Top 5 Best Automatic Call Recorder App for Android Device

Hey Android User, Once again we came with another top list on automatic call recorder for the smartphone user. Why is the call recorder important? Well, Suppose you are talking with your friends or boss about some important topic and end the call. But what if you forget important information which was talked about in that conversation and also You didn’t note in your diary. So don’t worry.

Here is am going to give you the best apps for automatic call recording. Just download a phone call recorder on your smartphone and be smart. Now you don’t have to fear forgetting what is said on call because these automatic call recorders will help you. It will automatically save your call record in mobile storage. you can either send it to WhatsApp or email. You should also download the best dialer and contact manager apps for your mobile.

At this time there are many automatic call recorder app in Google Play Store. Most of them are garbage and have a lot of ads. So here I have listed apps to record every phone call without telling the caller. If you have used Java/Symbian then you know very well there were already given call recording features. But on the Android device, you require to download a third-party phone recording app to record every phone call.

List of Best Automatic Call Recorder for Smartphone

I have tried many call recorder apps for smartphones. Now let’s see the best call recorder app for your smartphone. You have to download the call recorder from the Google play store or play store alternative to download Apps & games for download.

#1. Automatic Call Recorder

 Automatic Call Recorder

The automatic call recorder is one of the best call recording apps in PlayStore. ACR lets you record your phone calls and listen to them when you need a reminder. The app is designed with a simple interface that makes it easy to record, listen to, or share your recordings. Call Recorder also provides a choice of four different audio quality settings: high, medium, low and AMR-WB speech mode.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder:

  • Set the permission of which calls to be recorded and which should be ignored.
  • Directly save recorded mp3 audio to Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Set the number of call recording up to 200
  • Given 3 default settings as – Record everything, Ignore everything, Ignore contact.
  • Totally Free but Buy if you want to remove ads and some limitations.

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#2. Cube Automatic Call Recorder (ACR)

Cube ACR is another most advance automatic call recorder for Android mobile. If you are not satisfied with the above call recorder then you should try this for records phone calls and VoIP. It supports call recording for any Android device.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder App:

  • Allowed call recording in Auto & Manual option
  • Send your saved call recording to anyone
  • Record calls from WhatsApp, skype, or any other messaging app
  • Filter recordings by Name and date
  • Note something while calling
  • Simple & easy to use.

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#3. Call Recorder – ACR

 Call Recorder - ACR

Call Recorder app is an awesome recording app which is having 4.4 stars with 10 Million downloads. This App is developed by NILL.

Another Call Recorder is a free call recorder application that is the most advanced call recorder in the Play Store and offers many advanced features such as:

Features of Call Recorder:

  • Set auto delete old recordings call (Choose important recording to avoid deletion )
  • View contact name with saved contact photo
  • You can exclude a particular contact number for recording
  • It is having a password protected of recording
  • Record audio in .mp3, .3gp, .aac, .wav file formats
  • All above are provided in the free app
  • If you purchase this app you will get some extra features like Auto email recordings, Dropbox/Google Drive integration, etc.

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#4. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Pro Call Recording App

Another call recording app is Automatic Call Recorder Pro. Its developer name is SMSROBOT LTD. If we talk about the popularity of this app then pay attention to the User review of this app, which is 4.3 & downloads 1 Million till now. You are free to use this app.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder Pro:

  • As the same, it records incoming and outgoing calls automatically.
  • Do setting & Sake mobile during a call to start recording
  • All recorded call in MP3 High Audio Quality
  • Connect your Dropbox account to save recorded auto directly

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#5. Call Recorder

Call Recorder App

Meet this another similar call recorder app which is offered by lovekara. Till now this app is downloaded by 5 million users and collected a 4.4-star rating by its royal user.

Features of Call Recorder:

  • Automatically record your call while calling.
  • Organize your recordings file.
  • Filter audio call record files as a list by name, dates, etc.
  • Save recordings in .mp3 in SD Card & share with friends on Whatsapp


So these are highly rated automatic call recorder Apps. I personally used Most of the above call recorders on my smartphone. And some are made on the basis of customer reviews and ratings. Let’s comment on which one is your best phone call recorder.

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