Top 5 Best Educational Apps for Android (Online Courses)

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Are you looking for the best educational apps for your Android smartphone? Here I’ll share the list of online video course apps. This is the era of extensive technological advancement and almost every sector is taking advantage in different ways.

The trend of studying in classrooms has gone old now due to the concept of educational apps that are available on the android play store. These apps have the capability to teach a person online without spending a huge amount of money on books.

There are some applications of the Android platform where you can get all the study material regarding various subjects. Not just text, but the facility of online video courses is also available there. Most of them are free of cost, all you need is to install them, signup, and start using them.

Best Educational Apps for Android

Below are the top most useful educational apps for completing any course online through video on mobile. So why not take advantage of our mobile? Let’s choose any of the courses and complete it online and get a certificate.

#1. Udemy – Online Courses

The name of the Udemy application comes at the top position when talking about educational apps. It is available free of cost to download but contains in-app purchases for various premium features. Currently, more than 13 million students across the whole world are taking advantage of this unique app for their study purpose.

You can find 1200+ topics through the application, especially for technical education covering concepts like web development and yoga data analysis. It is an interesting place to explore and develop new hobbies according to your interest. Expert instructors are available to help you through this app so there is no need to search for a personal tutor. Also, they offer the facility to download the courses and study them in offline mode where internet connectivity is not available.

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#2. Coursera: Online courses

Coursea Online Course App

The study material available at course application is highly reliable because of their collaboration with different universities. The Coursera app is free/paid and mainly focuses on study material regarding mathematics, the medical field, and music.

Right now, a total number of 1000 courses developed by more than 140 educational institutions are available to study through this amazing app. Both online streaming and offline viewing features are available through this app. Although the study material they provide is totally free, if you want certification, then pay per course to earn a specialization tag on your profile. Whether your stream is regarding:-

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Information & technology
  • Arts,

this app has something for everyone. Not just English, but you can study in many other languages like Russian, French, Chinese, etc as per your preference.

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#3. Ted


TED app is completely based on social interaction on educational topics where experts throughout the world, collaborate on their experiences. Currently, there are more than 2000 ted talks available on this app on various topics.

Its video library is available in more than 100 international languages so that no student will face difficulty in understanding. Both audios, as well as video files, are available to stream or download here and this app is also available free of cost.

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#4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy App

Khan Academy is an online platform to study different study-related topics without spending money on stationery material. This app has a huge database of more than 10,000 videos related to every subject of study. Not just videos, but, here you can also get interactive questions for sharpening your skills.

Reading the questions and finding their answers through videos is an interesting way to study complicated and boring topics. For every age group and intelligence level, this app contains best-in-class study material. So no matter, whether you are a beginner or an expert, explore this app to enhance your skills.

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#5. Edx: Online Courses

Edx Online Course

This app brings all the reputed universities like Harvard, UC Berkeley, and MIT, etc inside your pocket for free of cost. One can easily live stream all the topics such as:

  • History
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Psychology

and much more with the help of a working internet connection. Also, there are numerous quiz competitions available in this application to test and enhance your knowledge. This is a non-profit earning app that keeps you up to date regarding all the latest discoveries which are not possible through books.


I hope you have downloaded the best educational apps for students on your Android smartphone. Please tell us about your experience with the above video course provider apps. If you are using any other app for online video courses then let us know in the comment section.

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