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Nowadays, everyone is concerned about attracting more sales with digital marketing, but very few know how to fetch more leads and then convert them into sales. Email marketing is one of the most lucrative channels because of the high conversion rate you get from your users directly. However, nowadays, there is so much competition in the industry that you cannot manually email everyone. You have to depend upon the automated email marketing services that will work with your required instructions in such cases.

However, there are many Email marketing platforms available in the market; you should know which will choose according to your needs and the niche you are targeting. So in this post, we decided to dig into various email marketing providers and compared their services that will help you pick the best; I hope you will like it. 

List of Best Email Marketing Tools

Sometimes having too many options can confuse you, and that’s why we decided to reduce your dilemma by listing the best email marketing services for you. 

#1. ActiveCampaign

When the best design and functionality meet, you will get the result like ActiveCampagin. Because this email marketing tool is created so perfectly that you would hardly find any flaws in it. You have plenty of options when it comes to templates, design, virtual editors; now, such things are smoothly designed in a way that helps you to focus on email marketing. 

If you are the type of person who likes to run multiple email campaigns, you have plenty of options here. Like you can go with timed campaigns, automated, A/B testing, one-off emails, and many others. Know your audience and then select the respective email campaign. 

One of the great functions which ActiveCampaign offers you is contact management. Before starting a new campaign, you can choose to exclude a certain number of contacts from your list, and this tool increases your functionality. Using advanced content and different email campaigning will fetch you more clicks, leads, and ultimately conversion. 

ActiveCampaign developed their service considering lots of content creators, business owners who would ultimately have to target customers, and that’s why you will find the automation tools according to it. 

Features of ActiveCampaign:

  • Leading Automation Building Tool:- When it comes to automating, you will find several types of options that will ultimately help you achieve your target.
  • Event-Based Tracking:- You can set the email marketing based upon the events proactively and then track the results of those campaigns and compare it. 
  • Pre-made Automation Sequence:- There are tons of automation sequences already made in this tool that you shouldn’t waste your time building another one. 
  • Live Chat Function:- You can add a live chat option on your landing page and connect it with the automation tool.

#2. ConvertKit

As a blogger and content creator, you will have to manage how your subscribers behave on the website and offer them the service according to it. ConvertKit is solely developed for bloggers and content creators who can optimize the great features for generating more sales and revenues. 

You are getting everything like a visual editor, the addition of opt-in forms and the landing pages in the email creatively. These tools will help you create a landing page based on how your subscribers react to the email you sent. The reporting is quite simple, giving you a detailed overlooking of how forms are performing, whether the email list is growing or not. 

You can use a visual automation tool to create more impact on the users ultimately. ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool when you don’t want the interface too flashy and confusing. However, filterings subscribers is not that much, and it takes some time with tools. 

Features of ConvertKit:

  • Easy and Simple To Use:– The user interface is simple and easy to use, especially it helps beginners email marketing. 
  • Perfect Email Automation:- ConvertKit’s email automation tool is quite simple and effective considering many new content and bloggers will use. 
  • Create Multiple Landing Pages:- Use landing pages and options in the form builder that comes with this tool free of cost. 
  • Helps In Generating Multiple Leads:- If you have different landing pages and leads generating magnets, this tool is best for such things.

#3. GetResponse

The key to getting success is email marketing depends upon how creatively and accurately email is targeted towards the customer. getResponse is one of the oldest and best email marketing providers in the market. Many digital marketers use Their tool for generating tons of leads and setting emails on auto mode. We can firmly say that they worked exceptionally hard and added the necessary features to make their tool more customer-oriented.

The email marketing tool’s basis has been strong, and with time they improved it. The addition of CRM, visual automation tools, landing pages, opt-in forms, etc., have made their service more demanding than ever. If you are the type of person who wants to control everything under one umbrella, GetResponse is the best tool.

The drag and drop feature of the visual email builder is easy to use and perfectly optimizes the tool. You can run multiple active campaigns with the tool, get the required results, and later customize it.

The Conversion Funnel feature is quite reliable and works without any flaw, and it’s the best tool to create multiple sales funnels for your business. The sales funnel will include everything like the creation of landing pages, eCommerce, and payment integration and leads management, etc. 

Features of GetResponse:

  • Sales Funnel’s Creation:- The entirety of sales funnel creation is quite unique, and ConverKit’s email automation tools; integration helps you build it correctly. 
  • Create Landing Pages And Various Forms:- You can use the landing page and opt-in form builder to create solid landing pages, which will help you generate more leads. 
  • Great Email Automation Tool:- The email automation tool is reliable, and there are many templates which you can use for setting up different email campaigns.

#4. Drip

Drip is already famous as the best for e-commerce CRM, but you would be glad to use its outstanding email marketing service. Whether you create multiple email drip campaigns or use visual automation email builders for generating various emails, everything adds value to your email campaigns.

Whether you want to send the standard and formal emails to the customers or more standardized, you can generate both with their templates and put them on drip mode. The option of a split test is there, which will help you optimize your targeted audience’s best emails. 

Many small businesses that are doing e-commerce can benefit from their service because there are tons of reporting templates for e-commerce customers. In a nutshell, their email marketing tool is made for everyone and works as the best all-rounder. 

Features of Drip:

  • Suitable For E-commerce: Those who own e-commerce sites can use the drip service to generate lots of trustworthy emails.

#5. Aweber

The list of email marketing tools will be incomplete if we don’t include AWeber. AWeber was and is still one of the leading email marketing tools, which has helped many businesses generate more leads and create the right type of sales funnels.

Their core focus on email marketing improves automation email marketing tool’s performance significantly. You can choose any template from 700 available templates which are available in their system. Not only email marketing tools but also there are many additional tools they have added in recent times. Split testing works excellent and gives you what type of heading, subject matters are fetching more clicks, and customize the email accordingly. 

There is no visual builder in AWeber, but you can also customize the subscribers’ list and select the email accordingly. You will have to check who has unsubscribed from your email service and then delete the user from the list; that’s the only thing they still have to work on. 

Features of Aweber:

  • Massive Number Of Email Templates:- There are more than 700+ email generating templates that you can use anytime and for marketing your business. 
  • Create Landing Pages:- You can choose and create multiple types of landing pages with this tool.
  • Template Designing Is AI-Powered:- The AI-powered email templates help you generate the right type of email and fetch more sales. 


These are the top 5 best email marketing services that you can use to promote your business, blog, or creative ideas to others. It would be best if you didn’t underestimate the power of using these tools because email marketing has been one of the most significant sources of lead generation for many large companies. These tools can be optimized according to your needs and responses. If you have any doubts or questions, you can ask them by leaving a comment.

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