Top 5 Best Online Course Platforms For Creating Your Own Online Course

By Vikas Kumar

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Teaching is an art that everyone needs, but very few people know how to do it perfectly, and that’s why we see so much lacking in quality teachers. Suppose you have a skill you think you are good at, then spread that knowledge with others through online platforms and many more things. Very few people can grab the right platform to reach out to all types of people in the required way, and in this post, you will learn everything about them.

Online course platforms have increased in recent times, and that’s a good thing since everyone who wants to learn their favorite skill will be able to do that with much ease. If you are trying to teach or use some of the best platforms for teaching something, then you are at the right place.

List of Online Course Platforms For Creating Courses

I have gathered the list of best platforms for the teachers to share their teaching skills; there are plenty of other options available, these top ones are the best. 

#1. Teachable

If you find the best platform for creating enriching content for the audience and increasing your growth, then this is the right platform for you. Teachable USP has been a significant gaming changer when it comes to sales and marketing type of features. Its features allow you to use coupons, a smooth one-click checkout process, one-click upsells, and many more things. Teachable allows you to use multiple content formats such as videos, quizzes, and many more things. 

You can put the content on the dripping mode, course certification, and many more things quickly, and it also ensures course compliance and many more things. The best thing I liked is the content platform; it’s far more accessible and the best if you compare it with others. The design makes it better for every teacher and student to connect and share knowledge and other things. 

Features of Teachable:

  • Easy to use and understand from everyone’s POV.
  • Add content on drop mode, and offer discount codes, etc., efficiently.
  • Suitable for every type of creator.
  • Offers a good amount of money for creating quality content.

#2. Skillshare

It would be pretty unfair if you say that you have never heard about this platform before since this innovative company has majorly captured the online teaching market. Skillshare could be an excellent choice for you since it offers the correct type of tools for the instructors. All the videos on the Skillshare are in the form of short video formats like 15-20 minutes, and that’s why the engagement to these lessons is high on Skillshare compared to other platforms. At first, you might find it hard but as soon you get more and more students enrolled in your lessons; you will be earning a good amount of money.,

Skillshare is the best platform for everyone who likes to make short and brief videos of what they want to teach. The monetary compensation will increase as you further grow. Under the normal package, you can get $1-2 for every enrollment, and for every premium subscription, you will earn about $10 per member under their scheme, which matters a lot.

Features of Sillshare:

  • Create short and fantastic video lessons.
  • Exciting and intriguing platform.
  • Use in-built tools and features to make lessons more engaging.
  • Easy to use for both students and instructors.

#3. Udemy

Udemy managed to grab the attention of every user on the internet when they started getting a good response among the customers. Udemy offers tons of great content covered by the masters of every single field, and that’s what matters the most. If you look at Udemy, you will find that each subject is covered by the experts, which is what users want. If you are going to offer the customers something unique and great worth their money, you will earn more money on this platform for sure.

Udemy lets content creators use various platforms in one place, such as youtube videos, PDF documents, PPT slides, and many more things. If you will use multiple premium tools and increase the user’s attention by high-end content, then Udemy is the best platform for you. Udemy currently is giving the most amount of money, like you will be earning 97% of the number of your course fees, and that’s a pretty good amount. You can charge the price between $5-200 for your course, and that’s what you need the most.

Features of Udemy:

  • Use varieties of tools to publish your content.
  • Earn a significant amount of money on course selling.
  • Attach documents, youtube videos, and many other things, of course.
  • Good platform for the master of particular fields.

#4. Podia

Once started as the platform for online coaches, has now turned into a platform where you can get every sort of thing in here. Podia has managed to get into a full-time platform where you will learn about various courses and many other things. You have plenty of options here as a creator since many more premium tools and features have been made available for every sort of creator.

I liked Podio because they don’t charge any transaction fees, so they use the platform to reach tons of great students, and that’s it. There are no limits on any courses, so you can use it unlimited times without worrying about any premium membership, etc. You can set up premium paid sessions by integrating with premium tools such as Calendly, Acuity, etc., and conduct sessions perfectly. 

Features of Podia:

  • Support affiliate marketing of your courses.
  • Unlimited usage on the users or courses.
  • There are no hidden transaction fees.
  • Tons of premium tools are available in one place.

#5. Thinkific

Very pro to newbie creators will be found at this place; whether it’s the bloggers, marketers, influencers, or any other famous personality, everyone uses Thinkific to share high-end knowledge. If you look at the various people’s responses, it will not be wrong since everyone, from users to creators, loves this platform. The engagement ratio when using Thinkific has been found to have increased significantly. You can use various documents, videos, surveys, etc., to make things available for everyone.

Nowadays everyone is trying to learn more and more skills, the demand for such things has never been higher before, so you can allocate here the course completion certificates free of cost. When you are giving valuable teaching along with such certification, then the user engagement becomes higher than our expectation, and that’s what I love about Thinkific.

Features of Thinkific:

  • Create an unlimited number of courses.
  • Use premium tools and features to make more engaging content.
  • Integrate other third-party platforms and tools with the course.
  • No transaction fees.


So these are the platforms for the content creators to create and share their courses around various types of people. Online courses have been a significant source of income for many teachers, and if you’re good at something, you should try to make it available to all the public in the form of courses. If you have any questions or doubts, leave a comment down below.

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