Top 5 Best Social Proof Marketing Tools to Boost Conversions on Websites

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Social proof software is the best way to convince your audience or readers to purchase by convincing them that others are also doing that. These softwares are part of modern marketing technology phenomena where users see what others are doing on the website, and they get convinced of doing the same. Social proof software is the game-changer that markers usually know, but very few manage to implement it correctly. 

The concept of FOMO (fear of missing out) is closely related to the social proof software. These softwares are made to tell the customers what others are purchasing or doing, which will improve conversion and sales. Of course, when you see what other people are doing, it will affect the people psychologically. Nevertheless, these tools are quite great and help you boost conversions, and if you are too confused about which software to choose, this article will give you the required guidance for sure.

List of Best Social Proof Tools

Since there are tons of great options available, it becomes confusing for the users to choose, so we did the research part and picked high converting social proof tools. 


The best thing about using the social proof software is that your website’s visitors will be able to know exactly what others are doing, and is the best tool that can help you in such a case. You can stream the live purchase country, like who bought the recent item, like 30 minutes, 7 days or 30 days, etc. The best thing about using this tool is that it’s quite simple to integrate with your website. Tons of social proof softwares would seem quite beneficial, but they don’t function as easily as provesrc does for its customers. 

You can easily stream the live actions of the customers and even show the number of visitors in the form of real-time on the website. Usually, people get more attracted to customers who are doing online purchases when they see their desired items are also recently bought. This psychological effect ultimately leads to more conversion, more sales. 

It helps show the important and informational point to the visitors in the most efficient manner, making users more comfortable and letting them know every important thing. You can also show positive reviews from different sources such as Facebook, Google, and many other platforms, letting users know about your brand’s social awareness. 

Features of Provesrc:

  • It’s easy to install and use.
  • You can customize the notification time, speed, delay, etc.
  • It shows a hundred percent authentic conversion data.
  • It displays responsive notifications on mobile phones.
  • It supports hundreds of third-party platform integration.

#2. Nudgify

The best thing about using the “nudge” software is that it helps users understand everything that will boost the sales or conversion of the product you are selling. The tool is developed in such a way that it will reduce the abandoned cart of the users and helps you optimize the site in a better way. The developers make the tool after considering that most of them are not familiar with such things, and installation and integration of it are quite easy and simple.

Like other social proof tools, nudgify allows you to customize the tool according to your needs and satisfaction. You can create notifications for your website, add buttons and features which will enable users to draw more attention to your website. Usually, when a visitor lands on your site, they will try to see what others are doing, and nudgify helps them to understand every bit of it perfectly. We found out that nudgify will be more helpful for those creative thinkers who know how to attract more customers or retain them.

FOMO app notifications are the best features that nudgify uses love the most. This feature lets visitors show the details of the product, like its availability, the deal, current price, etc., through a notification bar. The customers are usually affected by what they see others are doing, and nudgify helps you target these customers neatly. In addition, there are no issues of fake data being reported because nudgify will be integrated with your analytics, and you can show the frequent ecommerce data from your site.

Features of Nudgify:

  • Easy to install and supports various thor party tools integration.
  • It lets you create tons of customizable templates and style icons.
  • You can use the stock data to convey accurate information to customers.
  • Various types of notifications, such as FOMO, are used for sales boosting.


The best way to optimize your current sales position is to make sure that you use the right type of social proof software on the website. Unfortunately, many ecommerce websites don’t use these tools and don’t know their importance unless their competitors surpass them with a high margin. Useproof is another great tool in this list of best social proof software to help you get more conversion and ultimately more sales. 

Many e-commerce companies reported a significant boost in revenue and customer retainers when they used on their website. The best thing about the use proof is that it’s highly customizable. When you are not so much fond of using these types of tools, then it becomes harder in the first place. But the developers behind useproof know this, and they have optimized this tool completely without leaving any technical fault. 

You can grow the email list, generate more leads, and sales by cutting the various banner ad notifications about what others are doing. Using the use proof will enhance the user interface, and there are many other sales marketing tools that you can interpret without any issues. 

Features of Useproof:

  • Interpret the third part tools easily.
  • Boost in the sales and conversion.
  • Easy to handle and customize.
  • Supports A/B testing.
  • Conversion analytics. 


Many people get confused when they start to use social proof softwares, but that shouldn’t be the case with Because this tool is made in a useful way for any beginner to the expert level of a marketer. Another great thing about using is that it’s not an expensive tool as compared to others. Because when you are using the premium tools like others, you have to pay a hefty amount of monthly subscription for using them. 

There are many pre-built pop templates, and you can also customize them to add them to your website. You can post the live or past data notification and do the location targeting that will show the users’ exact location. Compared to other premium tools, has some less unique features, but that’s understandable since it’s coming at such a meager price range. 

Even though proovely comes at such a low price, the inbuilt features of this tool are sufficient enough to boost up your sales or conversions. Usually, people are not serious about buying a product online unless they read some reviews about it, but can help you to improve such things and even boost sales. 

Features of Proovely:

  • It’s relatively quite inexpensive.
  • You can use geo-location targeting.
  • Easy to use and straightforward installations.
  • There are no limits on monthly users.

#5. FOMO

The best social proof softwares will be incomplete if we don’t include this amazing software. FOMO is created to fulfill every marketer’s dream of targeting various customers by utilizing the website to show real-time sales-related figures. The name of the software is based upon the common psychology of “fear of missing out,” which ultimately results from targeting the right customer base and group. 

FOMO is a little bit complicated to use, at least for starters, but you can always watch the guiding videos to clear out every doubt or question you have regarding it. Integrating FOMO with Shopify will ensure that your sales increase significantly, and it’s also going to help users in various ways. The best and, to some extent, the bad thing about FOMO is it’s FULLY customizable. Now those who have great hands at customization will be able to build and optimize it.

Those who are techie or programming bugs in themselves can easily use this tool, but those who are starters might get confused while using it and go with some other simpler tools to avoid the complications.

Features of Fomo:

  • Integrate it with google analytics, woocommerce, Shopify, etc.
  • Advanced IP technique helps in go-targeting.
  • You can fully customize the tool.
  • Machine learning-based platforms help you to improve conversion also. 


So these are the best social proof software to boost conversions, and usually, marketers don’t look at them seriously. But considering the psychology of the users nowadays, these are quite essential to growing the online business. We hope you liked this list, and if you have any suggestions or doubts regarding the same, then leave a comment down below; we will be happy to help you out.

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