Top 5 Best Landing Page Builder Software Tools in 2022

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We all live in a time where the majority of things are managed digitally. Whether it’s office work, sales orders, or even marketing, Nowadays, the focus on leads generation is obvious because you will not be able to earn money if the visitors on your site are not generating any leads. A landing page is where you can start generating leads for your product or service then convert them later into a perfect sale.

However, we are not creatively artistic people who know what type of psychology users are having in their minds. So in such cases, you can always depend upon landing page software tools. These AI-generated tools are specifically made to help you create a perfect landing page for your site and help you grow the business. 

If you are struggling to build a good sales funnel, you must be lacking the art of fetching more leads. Nowadays, the technology has evolved so much that this landing page software will manage everything like visitor’s psychology, action, or reaction and helps ultimately get the perfect amount of leads. Considering that fact, we decided to list down the top 5 best landing page software tools that will eventually help you generate more revenue.

Top 5 Best Landing Page Software Tools

We know that there are tons of SAAS products in the market, and every software works differently. However, when it comes to landing pages, you have to be choosy and select the best software.

#1. Leadpages

The main purpose of creating a landing page is to generate leads, right?. This software is developed by a bunch of professional developers and marketing executives who know how to fetch leads from online visitors. This tool will help you create high landing pages with just a drag and drop editor tool. You don’t need to become a techie or knows to code because this tool can be managed quite easily.

There are great features added, such as alert bars and popovers, which are the lead generation process’s front doors. So when a visitor comes to the landing page, you will see a lead getting generated.

Lead links offered by lead pages is quite an important function because it allows users to sign up with just a click and the information will get stored about those users instantly. Leaddigits which are nothing but SMS campaigns, can help you create a solid Email list of the targeted audience. 

If WordPress is installed on your website, then this software will help create the best landing pages with minimal effort. Leadpages will host landing pages on their servers, so there won’t be any issues with your hosting provider. 

Features of Leadpages:

  • No Preset Limit:– There is no preset limit on the number of traffics, leads, popovers, or any other things, so you don’t have to worry about these things when you buy this amazing software.
  • Integrate With WordPress;- This software works perfectly along with wordpress.
  • Lots of Templates Option:- There are more than 200+ templates available for you to select for the landing page.
  • Ad Builder:– You can insert FB or Insta Ads within the landing pages wh the help of an ad builder.

#2. InstaPage

When you strive for perfection, the lead generation becomes easier, and that’s what InstaPage is all about. This software is dedicated to creating a landing page that is fully optimized and easy to manage with its superb page-building tool. You will be in full control of the landing page when using InstaPage. 

Selection of text, image, blocks for landing pages becomes easier to edit and handle. One Of the best things about using InstaPage is that you can use features like CRO free or cost. You can track down your visitor’s behavior using heatmaps and place ad units there. The analytical conversion tool works quite very well and gives you an option to optimize the tool further. 

Even though there are only 30 landing page templates, these are sufficient enough to fetch leads for your product or service, as the case may be.

Features of Instapage:

  • Heatmap Tracking Tool:– Heatmap tracking gives you vital information about the user’s behavior, such as where the visitors are landing or clicking the most. 
  • Easy To Manage:- The visual editor is quite easy to manage, and you can add, edit or remove certain elements on the landing page without any issues.
  • Conversion Analytics:- Conversion analytics helps you track the information about leads generating sales, and this tool has vital importance in key decision making. 

#3. Thrive Optimize

We all know how many digital marketers still prefer to use wordpress websites, and if you are also one of them, you should go with Thrive Optimize to create the best landing pages. Over the years, we have tested many landing page generating software tools, but the user interface provided by Thrive optimize suits any type of wordpress website.

This tool comes with two packages, thrive architect and split testing tool. These tools are designed so that they will focus only on one thing, and that’s generating lots of leads. Full drag and drop editor, along with other designing functionality, makes it the most usable software for creating tons of leads.

An option API integration helps you if your website visitors are quite high and get the email list generated instantly. Thrive Optimize’s default templates are quite good and work in almost every type of lead generation business. A split test option gives you a better look at what type of landing page design works better and optimizes further accordingly.

Features of Thrive Optimize:

  • Split Testing Helps To Optimize:– The split testing tool will help you determine which type of template, design, addons you should use after checking the results of multiple landing pages. It’s one of the most useful features of this software.
  • Easily Integrate Other Products: You can easily integrate other products to generate more leads, and they work without any flaws with this amazing tool.
  • Drag And Drop Editing Tool: The most basic thing about using Thrive Optimize is that you can handle everything on the website’s landing page in the simplest manner. Hide, add, customize any pages with just a few clicks.

#4. GetResponse

As a leading email marketing platform GetResponse has managed to create an outstanding landing page software also. Getresponse might be used for email marketing, but their landing page tool is simple to use and easy to handle. Even though they are not dedicated to landing page creation only, their software is sufficient enough to help you generate more leads.

An easy drag and drop editor, tons of great new templates, and additional third-party tools have made this software used to create landing pages. The auto funnel build feature is quite impressive and helps you create perfect landing pages for generating lots of leads.

The key focus here is given to marketing and leads generation. Along with landing pages, you can also create; thank you pages, opti-in pages, and many other sub-pages, a major source of lead generation.

Features of GetResponse:

  • Integration Of Popular Tools:– Whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, or anything, Getrespinse is easy to integrate with third-party tools to create a perfect landing page.
  • Integration Of Popular Tools:– Whether it’s wordpress, Shopify, or anything, Getrespinse is easy to integrate with third-party tools to create a perfect landing page.
  • Integration Of Popular Tools:– Whether it’s wordpress, Shopify, or anything, Getrespinse is easy to integrate with third-party tools to create a perfect landing page.

#5. Unbounce

There are very few tools that will not add unnecessary features to confuse its users. Unbounce is a solid landing page builder which every wordpress website owner can use. A great visual editor which provides you an option of A/B split testing and customizing landing pages makes it usable from every website owner’s point of view.

The developers have managed to integrate email by including tools like zapier; although we missed ConvertKit for here, but it’s adjustable. These additional tools are made only to help you understand more about the users and gather essential data. 

Even if you don’t have any experience building a landing page, there are over 100+ already premium templates that you can use without any issues. You can customize certain blocks of the landing pages according to your needs and create more impact on visitors.

Features of Unbounce:

  • Simple And Easy To Use:- The lightning editor tools make it quite easy to build and manage several landing pages for your site.
  • Customize The Landing Pages:- You can add, edit, remove certain blocks or parts of the landing page template and customize it in such a way it will increase the CTR.
  • Add More Landing PageTemplates:- You can buy more landing page premium templates with ThemeForest by paying a certain amount of money. 


These are the top 5 best landing page software tools that will help you create the perfect landing pages. Whether you are running a Shopify website or a wordpress blog for promoting your service. These landing page-creating tools will be a key changer since it will help you generate more lead and ultimately increase the sale. 

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