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Are you looking for PTC sites? Here I’m going to list the best working paid-to-click website where you can earn money from home. Actually, Earning money is an art, and the world we are living in currently has developed so much that you don’t have to worry about making a good living because you can do that by just sitting in front of the piece of a computer.

When it comes to online earning, the only thing that needs is the correct source, and then it’s just monotonous work that will fill up your pockets full of cash. PTC sites are the best and easiest ways to start earning online; the Paid to Click (PTC) model is quite old in the industry, yet many people don’t know about it. 

The first thing you have to do is find the best PTC websites, click on the displayed advertisements on these websites, and get paid for every click. Sounds fun, right? Well, it’s the easiest and fastest way to start your first online earning. However, now the market is filled with lots of PTC websites, so we decided to make a list of the best websites. 

Best PTC Websites to Earn Money

Even though tons of PTC websites pay you for clicking on the displayed ads, we decided to make things easier for you by listing the 5 best PTC websites; we hope you would like it. 

#1. Clixsense (Ysense)

Clixsense Ysense Site

When it comes to trusted PTC websites, Clixsense is the site that comes into our minds. It has been the best PCT website to earn money online, and even after so many years of its launch, they are still trustworthy. The Clixsense PTC model has been revolutionary, and many other new coming websites also copied their design.

The payout is quite good, and you have to click on the ads being displayed under your account. The minimum payout starts with $10 only, and you can further increase it, and there is no limit on how much money you can earn. The Clixsense PTC model has changed a lot, and now they are focusing more on the sources of making money. 

You can also use the online survey platforms, where you have to fill up the survey questions with valid answers and get paid for it also. The surveys on Clixsense are more intriguing and exciting than any other website, and that’s why so many people use it daily. It’s the best website for anyone who is starting their online earning journey. 

#2. Neobux

Neobux PTC website

When you have an excellent option to earn money, you shouldn’t waste it. Neobux is one of the oldest and highest-paying PTC websites in the market that has managed to grab everyone’s attention over the period. The ads being displayed on websites are pretty interesting, and you have to click on them to earn money manually. 

So far, they have paid millions of dollars to their members over so many years, the management behind this excellent PTC website is adding new things for their members. Many other tasks are also included, such as surveys, answering random questions, completing specific given tasks, etc. 

Neobux offers referral renting, where you can get a premium plan and start earning for each referral. However, don’t pay any money for such plans and start earning with free existing plans only. The minimum payout limit is just $2, so you can cash out the little money you have earned within a few minutes quickly through your bank account.

#3. Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars PTC Site

Inboxdollars, whose main headquarters are situated in the US, are operated only for that country’s citizens, yet you can use VPN to access it and start earning. The main reason to love Inboxdollars is the diverse range of earnings offered by them; whether it’s making through PTC, online surveys, doing multiple tasking, everything can be done on Inboxdollars. 

Inboxdollars can pay to read emails and complete the actions mentioned there. The payout there is quite vast and beneficial when you want to earn big bucks. You can watch videos, play games, and perform certain other activities also. People work great on Inboxdollars as they have a good affiliate program, yet you can focus on the other primary earning sources. 

Inboxdollars pays you $5 for the first sign-up, and the minimum payout limit has been set at $30 on this platform. We know that it’s a little higher, yet earning that much money on a site like Inboxdollars is not a big deal. 

#4. SwagBucks

It would be completely unfair if we don’t include Swagbucks on our list of best PTC websites. Even though SwagBucks is bigger than just a PTC website, you can do lots of things here to start earning online. You can start with any PTC activity and be generous while doing because the BOTS cannot click on the ads; your account can get suspended. 

Swagbucks also offers you to start earning through online surveys and doing tasks such as playing games, answering questions, etc. You can earn money through email marketing also, in which you will be sent an email, and you have to click on that link only. 

You will earn SB points for each task, and 100 SB points are equal to $1, so your focus should be to earn more SB points and then cash out at any time. The minimum payout limit is $3 only, so you won’t have any issues with it. 


Scarlet Clicks Earning App

There are very few websites that pay you a constant amount of money for the same actions. This is the type of PTC website where you can usually earn at least $0.01 for one click on the ad. The earning would depend upon how much time users spend on this platform and ultimately cashing out the opportunity to make big bucks. 

The anti-cheat protection system is built in here to detect if any cheating is done by members or not. So try to be honest while doing activities, and if you are the type of person who will work harder than any others, then this is the best platform for you to start earning.  You can earn more money through online surveys and performing similar activities. 

Good professional support is given to the members, which is lacking in the majority of the PTC websites. The minimum payout is just $2, and it’s sufficient enough for you to earn that much in just a couple of minutes. A detailed analytical report is given to the embers on how much they make, and it can be used to improve your future earnings later on. 


So these are the top 5 best paying PTC sites that you can use to start earning your first bucks online. People are still finding ways to earn money online because of the bad condition during the coronavirus pandemic. Many people have to find new ways and skillsets to earn money, and making money by doing specific simple tasks on PTC sites is the best thing for anyone.  If you have any doubt or questions about how PTC websites work, leave a comment down below, we will be glad to help you out. 

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