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We all can agree on the fact that writing is a mundane and tedious job. Not everyone is blessed to write thousands of words of an article when you genuinely need thousands of such pieces. So in such a case, it’s better to use the most advanced AI-based text generator software capable of turning any of your thoughts into the best piece of content. Usually, when we start to think about technology, we cannot avoid the fact that Google is becoming advanced, and so we have to be also.

There are many options available for AI text generator software, and it’s hard to find the suitable one. After testing and using tons of AI-based software, we have managed to come up with the top ones and listed them here. We have reviewed each of them, which will give you an idea of which software you need to put your money into. 

List of Best AI Text Generator Tools

Listing every software is quite hard, and reviewing each of them would be more challenging for users, so we picked the top 5 AI text generating tools and listed them down here. 

#1. ArticleForge

When it comes to automating your content-creating process, you cannot ignore the article forge tool. The developers behind this fantastic software are so genius that they acknowledged every single bit of the true need of the user and integrated it into this fantastic tool. Article forge lets you create tons of various blog posts by simply entering your focus keywords also. The AI-based tool will realize this keyword and will start to generate the article based upon it. 

Article Forge uses advanced AI rewriter technology levels that help users create tons of unique and valuable content. The AI is advanced, and you can see that the level of uniqueness in the content writing created by this tool is quite great. Usually, users want to have an extra and best experience when putting hard-earned money into a tool like this one. 

You can get the SEO-friendly content from the article forge, which is quite great because after testing each article, we found out that the SEO optimization from this tool increased to a greater extent only. The type of advancement the article forge offers you is quite brilliant and cannot be matched by any other tool at this price range. You can get the trial version for five days and check out by yourself whether it’s worth your time and money. 

Features of Article Forge:

  • It lets you schedule your posts on a website.
  • You can get articles on any topic.
  • The content creation which is done is quite SEO friendly.
  • You can use it to create fresh blog posts or rewrite existing ones.

#2. WordAI

WordAI is the name that is quite famous among bloggers and digital marketers because they have been in the industry for such a long time that now the demand for this tool is at the highest peak. Wordai, which started just as a rewriting tool, managed to win the hearts of thousands of users, which now has become one of the best AI text generating software in the industry. 

You can create hundreds of unique and valuable pieces of content using word tools. The AI used by the developers behind this tool is quite advanced, and they have improved it a lot since the launch. It supports multiple languages, and if you want to create the article in various foreign languages, you can do that quite easily with the tool. The rewriting tool is made in a way that will capture the keywords written, spin it off using the advanced AI technology and let the user decide what type of article they prefer, since rewriting results come as standard, unique, super unique types. 

You need to put the text which you want to reunite or share the URL of the blog posts; it will automatically detect the article and present you with different options. The UI is quite user-friendly and straightforward, which many users like the most. Rewrite sentences will be done so that they can not be matched with the original content, and you don’t have the issues of plagiarism. 

Features of WordAi:

  • It lets you create more user-friendly content.
  • Plagiarism-free article generating tool.
  • You can edit the spun article in your way.
  • It helps you write fresh and unique titles to your blog posts.

#3. Copysmith

Copysmith is not a typical article rewriting tool because it has a more advanced level of features that you will not find in a normal tool. This is created by the industry’s best professional copywriters and optimized in a way that will help you to find the most advanced level of writing than ever before. Writing is done by those who are pretty passionate about it, and the makers of this tool include tons of such people, and they have integrated all required features into it.

When you start to use this tool, you can experience the advanced level of technology that creators have managed to put into it. The AI is well built and created by the makers that will help you to generate the titles, meta descriptions, tags for your blog posts. When you are running out of ideas about the topic, just start using this tool, and you will be amazed by the results it produces. 

This tool supports bulk file exportation, so if you have a greater demand for content creation, this tool is best for you. In addition, they have created a chrome extension that will help you create various articles from the different web pages. Usually, when users don’t have the sources to make tons of unique and user-friendly generated content, they simply buy this tool and fulfill all of their demands. 

Features of Copysmith:

  • Create unique and user-friendly content.
  • Enables you to write high converting emails.
  • Seven-day free trial plan available.

#4. WriteSonic

Writesonic is as popular among bloggers and digital markers as MagicFlow. This tool uses GPT-3, and the developers created and customized the AI tool, and that’s what users love about it. The spinning or rewriting technology used by the writer sonic has improved drastically from the last few years. The content created by this AI-powered tool is quite user-friendly, and you can see the difference between everyday tools and writesonic. 

You can write sonic for various purposes such as landing pages, blogging ideas, growth ideas, etc., and that’s the beauty of using high-powered AI tools. It recognizes the user’s input, matches its pattern, and then crafts various blog posts revolving around it. In addition, many affiliate marketers and digital marketers use this tool to create a fabulous newsletter and sales pitching emails, resulting in a great conversion.

When your hands are on the type of solely created tools for users’ benefit, then the amount of money you spend on it would fetch more significant results. For example, WriteSonic helps you create various blog posts that feel like it’s been written by a professional writer. 

Features of Writesonic:

  • Create long and unique blog posts.
  • It helps you convert more sales with unique pieces of content.
  • The blog posts would perfectly connect with your audiences.
  • SEO-friendly content creation.

#5. Kafkai

If you are into SEO or digital marketing, then this Ai based writing tool is quite helpful for you in many ways. There are many aspects of SEO-friendly content that many people forget to overlook, and maybe that’s the reason why their content never really ranks in Google’s SERP. So what Kafkai does is helps you to generate various blog posts using SEO-friendly features. 

There is various article rewriting modes available in this tool, which is an essential feature of this tool. You can see the different and unique results produced by the Kafkai, which SEO experts want from an article rewriting tool. You can get the blog posts written by this tool quite fast, and that’s the beauty of it. The results produced by this tool are so advanced and significant that they will surpass your expectations for sure.

Kafkai enables you to customize the article rewriting tool to create more unique pieces of content. For example, you need to put an introductory paragraph into the tool, and the AI will detect your writing and complete the rest of the article based on the focus keyword.

Features of Kafkai:

  • It’s a great tool to brainstorm your ideas and put them into blog posts.
  • Usable for the web 2.0s, PBNs, and other similar platforms.
  • It can be used through the WordPress plugin.
  • It’s relatively super cheap.


So these are the best AI text generator tools that we have managed to find and listed out. The market now is filled with hundreds of self-proclaimed tools to be the best, but deep down, we know their worth. So those mentioned above top 5 AI-based text generators are based upon our personal experiences, and it must be useful for someone like you who is trying to use them either for the first time or second. So if you have any doubt or any questions about the suitability of these tools, leave a comment down below; we will be happy to help you out. 

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