Top 5 Best Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers & Digital Marketers

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Are you worried about how to research a keyword? Here we will solve your problem. Then we will suggest to you the top five best keyword research tools that you can use quickly and research your desired keyword.

If you are a blogger Or a content creator, you know that the Google ranking depends on keyword research. Keyword research is the most important thing to get ranked in the top 10 on Google’s first page.

If you are confused, finding your best keyword research tool in this article will help you and guide you to select your best keyword research tool that will grow your website Search traffic.

Today I am sharing my favorite keyword research software that will help you select your favorite by reading their features and decide which one is best for you.

List of Best Keyword Research Tools 

Here is the list of keyword research tools that you can use to get keywords ideas and find low competitive keywords that helps you to rank easily without backlinks.

#1. SEMrush

The first one in the list is SEMrush. This is not just a keyword research tool. In this tool you can do many more things just like you can check your bank links. You can audit your side and other things as well.

In SEMrush you will find a keyword magic tool where the magic start’s What is ample if you are looking for a proper particular niche keyword then you can just enter than niche name on this keyword magic tool and leave relax now in just a minute you will see that SEMrush will suggest you thousands of keywords that will be related to your niche.

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#2. KW finder

KW Finder Keywords SEO

This is a perfect tool for beginners. If you are a beginner, you can use a W Finder as a keyword research tool in KW Finder. It’s effortless to find any keyword and SEO difficulty of the particular keyword. You will get many features in a KWfinder.

Features, like its the very unique and simple interface you can find a keyword in any language and anywhere using your mobile phone KW Finder, provide you thousands of keyword list in-depth overview of SERP.

You can also use a filter option to refine your keywords.

#3. Ahrefs 

One of the best and most favorite keyword research tools globally, most big companies and prominent bloggers can use this tool to find their perfect keywords.

Like this SEM rush here, you can find a keyword explorer that will help you find your perfect keyword and their related ideas. If you can enter a single keyword on keyword explorer you will see that the ahref will suggest you thousands and lakhs of keywords related to your single keyword.

In Ahref you can also spy your competitor’s website or blog and their keywords as well you can check your competitor’s blog keywords you can audit your website as well.

#4. Long tail pro

Here is another popular If research tool called Longtail pro this tool is fantastic and cheap if you compare it with SEM rush or Ahref.

This tool has a different approach to research your keywords. If you enter your domain in this tool this tool will tell you your website potential which keywords your blog should target. So you can decide to select your best difficulty in terms of keywords.

If you are a Newby or are Looking for a good keyword research tool is very low pricing, you should try longtail pro. This tool has unique features. The best thing is you will get a 10 minute free trial on the long tail so that you can try free of cost and decide if that tool is for you or not.

#5. Majestic

Majestic SEO Tool

This is the perfect tool for new blogs. You can check your site’s health and many more things using this majestic keyword research to its very easy to use. It has all-in-one SEO Tool features at decent pricing.

There are many features available in majestic just like: You can check your website authority & research competitor keywords. It is quite easy to use and targets particular keywords.


So this is all about the best keyword research tools in this post. We will suggest the best keyword research tools for beginners or professional bloggers or website owners. Then, you can see yourself and explore the tools. Select your favorite by trying their free trial. We have added all the features of the tools in this article.

So if you really like it or it helps you find your best keyword research tool, then make sure you can share this article with your friend who is really confused about selecting their best keyword research tool.

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