Top 5 Website to Buy Backlinks for Your Website in 2022

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Making a website is child’s play nowadays because anyone can do it with just a few minutes of setups. You can see tons of new blogs coming into the market and grab an audience like you. However, the one question which everyone has in their mind do all blogs make money?. Sorry to say this, but NO, not everyone can make a significant amount of money in blogging, especially when you don’t know much SEO and the power of backlinks. Hence in this article, we decided to clever the most exciting topic of backlinks. So we made a list of 5 websites to buy backlinks, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the article.

What Are The Backlinks?

Backlink in layman terms means linking one website with another website. In SEO, the importance is given to the backlinks because the more powerful backlinks you have, the higher your website ranks in the SERP. 

The next question which comes into mind is, where can I find these backlinks?. There are numerous places like FB, Telegram groups, or even websites that offer free/paid backlink services. Since many websites offer you services like backlink providers, we decided to make things easier for you by listing the top five places to buy the backlinks.

Best Buy High-Quality Marketplace

There are hundreds of websites that claim to give you authentic and powerful backlinks for your hard-earned money. However, we decided to pick the top five of them and listed them down below. 


It would be embarrassing if you haven’t heard about links management, especially when you are not in the SEO industry for the last few years. Because these guys are doing a great thing of providing different types of backlink services to the SEO experts.

You have an option to get a backlink from more than 8 million websites that have higher and good authority in terms of Google’s SERP. Linksmanagement is the best place when you are confused about where to buy the backlinks for your website.

The catalog offered by links management is sufficient, and you can filter out the type of backlink you want. If you wish to buy niche-specific backlinks, for example:- the niche you are targeting is gardening, you can get niche-specific backlinks and choose accordingly.


Quality backlinks, and especially when your website is new, then you need these things desperately. When you are spending lots of money on creating content for your brand new blog or an eCommerce website, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend a little extra on the backlinks. SEO clerk is the site where you can find tons of different qualities of backlinks from various sellers. 

SEOClerk helps you to connect with the sellers of backlinks services. You can either buy comments, profiles, Web 2.0s, PBN, and any other types of backlinks from this place. There are various types of gigs available here. It depends upon the budget of yours, and the quality of the gig will be determined accordingly.

We recommend using web 2.0, profile, and, to some extent, comment backlink gigs from SEO clerks since we had a good experience with it. If you choose to buy some high-priced backlinks, make sure the seller is authenticated and check for his/her ratings.

#3. Fiverr

The best place to buy comments, profiles, and PBN links is Fiverr. Even though some people might not agree with it, when you are trying to diversify the backlink ratio, you can select any Fiverr gig, which would cost you less than $10 or even less.

Tons of great sellers offer backlink services; you can either get expired domains, expired web 2.0s, high-quality pbn links from this place. Check the seller’s quality, like the delivery time and the type of backlinks they are providing, and then make the final decision.

Fiverr is quite famous among bloggers and Digital marketers because here you can buy anything. Whether it’s the do-follow or no-follow backlinks services or even high expired domains and other services also. It’s the right place when you have less budget and are trying to improve your new blog’s google search engine ranking. 

#4. Upwork

Upwork is a marketplace for connecting various freelancers has grown into a much bigger platform than anyone’s expectations. Whether it’s hiring freelancers for your website or business, Upwork is the best place for buying backlinks also.

There are tons of great SEO experts on this platform with whom you can connect and get the required quality of the backlink with a needed budget. Many bloggers have given lots of positive experiences about using Upwork, and we also feel the same.

If you plan to spend a little bit of extra money on your website’s SEO project, then Upwork is the best place to find high-quality backlink providers and get essential services.

#5. Authority Builders

An altogether custom link-building service and a great dashboard to manage your backlink profile are what make this platform different from all others. Authority builders knew the quality is greater than quantity, and they developed their marketplace accordingly.

You can create an SEO project by adding some funds into it and later use them for buying various backlinks for your website. The diverse range of backlinks is quite amusing, and you won’t feel bad about choosing authority builders.

Lakhs of websites are listed here; you can buy niche-specific backlinks from DA, PA, DR having greater than 70+. The only thing is that you might have to spend a little bit extra on the quality of the backlinks you are buying. Guest post packages have been tried, and they are far better than any other third-party websites.

The delivery time for some guest posts would be more than seven days, so make sure before buying any guest post from the authority website and then put your money into it. 


So these are the top 5 websites to buy backlinks from, and we hope you liked them. There are tons of other places where you can buy a white hat to black hat type of backlinks. We decided to make this list short and useful for general readers. Because we think over information sometimes kills enthusiasm in someone’s mind.

If you have any other suggestions or want to share the experience of using any of these websites, leave a comment below.

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