Top 5 Best Angular Course Online to Learn Angular Online in 2022

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If you are trying to become a front-end or full-stack developer, you need to know how to use Angular to build single-page web applications. Digitization is happening about everything at a major speed. One can not ignore the importance of Angular in all of these. Angular helps you develop the various types of web applications that are highly demanding in the digital market. It will help you land the perfect job also.

Now learning angular is all about the will and desire you have because otherwise, one cannot master the skill set required to get perfect in any skill set. So if you are looking for the best online course to learn everything in detail about angular, then you have landed at the right place. 

List of Best Angular Course Online

Since there are tons of options to choose from, I have managed to pick the top 5 best courses to learn about angular that will help you further develop your major skill set.

#1. Angular 11 Tutorial@

Usually, people don’t know where to start when trying to learn about the Angular framework, so here I have listed one of the easiest yet profound courses on learning Angular framework that will work for every type of student. It’s developed by the experienced developer Slobodan Gajic, who has been using Angular to develop various web applications for many years. This course is packed with tutorials about how to use Angular CLI, how to create components, http calls, implementing HTTP interceptors, and how to make services. 

The most important thing you learn from this course is how to set up the routers for the web application and pass data between these routes. In addition, there are lots of lessons about using various types of Angular directives like ngFor, ngFL which are explained pretty well in this course. The course is packed with tons of valuable lessons that will help you create web applications flawlessly with the Angular framework. 

Features of Angular 11 Tutorial:

  • The course is divided into various components covering everything in detail.
  • Covered everything about how to install projects and modules.
  • It comes from the top experts. 
  • Good for the beginners. 

#2. Angular – The Complete Guide (2021 Edition) @Udemy

The best thing about this udemy course is that it’s not that long, yet it covers everything you need to develop your front-end developer skills. There are essential prerequisites for you to have when you enroll in this course, and that’s the beauty of it. Only you need to know the basics of JavaScript and nothing else; then, you can master Angular 12 without any issues. The course is packed with tons of valuable lessons to teach you how to develop complex and much-needed web applications based on the angular framework. 

When you are trying to learn Angular, the main focus should be on using the main framework to develop web applications. Now, this course is developed to cover everything in detail about the Angular framework that will help you grow the skill set required in various ways. After this course completion, you will be able to create single-page applications with the most modern JavaScript frameworks easily, and such skills will fetch the high-paying job for sure.

Features of Angular Complete Guide:

  • It’s a great course for a beginner.
  • Cover everything about Angular fundamentals.
  • You don’t need to know about Angular 1 or 2. 
  • The instructor’s presentation skills are top-notch. 

#3. Angularjs & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide @udemy

This course is about going into deeper understanding and the usability of the angular framework that will help you easily create more complex and new web applications. What I liked the most about this course because it will help you learn how to connect Angular Frontend to NodeJS & Express & MongoDB in the backend to build the most demanding application. This course comes from one of the top experts who knows how to use the Angular framework in detail and build web applications. 

It’s available in more than seven languages, on which Udemy is offering more than a 90% discount as of now. You can improve the already built Angular applications with the advanced knowledge you will get from this course. In addition, this course is equipped to teach how to use MongoDB with Mongoose to interact with the data in the backend. This course is the ultimate source for improving your resume and getting a high-paying full-stack developer job.

Features of Angularjs & Nodejs Guide:

  • Learn usability of ExpressJS as a NodeJS framework.
  • Learn how to connect any Angular frontend with the NodeJS backend.
  • Build various types of Angular+NodeJS applications.
  • It covers everything in detail about the Angular framework and its usability.

#4. Angular (Full App) with Angular Material, Angularfire & NgRx@ Udemy

This is an advanced yet essential course because you will learn how to use Angular framework with angular material, Angularfire, and NgRx to build real-life problem-solving applications. This course comes from experts who have built real problems applications that are quite demanding in the market, and that’s what you need to have to land a good job or build your own app. 

The course goes into a deeper understanding of the angular material and how to use the Angulafire and Firebase to build solid applications. Optimizing the ongoing applications will also help you grow further, and that’s the beauty of it. Here you are going to learn how to use Angular material themes most efficiently. 

Features of Angular by udemy:

  • Learn how to use Angular and Firebase to develop applications.
  • Provides a detailed understanding of Angular material. 
  • Optimize the already built-in applications.
  • It requires tons of practice to build angular apps. 

#5. The Modern Angular Bootcamp@Udemy

This modern angular Bootcamp is created for those people, who want to land a perfect job, and for that, you need to master this skill set. This course includes everything from the basics to the advanced Angular framework to build real-life solving web applications. It will help you grow further in making apps that are highly demanding in the market, and any company would hire such a talented developer for sure.

You will realize the importance of building composable components, and build various types of projects to show any employer that will hire you on the job instantly. Learn how to handle and process data declaratively using RxJs, and get mastery over the Angular fundamentals to build flawless applications. Finally, learn how to use Angular’s built-in testing framework to ensure that the code you are using works great. 

Features The modern Angular Bootcamp:

  • Build large applications using the transcript+Angular module system.
  • Get a deeper understanding of the angular framework.
  • Build single-page web applications easily.
  • The course comes in various types of languages.


So these are the best angular courses which are available online in which you can enroll anytime, and learn everything in detail about making web applications. Looking at the current market, developing this skill set is required for anyone who wants to make his career in the development field. So if you like any of these courses or have some questions, leave a comment down below.

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