Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies for Hosting Services in 2022

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Every day, thousands of blogs are created, and we all know that we also hope our blog would get the top recognized in the search engine and the targeting audience of ours. But we all know it’s not that simple because making your site look great and taking up to the first spot of google start with choosing the right hosting company. So whether you are hosting your main blogs, PBNs, or any other secondary websites, web hosting is an essential part of the blogging journey. 

After seeing so many people interested in web hosting services, we decided to prepare a list of the best hosting companies you can choose from. Unfortunately, choosing the best web hosting is quite tricky nowadays since we have tons of options to choose from, which can sometimes confuse us. 

Best Web Hosting Companies In 2021

So from our personal experience, which we have got after so many years of practice, here we have listed top web hosting service providers which we hope you would like.

#1. Interserver

Interserver Web Hosting

I still remember the first time when one of my good friends told me about the inter-server while I was starting my blogging journey; it was a great experience. Interserver has managed to improve its user interface and the various services from time to time, considering the demand of users. Interserver lets you host multiple sites handling all the back and pressure, giving you options to customize it and even further optimize them for speed, malware attack, etc. The control panel offered by the Interserver is quite tremendous and gives you the option to manage multiple domains in one place.

The main point of attraction for choosing Interserver over any other web hosting is the discounting plans. You get to choose the best-discounted plans starting from just $3 per month, which other hosting providers usually cannot offer. The technical staff of the interserver is available 24/7 for any technical or other support. From shared to dedicated hosting servers, you can get the plans based upon your requirement. Interest is the best web hosting service provider considering simple user interface and discord plans for every beginner.

Features of Interserver:

  • Starting plans from $2.5 per month.
  • Dedicated to shared hosting available
  • Cloud application hosting supported.
  • Speed optimization and unlimited storage.

#2. Bluehost

BlueHost Web Hosting

Bluehost is the most recognized and trusted hosting provider in the industry, which has been operating in the business form for the last many years. The starters who sign up get free access to the cpanel, free domain, and email ID in the name of their customized domain name. Whether you are running a simple informative article-based website or e-commerce site, it can be run without interruption on Bluehost servers. The support of woo-commerce is quite significant since they allow you to optimize the plugin according to your needs and requirements.

In a recent research survey, it’s been found that users have given great reviews to Bluehost compared to any other hosting providers for various reasons. It offers you cPanel, unlimited storage space, 24/7 hour online technical and email support. If you are looking for a free WordPress migration service, then Bluehost is the best place that you can put your ney and trust on. Bluehost supports the installation and optimization of WordPress with just one click. 

Features of Bluehost:

  • Starting cheapest plans for $2.95 per month.
  • Shared dedicated hosting is available.
  • It supports e-commerce cloud-based applications.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, SSL certification.
  • It improves loading speed. 


A2hosting Fastest Hosting

When it comes to reliability about the hosting company and the brand value, A2hosting is famous among bloggers and digital marketers. The basic plans for the A2hosting start with just $2.99 per month, and you can scale them up according to your needs and requirements. You can get both Windows, and Linux-based shared hosting plans from A2Hosting, and further optimize them. Even in the starting plan, you get unlimited storage space, free SSL certification, SSD storage for our website, and many other essential features which make your website look great. 

In the windows operating system, you get the Plesk Onyx 17.8 version installed on your website, and the control panel offered by the A2Hosting is quite outstanding also. Usually, those people who are not familiar with how the hosting works or don’t know how to configure changes to it will not face any such technical issues with A2 Hosting. Moreover, you can migrate or transfer the website without any fuss, and single-click installation of WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, etc., are supported through this hosting provider. 

Features of A2Hosting:

  • It offers you a money-back guarantee.
  • It offers cloud, shared, wordpress, and many other types of hosting. 
  • Suitable for essential and starter blogs.
  • Free SSL security, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

#4. Hostgator

Hostgator Hosting

When it comes to Hostgator, you will get the satisfaction of how cheap it is and the quality of its services. Hostgator starts with WordPress, shared, VPS, and many other types of hosting services to the customers, and they can get it according to their demand and requirements. The one thing for which Hostgator is famous is the top VPS plan; it’s so advanced that it can host medium to a high level of websites quite easily. Hostgator offers you their services through various servers, which are spread in multiple countries. You can choose the server from any tier 1, tier 2 country and won’t have any issue while dealing with that. 

The only thing which you won’t find pleasing is the uptime guarantee of the Hostgator, and they are pretty honest about it too. Unless you are pretty serious about the uptime of the site, there will be no issue with Hostgator. On the other hand, the shared hosting plan will not offer you the required disk space or storage, which is reasonably necessary when you want to host a big site. The shared hosting plan gives you the disk space of around 10-30GB, which is relatively low, but it’s pretty good for the starter and static websites. You can opt for the dedicated server hosting plans also.

Features of Hostgator:

  • The starting plans are just $0.99 per month.
  • Faster server speeds.
  • Easy to handle and control through the C-panel.
  • Suitable for starter or static page websites.

#5. Inmotionhosting

Inmotion Hosting

There are very few web hosting providers which allow you to enjoy the free disk space. Inmotion offers its customers free bandwidth and free disk storage space which is relatively uncommon because nowadays, no company is giving you the free disk storage space in their plans. The services of inmotion are top-notch and come from the well-trained engineers who are usually trained to handle the type of any customer complained and resolve it in no more extended time. 

Inmotion’s shared and VPS plans are highly demanded and rated by the experts because they know the actual value of their services. Whether you want to enjoy shared, cloud-based or dedicated web hosting, you are free to do that. You will be getting the free SSL certification, free backups, and other security protections that will prevent your site from outside third-party attacks. 

Features of Inmotion hosting:

  • Highly trained employees to handle any technical issues.
  • Free disk space storage along with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Three types of various plans.
  • Offering a 90-day money-back guarantee scheme.


So these are the best web hosting companies from which you might want to get the services; since there are tons of hosting service providers in the market, choosing the correct one would be quite hard for some users. So here, what we have listed is after perusing each detail, and we hope you must have found it helpful. If you got any doubts, leave a comment down below.

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