Top 5 Learndash Alternatives to Sell Course Online in 2022

By Vikas Kumar

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I am seeing so many people asking the same question when it comes to selling their courses online; the majority of the people are finding the best platform to sell their courses online that can give them tons of money and help them promote their skills. If you are the type of person who has the talent to create valuable lessons for students, you should always try to find the best place to sell such courses.

Over the last few months, I have been using Learndash to sell my online courses; however, I decided to jump into the alternatives to find out what other companies offer. I managed to find some great platforms that can make me good money by selling the courses online.

List of Best Learndash Alternatives Online 

So here are the top alternatives that you can use to sell the courses online and reach the maximum level of audiences. 

#1. Teachable

The best thing about Teachable is that you can find the right type of tools, premium features, and other necessary things to make a course more perfect. This is the platform that has helped thousands of teachers to optimize their existing skills by helping them to create the best type of course online. In addition, Teachable allows you to connect your existing website under a domain name and get the full publicity rewards for selling high-quality courses.

Teachable is quite easy and understandable to use as compared to the Learndash. There is no technical knowledge required to set up your platform and start using it; anyone who has the basic knowledge can easily get done with it. Teachable gives you a dashboard through which lots of things can be controlled easily. You can allocate the jobs of the teachers and give them some useful notes also. You can connect with the students one-on-one and get their honest feedback about your current course. 

Features of Teachable:

  • SSL certification enables us to protect the data.
  • 24*7 ho0ur technical assistance.
  • It supports a broad audience.
  • Use the dashboard to manage everything in the back end.

#2. Podia

It would be fair to say that the amount of significance this platform has made on the creators over the last few years is quite outstanding. They have built a platform where anyone can come and create stunning courses and further optimize them based upon what customers want. The technical guidance that you will get from the Podia is stunning; you will not need specific knowledge about anything. It supports all types of digital content, and you can upload them in various formats without any issues.

There are no hidden fees that they will charge for using the platform, you can have unlimited access to things like bandwidth, membership, storage capacity, etc., and that’s what everyone needs right now. The minimalist design of the Podai helps you to focus on the important things. Podia lets you host your websites with the products you are offering and make the best usage out of them. The difference between Learndash and Podia is that you can host the membership and content website in one place.

Features of Podia:

  • Highly useful tools and softwares enabled.
  • Host membership sites and products in one place.
  • There are no restrictions on student enrollment, storage, and bandwidth.
  • Upload e-content in various types of formats.

#3. Udacity

If you are trying to make more sales and reach out to the maximum number of people, Udacity will help you achieve that goal. Here the number of people not only includes the students but also includes enterprises and governmental agencies also. You can use the digital platform to create the stunning course and make the best usage out of it. The one thing which I did not like about Learndash is that I couldn’t find the right audience to target for my course. However, that problem got solved with Udacity; here, I managed to find the best alternatives and overcome various obstacles. 

You can start with any subject matter that you’re most comfortable with, and Audacity will help you achieve the required for sure. Their dashboard gives you access to how your e-courses are performing online and gives you some suggestions to improve it further. Udacity is always looking for someone dedicated to their field and helps them make the best career choices. 

Features of Udacity:

  • Use the backyard Designing process of Udacity to create stunning courses.
  • Easy to learn the tools and softwares to create the best online content.
  • Udacity production team is there to assist you 24*7 hours.
  • Instructors have full control over the design of the course.

#4. Kajabi

The best thing I liked about kajabi is that you can create the online course without using the code, plugin system, or any other technical things that usually put the creators in a hard situation. Here you can refer to the content you create as one of the best digital products because that’s how their entire sales marketing works to sell these courses. So Kajabi is a platform for simply those people who want to create more sales of their online digital products. 

If you are trying hard to reach the maximum customers and get your sales done, kajabi might be the best option. You can also create the store font the way you want and integrate it with your existing website and other tools. It supports multiple payment options, so you don’t need to worry about getting the payment from the students. The dashboard gives you access to manage everything about your digital course result. You can sort the videos, images, and other types of films with just a few clicks, and that’s what everyone needs. 

Features of Kajabi:

  • It has a relatively more advanced payment system.
  • There are no cart abandonment issues here.
  • Manage your courses online with a few clicks.
  • You can launch your own marketing campaign, of course.

#5. Thinkific

Very few platforms on the market will help you create the best online content and sell it to many people. If you are the type of person who always lacks the technical stuff to make the best online content, then Thinkific might be the best choice for you. Thinkific has been a great option for me to make the online courses more reachable and recognizable among the students. If you are looking to use different formatting content such as videos, images, PDF, docs, etc., this platform can help you. 

The drag and drop-enabled content management system helps you easily sort and manage everything about your course. Here you can create private courses and give access to certain premium students only. Everything that can be managed in the back end becomes quite easier, and that’s why people choose Thinkific over Learndash at any time.

Features of Thinkific:

  • Drip scheduling of online content is available.
  • You can collaborate with multiple instructors for a course.
  • Create evergreen content that will be attention-grabbing.
  • You get total control over the pricing, design, and other data.


So these are the best alternatives for the learn dash to sell your online courses. Even though some might still be fans of Learndash, you have to agree that the platform lacks some important aspects, and the alternatives mentioned above have been chosen by me, considering those things. 

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