Top 5 Best Whiteboard Explainer Video Software in 2022

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The current generation is more interested in watching videos online than what we used to do in our time. The decline of TV shows has already started, and the reason is the availability of the internet all over the world. You go to any part of the world right now and will find so many people using it for various types of purposes. If you are trying to find the best ways to create animated explainer videos to explain some complex concepts, then you are at the right place.

In a recent survey, it’s been found that the rise of online video watching has increased by more than 80%, and considering such a vast spike, you will have to use some good software to make outstanding video lessons. So here in this article, I decided to dig into the top whiteboard explainer video software and reviewed them.

List of Best Whiteboard Explainer Video Software

So here is the top whiteboard explainer video software that you might want to use. Since there are tons of options available, So, I have shortlisted the list of five whiteboards explaining video creator software.

#1. Doodly

There are very few applications in the market that you can start using right from the beginning and without any worries. Doodly is a go-to place for anyone who has no technical knowledge to use whiteboard explanation videos. If you look at the number of tools and features that Doodly has for you, it’s fair to say that it’s one of the best whiteboard explainer video software currently available in the market. 

Doodly can be used to create social media, sales, and other types of videos with just a drag and drop filter. You need to put an image in it, and then the software will create a doodle of it in a short period. The smart draw feature allows you to paint whatever you want and make customized draw paths also. Drawing an image is relatively easy with the help of this software, and making it exciting and useful can also be done. You can choose the handover types depending upon the racial and gender-based. A customized voice-over helps you to explain things more clearly and perfectly.

Features of Doodly:

  • There are tons of customized drawn doodle images.
  • It works on all types of devices easily.
  • Choose video quality based on multiple resolutions.
  • Use royalty-free audio tracks in the background also.

#2. Videoscribe

If you have never used any whiteboard software before and are trying to find a cheap and easy-to-use tool, then this is the tool on which you can convey all of your feelings. The simple drag and drop filter makes it quite useful for anyone to create tons of various whiteboard explanation videos. You will have to do no hard things because the software will take care of those thighs; what you need to do is focus on audio, image quality, and text only. The rest of things can be quickly taken care of by the tool automatically, and such features are pretty underrated.

Many people are new to the whiteboard explaining software and what they would want is to use software that will be user-friendly. You can upload the image or choose the one from thousands of images available currently in their stock base. There is a vast library of music that one can use while creating the whiteboard software on their system and customize it. 

Features of Videoscribe:

  • Download the video in multiple formats.
  • You can add a customized voice-over also.
  • There are different types of pre-built templates.
  • Choose from the vast number of libraries of images, videos, stickers.

#3. Animaker

You can create tons of whiteboard explainer videos with just a few clicks that can be pretty impactful and useful from the viewer’s point of view. Storytelling requires greater character building, and when you have all the necessary tools and software, it will become easier to create one. You can choose from the inbuilt library of thousands of characters to describe your wonderful story and make the best usage of this amazing software.

There are not only whiteboards but also other styles such as switchboard, glass board, blackboard, etc., so you can shift one to anyone easily. More than 1000 templates and millions of stock images explain hard to easy concepts to the viewers with just a few clicks. The best thing I have liked about it is the extensive facial expressions, automatic lip-syncing, and background changes. 

Features of Animaker:

  • You can upload and edit the 4K quality videos.
  • Create tons of GIFs and short videos with customized texts also.
  • Building various storytelling characters becomes easier with facial features.
  • The smart move feature allows you to adjust complicated animation easily.

#4. Powtoon

It would be pretty unfair if I omitted Powtoon on this post of best whiteboard software because this one deserves to be in that position. It can be used to create tons of great explaining videos in various formats, and its super easy-to-use feature helps anyone create a fantastic story. Powtoon has integrated Adobe Photoshop to make it easier for users to edit the images in the high-end graphical format and customize it to make their storytelling more interesting.

Publishing the videos on the social media platform is easier because the tool lets you do that instantly as soon as you create a fantastic storytelling whiteboard video. The best thing about Powtoon is that there is a vast library of learning tools such as ebooks, infographics, etc. Use it anytime.

Features of Powtoon:

  • It allows you to use various third-party tools.
  • 100GB of storage is available every year.
  • It provides tons of videos and images available for storytelling.
  • There is 24*7 technical staff support system.

#5. Rawshorts

Rawshorts claim to provide you an option to create tons of awesome explaining animated videos using artificial intelligence and related technology. The inbuilt system allows you to make the best usage out of anything, and that’s what matters the most when you are creating a whiteboard explainer video. The inbuilt AI system can scan the video or image you have uploaded and give you an idea for the whole storyline based on the given texts only. 

You can use the naturally generated voice narration for the videos and make the best usage out of it by customizing with your own. When you are using a whiteboard explainer video platform, you need valuable tools, and here you are getting all of them. Customization is also available, and that helps you make the required changes, so do that to make your videos look more stunning. 

Features of Rawshorts:

  • A simple drag and drop filter helps you create tons of videos.
  • The royalty-free library of huge images, videos.
  • AI systems help you to create videos quickly and easily.
  • Add voice-over sound and make your story more compelling. 


So these are the best whiteboard explainer software that you can use to show off your storytelling skills, and it’s quite important to use them. Since the world is changing so fast, we have to use ongoing tools to showcase our talent. If you have any doubts or questions regarding them, leave a comment down below.

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