Top 5 Udemy Alternatives to Buy/Sell Courses Online in 2022

By Vikas Kumar

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The current market has changed a lot, and nowadays you can witness it because everything is now made available online. People’s interests have changed quite a lot about learning things; you can currently sell a course on various platforms or buy one if you need it. Udemy is a place that is famous among the customers for acquiring a huge amount of knowledge from the masters of that domain. However, since there are many options available, you should not depend too much on Udemy only. 

I have seen many people saying that they want to know what are the other alternatives for Udemy, so I decided to sign into it. Currently, I have found the top 5 alternatives which you can like, and they are superb. Udemy is great, there is no doubt about that, but there are some alternatives that you should consider before deciding on selling or buying a course.

List of Best Udemy Alternatives Online

So these are the top 5 udemy alternatives that you can use for various purposes, and I am pretty sure that you would like them.

#1. Skillshare

Skillshare is one of my favorite platforms that offers a great platform for both the sellers and buyers of the courses online. Suppose you are someone whose skills are quite stunning and are trying to impact a larger audience than you would like this platform for sure. There are very few platforms that one can use to its fullest capacity. Skillshare offers you different types of courses that can make you great at something. 

Today is the competitive world where we live, and that’s what many people don’t understand. If you look closely at the competition near you, no matter in what field you are in, the skills matter the most. If you are going to make a huge impact in some field, try to make the best usage of the skills. Skillshare offers a wide range of courses and an interactive user design; the courses are cheap compared to other platforms. You can use it on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or any other device.

Features of Skillshare:

  • Upload and get courses in various fields.
  • Improve creativity with all new types of courses.
  • Get paid for the premium membership of your course.
  • Online learning designed for real life.

#2. Udacity

Many jobs are available in the market that can be availed by the indicated, but many people always complain about unemployment only. There are very few truly deserving candidates who have the required skills to get paid for their work, and that’s where it lacks the most. Udacity is the platform where you can learn about tech skills that are most demanding in the market. Whether you want to learn about AI, coding, programming, cloud computing, management, or any other field, you will get courses about it here.

Udacity is a great platform for the course makers because they offer a stunning platform to make their lessons more salable than others. Here the makers of the master class can get paid a good amount of money for sharing their true information. Udacity is also changing its platform with more updated content, user interface, and many more things, which greatly impacts the buyers. 

Features of Udacity:

  • Project-based learning improves the skills faster.
  • There are more than 1400+ mentor networks.
  • Get teaching from a group of expert instructors.
  • Curriculum made to enhance the various types of skills.

#3. Podia

Podia is a great platform for those who want to sell their master class. If you’re the type of person who possesses some specific skill and thinks those skills can be a great lesson for the students, then start your journey with podia. Podia has helped many mentors reach more than three desired goals of income, and that has happened because it helps you reach the right type of students. Podia offers you tons of great tools and software that can help to make the courses more user-friendly. You can integrate your courses with other things with the help of Podia quite easily.

Podia is the type of platform that can take all of the mundane things on its shoulder, and you need to focus on creating valuable lessons. Students in the millions of numbers have used Podia because of its enriched user interface, and there is a reason why everyone loves these things. 

Features of Podia:

  • Create your courses in any desired format.
  • Podia offers pre-selling payments for certain courses.
  • You can use Podia to host courses as digital downloads.
  • Manage websites, courses, payments in one place easily.

#4. Teachable

I have seen many great teachers, and their teaching was a master class. If you have such a great talent for explaining hard things most simply, you should use the Teachable platform. More than 1 lakh teachers are using this amazing platform to sell their teaching services, and so far, everyone seems to be happy. You can start with any of the niches that you think suit your personality. 

Everyone nowadays is seeking a course that will help them understand more about certain things, which is quite important. You can use the tools to make the course look greater, and that’s the best thing about it. If you look at the amazing third-party tools and features, you will find how amazing this platform, in reality, is useful for so many teachers. 

Features of teachable:

  • A great platform for the master teachers.
  • Easy to use and further customize it.
  • Set up your online school easily.
  • Improve your sales with stunning advanced tools.

#5. Thinkific

Please sell the courses under your brand name and get popular among various customers, right?. Well, Thinkific lets you do that with its amazingly easy-to-use platform. You can host one or even a million students under your cores and further optimize them with the rich features and tools available by the Thinkific teams. Thinking lets you create the videos, upload them, and make further changes using the drag and drop filters. 

You can set up the pricing, schedule the lessons, and further automate the content as well. The best thing about thinkific is that it gives the freedom in the makers’ hands, which makes the whole difference for sure. Because there are very few platforms that are made in that way, like anyone who doesn’t even have any experience can use Thinkific easily. It has turned many teachers into the right form of entrepreneurs and helped students learn some important skills. 

Features of Thinkific:

  • Sell your courses under your own brand.
  • Easy to use tools, features and many other things.
  • Automatic onboarding, certificate allocation, messaging, etc. available.
  • Take control of pricing, design content, etc.


So these are the best alternatives to the Udemy course that I think every course maker and the user should use. Even though Udemy has managed to make things easy for the users, they now have to make changes to them. So if you are the type of person who loves teaching people and are trying to find the platforms, you can try the ones mentioned above. If you are a learner or reader, you can also get tons of valuable information from these platforms. 

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