Top 5 Best WordPress Malware Removal Services & Plugins in 2022

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We all face some issues while handling and using wordpress websites; the most dangerous one is regarding malware attacks. Malwares can be dangerous considering the amount of critical content your website hosts and is based upon. Now in such a case, the only thing which you need is to protect your wordpress website from all types of malwares. Whether it’s directly or indirectly affecting your wordpress website, it doesn’t matter because you need to keep the site safe from any malware.

There are tons of malware removal softwares in the market; most of them are paid, some are free, but their usage is all the same. They are created in such a way that they will protect your website from severe to normal malware attacks. Even if you are trying to install plugins for removing the malwares on wordpress sites, you need to choose some of them carefully. Those who don’t have knowledge or experience with such things can get all the required information from this article for sure. 

List of Best WordPress Malware Removal Services

Here are the top wordpress malware removal services and plugins we have listed out for you; I hope you would like them as we do. 

#1. Astra Security –

Astra security is the new name in the market, but they are getting quite among their niche because of the solid services offered to various users. Astra security is designed to scan all of your wordpress websites within a few minutes and find out the malwares. If there are, whether it’s severe or normal level, the plugin will clean out every malware. Astra security will scan your wordpress website and will tell you whether the malware found by it is High or Critical level of danger. You need to click on the delete button once, and it will be deleted within a few seconds of such action.

Astr security is giving more priority to the security of your wordpress website than your expectations because it will scan every single file on it and will give you the required result based upon it. Usually, people are not interested in the depth of the technical issues, but they want to know whether this malware will affect their website. Well, this tool is going to be quite useful if that’s the case for you. You can do a manual clean-up of some files; the only thing required is to have some programming knowledge. 

Features of Astra:

  • Instant malware detection and protection.
  • Download the scanned reports.
  • Manually delete malwares. 
  • Easy to install and use for beginners. 

#2. Malcare

Malcare is one of the best wordpress cleaning plugins available in the market because it’s easy to install and use. You need to follow no complicated process for cleaning up your wordpress website from any malwares. Usually, we as website owners don’t give much importance to the malwares and related bugs issues, but they can instantly eat out our entire site when they become severe. Malcare, on the other hand, will let you scan the whole website with just a single click, and it will be finished in no time. 

Malcare will dig into wordpress and find the malwares if there are any without affecting any of your files or folders. They prioritize the user’s privacy and data, so this tool is created in such a way. Even if the automatic cleaning up of the site’s malware doesn’t work, the tool gives you an option to do the manual restoration. The IT experts behind this plugin will do the manual malware attack checking and remove it for you, so it’s a pretty good deal. 

Features of Malcare:

  • Scanning your website is done on their own servers.
  • There are no speed or page loading issues with it.
  • It can detect the malware files in every single file on the website.
  • It offers unlimited cleaning up for an entire year.
  • 100% money-back guarantee scheme. 

#3. Wordfence

In this industry where everything is given priority to data protection and privacy, wordfence has managed to win the hearts of various people with its stunning scanning tool and attack anticipation. Even though the setup of wordfence is old and easy to use, users still love using them even after years of its first launch. You need to click on it, and the scanning process will begin immediately in no time. When you are too busy working on the site’s management like content creation, SEO optimization, these tools in the background will give the required protection.

Wordfence is a paid tool for which you need to pay a certain amount of money, and many users don’t like it. But since you are getting the premium services such as removing the malwares and related issues, you cannot expect to get it done free of cost. Although some people might say that the cleaning up process is time consuming, if we consider its utility, then it’s not that much hard, and that’s the beauty of using such plugins.

Features of Wordfence:

  • In-depth analysis of the wordpress website.
  • It can remove tons of malwares at the same time.
  • It can repair all of the found malware or hacked files.
  • It checks the vulnerability of the malware attack.


We all can agree that data protection and privacy issues are getting quite bigger every day. Since the attacks on the sites are increasing, people are nowadays more interested in finding the best ways to protect their digital assets from such malware attacks. Siteguarding is the same tool that will protect your wordpress website from any of those malware attacks and gives you the required protection. 

Siteguarding is the plugin that is developed to scan all of the required files in no time and give you an accurate result. Malware-removing plugins are getting filled up in the market at a larger amount nowadays, but choosing the right one will save lots of hard work and money. 

Features of Sitegrounding:

  • Set performance options.
  • It can scan the whole website, including the image, audio, video files.
  • It scans all the folders and directories from the server.
  • It does not harm or impact critical data files.


Patchstack is famous for giving your wordpress website automatic security patches, which are essential nowadays considering the number of malware attacks increasing every day. Patchstack will find the in-built vulnerabilities of the wordpress websites and give you the required security patch also. 

Usually, many wordpress plugins are just designed not to go into the detail of the issue, but that’s not the case with patchstack. Instead, you can get the complete report of the site scanning and all the technical steps, which later you will need to take care of fixing these issues. Patchstack gives you the full scanning report in a brief time and helps you to optimize it even further. 

Features of Patchstack:

  • 100% malware detection guarantee.
  • It scans all of the data files and images.
  • Remove the malware with just a single click.
  • Insecure configuration detection and correction.


So these are the best wordpress malware removal services and plugins that you might need to use to keep the website in the best shape. Usually, we cannot control every aspect of the website, and in such cases, you will have to give importance to the security plugins like which we have mentioned above. However, we hope you liked them and if you have any issues or doubts, leave a comment down below.

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