Top 5 Best Live-Action Explainer Video Software in 2022

By Vikas Kumar

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Things have changed a lot in recent times; nowadays, we see so many new products and services that there is always an alternative option available for whatever you are doing. If you are trying to promote something through the product or services or any other tools, you must know the importance of the live-action explainer videos. These videos will use animation to demonstrate what things you want to show the audience and convince them through some live-action explaining videos. Now tons of software can help you create a variety of explainer videos, which we are going to talk about. 

I have been digging into this information, and I have managed to find the top live auction explainer video software that you can use. If you are looking forward to using them, then you are at the correct place.

List of Best Explainer Video Software

Since there are many options available in the market, it would be quite hard to choose the perfect one, so here I have shortlisted the best ones so that it would be easier for you to make a decision.

#1. Powtoon

There are very few tools and software in the market that will not force any user to have certain technical things at first. Powtoon is one of my favorite tools to create an explanatory type of video because when you start using it, you will realize how much easier it is and why every newcomer likes to use it. If you use Powtoon to make explanatory videos to promote your courses or any other products, then Powtoon can help you with it. The user interface is super user-friendly, and there are no limitations to it. Powtoon does not require you to have some specific skills; understand the usage of the tools you will use and start with it.

The free version of the Powtoon also works for most of the types of animated videos being created. The number of templates, designs, and so many things available under Powtoon is tremendous. Those are necessary to make an impactful animated video to explain some harder concepts or thoughts. 

Features of Powtoon:

  • Relatively easy to use.
  • Hundreds of templates are available.
  • Create engaging animated videos.
  • Use the drag and drop filter to edit the videos.

#2. Vyond

If you have the artistic mindset to explain the harder things easily, you will love to use Vyond. I have seen that the qualities of the templates and features which Vyond offers are quite great; you can use them to create some amazing animated explaining videos in the most efficient ways. There are very few tools in the market that will give you the quality of the animated videos professionally. The output produced by Vyond is quite stunning, and it matches the level of expectations you set for such a type of tool for sure.

If your creativity matches with the professional tool, the output that will come out of this fusion will be quite stunning. Vyond will give you a stunning chance to create the most engaging type of videos and create lots of impressions on the readers. Very few people understand the true values of animated video because they can explain complex things that can be done in any other way.

Features of Vyond:

  • Pre-made library of templates, characters, videos, etc.
  • The professional editing videos give desired results.
  • Use lip-syncing, edit dialogues, and use realistic movements.
  • Tell complex stories through compelling animated explaining videos.

#3. Animaker

If you want to use a straightforward animated video editing tool, then Animaker is the best solution for you. It’s an online tool that you can access for free and make the best usage of the default templates and various other things. Animaker offers drag and drops functionality that can be useful for those who are not so experienced with the video editing process, which everyone wants. There are 6 different video types that this tool supports. Also, you can use infographics, 2.5D, and infographics to make your explaining videos more convincing. 

Many other things can be quite useful for you, such as there is a huge library of characters, icons, charts, and many other things. Now, these features will make everything seem quite beautiful and game-changing. Add visual effects and sound effects to make explaining videos useful from the customer’s point of view. 

Features of Animaker:

  • Vertical optimization for mobile screen users.
  • Tons of templates, sound, and video effects are available.
  • Use infographics, charts, and many other things.
  • Drag and drop feature for video editing.


It w0uld be surprising for you that the tool offers the highest number of in-built glory of stock videos that can be used to sit at any time. The number of stock video and image libraries might be more than 300 million at this time, and when you are getting so many options, there are very few options left to make any mistakes. IF you are trying to use a tool that offers a diverse range of features, then this is the best tool that can be used to create the explaining videos. 

If you have never used any live-action-making video software, don’t worry because this one is quite easier to do. You can use or make the customized video template as well. Upload the video or an image that you want to edit and make the best usage of it. Customizing the videos is also easy; edit them with the color, sound, and other backgrounds that affect your desire. 

Features of Wave video:

  • Add stickers, emojis, GIFs.
  • It offers customization tools highly.
  • Huge library of in-built images and videos.
  • You can apply branded video filters.

#5. Biteable

The best thing about Biteable is that you can make a top-quality oriented explaining video with the help of any photo or videos online. If you closely look into the number of tools and templates available in this tool, it will make you go wow, and that’s why I have decided to include the one in my list. You can start by creating explaining videos with the help of online templates that are free and in abundance to use. 

When you are trying to make an animated explainer video, you need to use the right type of template, style, and various other things. There are always options to choose from like you can go from technical, funny, conversational, or any other type of style to make your explaining video. You can also have full command and control over making the additional changes, making this tool more interesting. 

Features of Biteable:

  • Customize videos with pictures, texts, fonts, etc.
  • Choose in between various types of styles and templates.
  • Use your photos or videos in the required way.
  • Sync audio, make necessary changes.


So these are the top live-action explainer video software that you can use to convey what you’re feeling and manage to grab the attention of larger audiences. The number of features and options which the tools mentioned above can offer is quite tremendous, and that’s what matters the most. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to talk to us.

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