use banner ads, pop-up ads, content lockers, CPA offers, PPC offers, etc., so there is no turning back when you enter into the venture with the company because it would take you to the highest level for sure.

Payment information:-

  • The minimum threshold is just $50 so that you can receive the payment quickly.
  • Amount earned will be transferred after 30 days of crossing the threshold limit instantly.
  • You can use PayPal, Payoneer, bitcoin, a cheque for receiving the money.

#2. CPAgrip

What type of CPA network you need when you’re a beginner is the one that will pay you at the right time without holding back your Payment for a longer period. Now CPAgrip might not be the best company globally, but they are the best in what they offer. You will get tons of great products and opportunities to promote and earn through CPA. Usually, beginners face the common issue of not finding the right type of network when they enter into the world of CPA marketing, but that’s not going to happen with CPAgrip for sure.

The Payment is delivered instantly when you cross the benchmark of $100 directly to your bank account. There is no approval process for you to follow if you want to work with them because only signing up can work the best, and that’s what we all need. Currently, there are more than 1500 campaigns that you can do CPA of, so the choice is yours, which you need to use.

You can use the various marketing techniques for doing CPA, but the common ones they provide are offer wall, Content Locker, Folder Locker, Video Locker. So choose wisely and go with your decision, considering that it will be good for your starting CPA journey. 

Payment information:-

  • The minimum threshold limit is set at $100.
  • You can receive the Payment through wire transfer, PayPal, cheque, etc.
  • The frequency of the Payment is 30 days.

#3. Maxbounty

It would be quite unfair if I don’t include the maxbounty on the list of best CPA marketers. Maxbounty is one of the oldest and most premium types of CPA network used by thousands of affiliate marketers worldwide. So what you need to do is sign up with them, and you will get to promote various brands and products. 

Maxbounty offers you tons of great offers to promote, optimizes the main landing pages that will help you in conversion. Another important thing that maxbounty offers is their approval process is quite strict, and you will be asked lots of questions, but in the end, it’s worth doing everything. There are thousands of products that you can buy from any niche, and maxbounty will give you a fair amount of profit commission for each product’s promotion. You can track everything running under your campaign, like how the products are being converted, and the auto tool will suggest ways to optimize it further.

Usually, when you go with maxbounty, there is a guarantee that you will earn tons of great money if you know how to offer the right type of product to your customers. 

Payment information:-

  • You can get paid for the amount of money earned weekly.
  • They support PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer, and lots of other ways.
  • You are required to earn $100 for receiving the money.

#4. Peerfly

Even though you might be a beginner in CPA marketing, you know the basic rule of earning money is to offer the correct product to the right type of person. Peerfly has all the premium quality marketing tools that you can use to promote various products and services. The commission rate is already high when you are doing the CPA marketing, and that’s what offers peerfly to its users. Even though everything is great about their use interface, some marketers find it hard to use it. Peerfly is the trusted company used by both marketers and advertisers to sell the product, and you will earn a huge amount of money in your starting CPA journey for sure.

Whether it’s the app installed, purchasing the product or service, peerfly has everything covered up for you. You need to select the type of thing you want to promote on a website, and everything will be done instantly. Usually, people who are beginners in CPA marketing are not fond of using networks like peerfly. But that’s the best thing about it because here you get to use various products and try them, then go with the best one.

There is no issue with joining; you can start the journey by just email sign up and follow the already mentioned guidelines to join the network. 

Payment information:-

  • The threshold is set at $50 for receiving the payment from peerfly.
  • You can use PayPal, Payoneer, wire, and bank transfer techniques.

#5. AdworkMedia

If you’re living in the USA, you know the name of AdworkMedia because it’s one of the most famous CPA networks. Whether it’s the video publisher or website owner, anyone can use the platform of AdworkMedia for the betterment of earning more money. There are thousands of marketers and advertisers available to collaborate, and AdworkMedia is the place that manages all of them neatly.

If you’re receiving the incentive base traffic from the web, this is the best CPA network to sign up and earn a huge amount of money. The majority of the people who are beginners in CPA marketing make the same mistake of not finding the best network for promotion. But if you want a plan and don’t want to compromise things, you should go with AdworkMedia without any doubts.

You can use CPA offers, CPA leads, CPI and CPL to promote various products and make the required conversion to make money.

Payment information:-

  • The minimum threshold for receiving the payment is $35 only.
  • The payment frequency is just 30 days, and that’s what every beginner needs.
  • Whether it’s PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and many other ways are there to use for getting the money into the account.


So these are the best CPA network for beginners, which they can try when entering into the CPA world for the first time. Even though there are tons of other alternatives available in the market when you decide to go with CPA, we decided to pick the top 5 and listed them above. We hope you like them just like we did, and if you are having any issues or have some questions regarding CPA networking, leave a comment down below, we will be happy to help you out.

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