Top 5 Best Explainer Video Animation Software for Explaining Videos

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There are very few people in this world who will say that they have mastered everything. We might know something, but we are never going to be fulfilled with it since learning is an art and should be continued. If you are a teacher or in a profession where your job is to teach others about it, you might be using some video animation software to explain the hard concepts. I have been on that path, and so far, I have used tons of explaining video animation tools, but there is always something that bothers me a lot.

When you’re trying to pick the explainer video animation tools, you need to explore the tons of options you have, and that’s why in the post, I have decided to give some insight about it that will help you.

List of Best Explainer Video Animation Software Tools

Since there are tons of options available, it might be unclear for some people; here, I have decided to pick the list of best explaining video creator tools and review them. 

#1. Animaker

Animaker is one of the most famous and useful anime maker tools in the market; if you closely look at the number of features which this tool is offering, it can fairly be said to be the best tool that can be used to create multiple types of explaining videos. Animaker editor is designed so that you can edit the videos separately and make the best usage of the tool to create stunning explaining videos. You don’t have to use any other third-party tool to edit the videos and use them as a way through which one can connect with their audience.

The character builder tool that Animaker offers works best for creating the explaining videos. Here you can adjust everything and make the customization in a way that will help you to connect with the audience more broadly. You can also add animated transitions between the various scenes and make the best utilization of it. There are tons of templates available to make the best type of explaining videos that can be engaging with the audience at a larger level. 

Features of Animaker:

  • It offers a casual animated look for the explainer videos.
  • Customize the explaining videos animation in your desired way.
  • Integrated tools like Animaker voice, GIF maker, character builder are integrated.
  • Good for creating impactful explaining videos.


There are very few tools that will give you access to tons of things in one place. If you are going to make impactful videos about learning or any other explaining types, then is the platform through which you can make things work more smoothly. If you closely look at the number of features available, then you would get a surety that anyone can make explaining videos more perfectly. The default library of videos and other things that offers is quite great, and you can get the most benefit from it. When you have such a great library of photos and videos available, you can make stunning explaining videos yourself. 

You can also upload your own video clips and edit how you can make them marketable. An explaining video should be of such a type that one can get connected with the audience and explain to them the message they’re trying to convey. You can attach the images, logos, customize the various types of settings, and make your explaining videos look more stunning. When you apply the required filters and make them useful in the required way, everything becomes quite stunning. 

Features of Wave video:

  • Relatively simple and easy to use.
  • Tons of inbuilt templates are available for making videos.
  • Use stickers, gif, and other things in your explaining videos.
  • It has the largest stock library of images and videos.

#3. Wideo

If you are the type of person who has basic knowledge of video editing and related stuff, the Video could become a great platform for sure. Very few people can make a great amount of highly useful videos. When you are trying to use explaining software, then it could be quite useful to explain what type of messages or lessons you want to convey to a whole lot of audiences. Wideo is a cloud-based software that gives its super unique and useful services to the users, and there are plenty of features that can be helpful for those who are trying to create impact lessons for others. 

There are animation features that can be helpful to create the various types of movements and motions for your explanation videos. You can do the edit scene by scene and make the required changes based upon your requirements. Multiple elements can be added to the video; you need to click on the add button and create the required changes. You can use the explainer videos in three formats, vertical, horizontal, and square. The number of available templates might be varying based upon your subscription plan. 

Features of Wideo:

  • Create unique and entertaining explainer videos.
  • It supports screen recording, converting text into audio, creating a colour palette, etc.
  • Edit or create the required changes to templates.
  • It’s best for those who have basic knowledge of video editing. 

#4. Powtoon

There are very few tools that will make creating explainer videos extremely easy, and Powtoon is one of those tools for sure. If you have never used this software before, don’t worry because it’s extremely easy; choose a style; through which you want to create explaining videos and get started with it. You can do tons of explaining videos with the help of powtoon, and that’s what everyone wants from it. 

There are tons of styles available here for creating explaining videos such as Modern Edge, Whiteboard, Cartoon, Infographic, and Real. Now that’s what matters the most when trying to make something useful for the watchers. Powtoon helps you maintain the overall look inside the video; since there are tons of templates available, you can switch between them quite easily. 

Features of Powtoon:

  • It offers branding features.
  • Tons of options available for creating different styling videos.
  • You can edit the template with just one click.
  • Helps you to create unique whiteboard videos.

#5. Explaindio

If you want to create more stunning and robust videos to explain the hardest of things, this tool can help you. Explaindio helps you create 2D and 3D animated videos that can be helpful to make a stunning impact on the archers as well. Here, the number of options, whether it’s the templates, design, style, etc., which you will get can not be found in any other tools at the same price range. 

Here, creating and explaining videos becomes easier by using pre-text animation, fonts, characters, audio tracks, etc. Creating animation, doodles, or motion videos can be done with the help of this tool in just a matter of a few minutes. The best thing about the explaindio is that you can use a drag and drop video editor that can be helpful for many users. There is no need to get any technical training, and you can start right off with this tool to create tons of awesome videos. 

Features of Explaindio:

  • Extremely cheap and easier to use.
  • Create motion videos, doodles, 3D animation easily.
  • Use multiple animations at the same time.
  • There are 180+ pre-made text animations.


So these are the top explainer video animation software that you can use to create stunning videos. Even though tons of options are available, I decided to go with these top ones based on their features and usability.

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