Top 5 Best Keyloggers For Monitoring Children’s Activities

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Even though giving privacy is the most important thing globally, it’s fair from a parent’s perspective to see what their children are doing on the computer. However, we all know how difficult it is to control everything your child does because you don’t have any more control over their browsing history. So in such a case, you need to use keyloggers, which will act as a spy over what others are typing on the computers.

Keyloggers are the best invention during advanced technology where people are using various types of applications. For example, your children might be surfing the prohibited websites and doing things online. So these keyloggers will help you to put them under your control for their own good. You need to install the best keyloggers that will monitor children’s browsing activity, and all of your worries will be gone.

Best Keyloggers For Monitoring Activity 

If you search for the keyloggers on Google, there are hundreds of options that will pop up on your computer, but you should choose wisely, and that’s why we have decided to make things easier for you.

#1. Iwantsoft Free Keylogger

When it comes to the best keyloggers, none can beat the way Iwantsoft free keylogger operates. Because this software, after installed on your PC, will capture everything typed on the keyboard, clipboard, etc. So if your children are trying to surf online some content that you don’t want them to see, it will also capture that. In addition, Iwantsoft Free Keylogger is developed so that it can even take a screenshot of something suspicious, and it will help you monitor other things. 

Sometimes small children who use the computer don’t know the actual threat of the internet. We have seen some horrible cases where predators use small children’s internet to manipulate them in various ways. So what Iwantsoft keylogger will do is track every activity not only on the keyboard but on various parts of the computer. PC monitoring becomes quite easy when you have the softwares like this one, and your childrens won’t even know about it. 


  • This keylogger will be hidden at any cost; you can use the password to unlock it and see what activities have been done on the computer behind your back.
  • It monitors ALL activities, so whether it’s keyboard typing, program using, surfing on websites, etc., everything is monitored. 
  • Remote access is also available on the Iwantsoft keylogger that makes it usable for parents living far away from their children. 
  • Iwantsoft keylogger works on all types of computer systems no matter which version you are using. 

#2. Spyrix Keylogger Free

The only thing you expect from a keylogger is that it will capture everything typed on the keyboard. But the other thing which you can use is to monitor the system and make the decision later wisely. Spyrix keylogger is developed to capture the screenshot of some things that are quite important from your point of view. The AI of the spyrix is made in a way that it will take the photo of the desktop screen during the right interval, and that’s what a good keylogger is supposed to do. 

Keyloggers usage has increased significantly because there have been many unethical activities done on the internet by the predators, and it’s the parent’s job to keep children’s privacy safe. Spyrix will monitor each user’s activity, whether they are playing games or watching some movies, typing on the web browser. So everything will be presented in a manner that will help you measure whether there is any need to implement stricter restrictions on children’s usage. 

You can also see the programs running on the computer being reported, and that’s the beauty of the Spyrix keylogger. You can install it on both MacBook and Windows PC, even though it supports Linux also. 


  • The main function of it is to monitor keystroke logging.
  • It will take a screenshot during the proper intervals.
  • Remotely monitoring the screen of the PC.
  • Antivirus software will not be able to disable it.
  • Availability of microphone voice and WEB camera surveillance. 

#3. Kidlogger Free

As the name suggests, this keylogger is specifically made to monitor the children’s activity on the whole system, not only on the keyboard. So when you install this software, it will start the work for which it’s been developed, i.e., to spy on the children’s activity on the computer. The most important thing which every parent is worried about is cybersecurity, and that’s why it’s important to use a kidlogger on your system. 

When you install a keylogger on your system, there is no way that someone who is violating your children’s privacy will be safer from your spying. The best thing about using spying is that even though it might not be good in terms of data privacy, its usage is essential to protect your children from cyberbullying and similar attacks. In a survey, it was found out that students felt depressed after getting cyberbullied, and you can check whether someone is doing that same thing to your children or not with the help of a keylogger. 


  • Take screenshots and record every activity.
  • Record voices and monitor them.
  • Monitoring web history.
  • Phone and SMS tracking can also be done.

#4. Revealer Keylogger 

If you are looking for some keyloggers that are ot so complex and easy to use, this one is good for you. Revealer keylogger is developed to capture every activity done on the keyboard and helps you see what your son/daughter is doing online. Checking online profiles on social media is also quite possible with the help of a revealer keylogger. Because it can capture what type of things your kids are posting online, which helps you manage it extensively. 

You can insert the password and hide all the activities on this keylogger. However, because children have become smarter than parents, your job is to make sure they are not watching you. Since you might have already installed some programs on the computer that you are not supposed to reveal in front of your children. 

The basic features such as screen monitoring, screenshot capturing, and doing things are essential for tracking things online. There are two versions for this keylogger; in the free version, you won’t get to access the email tool extensively, but in the premium version, you can get it.


  • Password protection is available. 
  • It takes a screenshot in the required interval.
  • It also monitors the conversation on FB, Whatsapp, Skype, and other social media apps.
  • It records the password entered through the keyboard.

#5. Ardamax Keylogger

If you are not fond of using the high-end keylogger applications on the computer, you can always go with the Ardamax. Because this keylogger is made in a way that it will capture the password, record screen, and help you monitor the whole PC most easily and neatly. You can use the log file that the software will save by accessing it in the dashboard. 

The developers have made it so that anyone who doesn’t even have any experience with monitoring tools like this keylogger would easily use it. You can access it remotely and make the required changes also. The best way to keep track of things online is to make sure that your children are safe from various cyberattacks, and Ardamax is the best place to start with.


  • It can record every keystroke, password, and everything else.
  • You can check the browsing history of the websites your children are visiting.
  • Webcam recording is also done without the user knowing about it.
  • You can periodically store the screenshot and use the latter.


So these are the best keyloggers for monitoring children’s activities that will help you track what your children are doing online. Usually, we take some things for granted, and the internet is one of them. But there come various dangerous things with it, and as a parent, it’s your job to make sure your childrens are safe from cyberbullying and related things on the internet. Usually, people who are not fond of keyloggers will face the issue when they use it for the first time, but the ones mentioned above are quite easy and best to use.

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