Top 5 Sites to Download Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows in 2022

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No matter what language you prefer to watch your favorite movies or TV shows in, you wouldn’t watch a movie that doesn’t have any subtitles when it comes to enjoying it. I am a huge fan of movies and TV shows, and because of that I’ve seen tons of other languages films also, and one thing that I can say is you need a perfect subtitle for movies or TV shows. When it comes to understanding movies or TV shows, it becomes harder for those who don’t understand a single thing about a foreign language.

Considering that thing here in this post, I have managed to list top websites that you can download and use the subtitles while streaming movies or TV shows. 

List of Websites to Download Subtitles Online

Since there are tons of options available to choose perfect subtitles, I have short-listed some of the best ones that will also help you.

#1. Downsub

Even though it hasn’t been a long time since Downsub was launched, this website has managed to create a stunning impact on its users. If you look at the number of subtitles that this website has managed to add in recent times, you will find how useful it can be. Whether it’s the latest TV shows and movies, you can find everything here in one place, and that’s what’s lacking in the majority of the sites in this category. Downsub has a stunning, simple, and quite useful user interface, and that’s the reason why everyone is fond of using it.

Downsub will give you subtitles for every source of entertainment. Whether you want it for the movies, TV shows, latest web series, or any other things, here you will find subtitles for everything. So if you’ve found some good web series and are now trying to find subtitles for it, then there is a high probability that you will find them on downsub. 

Features of Downsub:

  • Simple copy-paste url design.
  • Latest movies, TV shows, and subtitles are added.
  • Subtitles for multiple languages are available.
  • Free to use; no need to pay any subscription.

#2. Subscene

It would be quite unfair if I didn’t mention this great website. If you look at the number of subtitles and other sorts of content which is made available on this website, then it’s hard to say that you will not be able to find any subtitles for your desired movies or TV shows. This is one of the most popular and oldest subtitles providing websites on the internet, and people are into it for various things. Usually, people don’t like to use a website that will not provide what they want, but Subscene has mastered the art of giving the right type of various subtitles for movies or TV shows.

The makers behind this website have managed to keep the UI quite easy and simple. If you look at the number of options and features, then it’s quite easy to use them in one place. Usually, people get confused when they hear about not matching the length or duration of the subtitles with the movies they have downloaded, but here you can also make the changes to it by syncing the playtime. 

Features of Subscene:

  • Easy and beneficial UI.
  • Multiple types of subtitles are available in different languages.
  • It’s managed by users daily.
  • A huge collection of subtitles for the latest to vintage types of movies, TV shows available.

#3. Opensubtitles

I had used open subtitles when I used to have a small smartphone and a cheap mobile internet connection. This website is one of the most popular and oldest ones that are famous for providing various types of subtitles for the users. The data collection for the subtitles is huge, which is why this website has managed to grow so much better with time. One thing that needs to change is the user interface of this website; you will like surfing on a forum that is designed to give you a nostalgic feeling. 

opensubtitles are given tons of options for the users to manage it perfectly, and I guess that’s why everyone’s favorite is this website. You can see many famous media players like MX player are using the open subtitles as the default search for any subtitles, and it’s worth it for sure.

Features of Opensubtitles:

  • One of the oldest and most popular websites for downloading subtitles.
  • Subtitles in multiple languages are available.
  • Advanced search gives you an option to do in-depth research for a subtitle.
  • It has one of the biggest databases of subtitles.

#4. Subdl

This might not be that popular among the users when it comes to downloading and using subtitles for watching movies or TV shows. But if you want to use a site that gives a stunning user interface and has tons of options to choose from, then this might be the best option for you. I have been using Subdl for a long time and find it quite ahead of most of its competitors. If you look at the content updation, you will find how much this platform constantly uploads many subtitles.

A maximum number of languages are available for the subtitles, and that’s what users need when trying to stream movies or TV shows from another foreign language. The design is made so stunningly that you will find everything under one roof and get a good idea about everything.

Features of Subdl:

  • Clutter-free navigation helps you to download subtitles.
  • Subtitles in various languages are uploaded frequently.
  • The elegant and great user interface for a subtitle-based site.
  • It has the biggest database for movies, tv shows, etc. 

#5. Podnapisi

If you look at the number of subtitles that this website offers, which is more than 52000 to be precise, you will get an idea of how much greater their database is and why they are boasting about it. Currently, they have a subtitles database for more than 56000 movies and 6200 TV shows, and it’s getting updated frequently. Very few people can see the usage of Podnapisi because the number of sites in this niche has gotten bigger. 

You need to click on the latest subtitle option, and you will find it in the given database. Podnapisi helps to make things better with the number of options available for using subtitles, and that’s quite an important thing if you truly consider it. 

Features of Podnapisi:

  • Easy to find and download subtitles for movies or TV shows.
  • The user interface is so simple and useful.
  • Huge collection of movies, tv shows, web series.
  • The advanced search option lets you do an in-depth search of movies or TV shows. 


So these are the top websites that can be used to download subtitles and use them while streaming your favorite movies or TV shows. I have seen many people who cannot get the right type of subtitles, but considering the top-notch quality, the websites mentioned above will surely give you what you need.

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