Top 5 Best Messenger Apps as Like Whatsapp App

Hey guys, In this article I am going to share the best messaging app which is similar to Whatsapp. In the technology age, Every person wants to share their feelings and thoughts with friends and family through the messenger app. So many people do not stop by the Whatsapp app and they are searching for more messenger app to connect with lovers.

Android developer is taking benefit of this & making a lot of messaging app. That’s why there is a huge number of messaging app in Google PlayStore. Hereupon people become confused about which one is the best messenger app in every prospective like security, privacy, etc. Therefore I made the list of the 5 best messaging apps similar to Whatsapp.

Firstly I would like to tell you about Whatsapp. Whatsapp App is one of the widely used best messenger app in Android mobile which was made by Jan Koum & Brian Acton in 2009. Both men were employees of Yahoo. After Whatsapp app huge success, Facebook purchased this App for approx. 19.3$ billion in Feb. 2014. Now let’s see Which is the best WhatsApp alternative messenger apps.

Best Messenger Apps for Android User

Below is the famous messenger app alternative to the Whatsapp app. Here I will give you full information about the Best messenger app like Telegram, Hike, Viber, BBM, Wechat, etc. Let’s see in detail…

#1. Signal Private Messenger

The signal is one of the trending messenger apps after WhatsApp privacy updates and elan mask tweets. Now, there are millions of people using signal apps for communication with the world. It’s totally free app with no advertisement messaging app. This app was created by ThoughtCrime because there are many people in the world who want to communicate securely without fear of being monitored.

SecureSMS is an app that can be downloaded to your Android device that will encrypt all SMS messages you send. This app has been designed to allow for secure communication for people who are dealing with sensitive life situations.

Features of Signal Messenger:

  • Whisper the shadows that you can switch to the dark theme easily
  • It’s a nonprofitable private messaging app
  • No advertisment No trakers
  • Use the built-in image editing features to sketch, crop, and flip photos
  • Full HD voice/video calls

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#2. Telegram

Telegram App

Telegram messenger app is one of the best chat apps in PlayStore. This app is developed by Telegram Messenger LLP. It is having a 4.3-star rating with 100 Million downloads. By using telegram you can connect with anyone in the world. There are so many people using Telegram. It is available for Android/iOS/Windows Phone/Blackberry/Symbian. You can directly download it from Google Play Store. This app is free for all.

Features of Telegram:

  • Send unlimited messages, media files without size limits.
  • Fastest and light messaging app.
  • Create a group chat up to 5000 members
  • Share large files (.doc, .zip, .apk, .mp3 etc)
  • Powerful photo editing tools.
  •  It is 100% free and no ads.

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#3. Viber

Viber App

Another messenger app is Viber. Its developer name is Viber Media. If we talk about the popularity of this messaging app then pay attention to the User review of this app.

Viber is a cross-platform free messaging and calling app. Viber users can easily exchange text messages, photos, videos, voice messages, stickers and emoticons with other Viber users across different mobile platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Features of Viber App :

  • Chat with worldwide friends and family
  • Share images and videoes
  • 200 group members are allowed
  • Free voice/video calls
  • Play unlimited games without downloading any games.

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#4. WeChat

We can’t ignore this WeChat messenger if we are talking about Whatsapp alternatives. Firstly you should know the name of the app developer, which is WeChat Tencent. This app is downloaded by 100 million android users & rated 4.2 stars. Wechat is available for almost all operating systems like Android/Blackberry/iPhone/Java/Windows/Symbian. Do messages exchange, Voice call, video conference, free calling, photo sharing, and location sharing also. You can also transfer any file without the internet using this app. You can access the latest news update directly in this app.

Features of Wechat :

  • Send unlimited multimedia messages.
  • Group chat with up to 500 people
  • Group video call with 9 people only
  • Access Hundreds of free sticker gallery
  • Try Friend Radar/People Nearby/Shake to meet new friends.
  • 20 Languages supported.

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#5. BBM

Meet this another similar BBM messenger which is offered by BlackBerry Limited. Till now this app is downloaded by 100 million users and collected 4.3-star ratings by its royal user. There is a lot of users of BBM app. This app is providing New Stickers, Voice calling, Vouchers coupons, Online games, the latest news, and videos online for free.

Features of BBM :

  • Free voice calling
  • Free Video Calling
  • Get access to thousands of stickers
  • Broadcast messages to all friends
  • Try thousands of mood/emotion in messaging

#6. Hike (Now it’s News Apps)

Hike app is an awesome chatting app which is having 4.3 stars with 50 Million downloads. This messenger is developed by Hike Ltd. Hike messenger is used to send unlimited messages to anyone hike user.

Features of Hike:

  • Super inbuilt photo editing with text, emojis, and more…
  • Filter images while uploading
  • Having 5000+ free stickers
  • You are allowed to hide all chat from anyone
  • Direct share file without internet as like xender app.
  • Share any file format (.pdf, .zip, .ppt, .xls, .apk)
  • Live video call
  • Group chat with 1000 members directly
  • Having interesting Chat Theme
  • Group call with 100 directly
  • Send a real image (Without uncompressed image)


Hope you liked the above messaging app. We made this list on the basis of android customer reviews and app ratings. I know you would like to add your favorite messenger app to this list. So don’t worry comment below your lovely messenger name and we will try to add it to the above list.



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