Top 5 Best Webinar Software Platforms in 2022 (With Features)

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The coronavirus pandemic might have impacted our health badly, but it has done a good thing also. Because we started using digital products more than any time we did in history. Webinars are the best form of conducting a meeting and reaching upto a particular object or goal. Whether it’s work, school, college, or anything, human interaction is reasonably necessary, and some good webinar platforms provide top-class services.

Digital marketers also use webinar softwares for marketing their product or services, and it’s also one of the key ways to generate leads. So, in a nutshell, the usage of webinar software is quite limited. However, when you have tons of great options but become quite hard to choose the right one. Correct?. Well, we have solved that dilemma for you by listing the top 5 best webinar softwares in the market after using and reviewing them from a user’s point of view. 

Top 5 Best Webinar Software Platforms

The list of best webinar software would be exhaustive, so we decided to cut it down by listing only the top 5 best softwares; we hope you will like it. 

#1. WebinarJam

Can you imagine a webinar software offering you to the limit of more than 5000 in a single webinar?. Well, WebinarJam has managed to provide such a vast and unique service to its users. WebinarJam allows more than 5k people to join a single webinar session, and the host can be upto 6. The quality of the webinar offered by them is top-notch, and every video session will be of the highest quality only if your internet connection doesn’t die in the midway.

You can present your presentation by screen sharing feature, and it works quite smoothly. The host can drag and drop any attendee to give and start a presentation, and this feature is relatively unique. Attendees can also live chat with everyone or in private with certain group members, ask questions, and give answers through the chatbox.

WebJam offers a feature named replica replay, which will record the live webinar presentation and highlight any chat comments and product presentations made during that webinar. The platform is quite flexible, like you can come live any time, schedule the webinar right now or next week or keep it “on” forever.

Features of WebinarJam:

  • You can record the presentation for future use.
  • The live chat option lets users interact with each other.
  • A system-generated analytical tool is offered to manage the traffic.
  • You can integrate other marketing apps through API.

#2. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja’s quality of offering live sessions is always top because they use WebRTC technology that minimizes the lagging problem no matter how many people have joined the webinar. The platform also provides live chat rooms, run pools, Q&A sessions, and many other things during a webinar.

There are many webinars options like automated, recorded, hybrid, or you can go live and have a series of the same sessions. This webinar software will send an email to all the attendees before starting the webinar, which will help you keep track of those who have indeed joined the session. 

WebinarNinja is the software when it comes to marketing your product. Because in-built PageBuilder lets you create your logo, add image, banner, videos to the webinar. You can use default; thank you pages also.

You can add your webinar session to the webinar search engine. Anyone with the right keyword will join your live session, increasing the number of attendees in the overall online session. 

Features of WebinarNinja:

  • WebRTC technology helps you to broadcast webinars in HD quality.
  • You can choose real-time, automated, or recorded type of webinar sessions.
  • Analytical tools give you information about attendees, conversion, and retention rates.
  • You can integrate more than 1000 apps.

#3. Demio

The Demio has managed to create a user-friendly and simple webinar software that everyone would love to use. You can use it to host live, recorded, automated, or hybrid types of webinars. Also, adding a logo and images will make your webinar look cool in front of the attendees, resulting in a reasonable conversion rate.

The screen sharing is relatively easy to use, and you can upload the presentation slides, share essential videos quite easily and without any issues. One of the best webinar platforms we can easily say when you use Demio’s browser-based version. The UI is fantastic and lets your audience engage for more time.

While some webinar software starts to lag when you begin a Q&A session or launch offers, Demio, on the other hand, will increase the user’s interaction helping you to reach the maximum number of attendees without any lagging issues. 

You can track every attendee’s interaction and compare it with registration and live sessions to track how the overall webinar went from a marketer’s perspective.

Features of Demio:

  • Users can join the live webinar directly through a web browser.
  • You can keep the session interesting with Q&A, good offers, product launches.
  • Built-in tools help you to market your existing product or service.
  • Marketers can check how their customers react.

#4. EasyWebinar

As the name suggests, EasyWebinar helps you to conduct a webinar session without any lagging issues and allows you to reach potential customers by utilizing marketing tools. The HD webinars increase user’s interaction, and there is a limit of 4 people for making the host. However, you being the host, can add any attendee as the presenter quickly. 

Attendees in the webinar can interact with ghosts and other members through polls, chat rooms and get particular product offers. EasyWebinar lets you share your live session through YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms to increase your audience base. 

You can use a built-in email tool to send the webinar notification before and after the webinar session to your users. It will help you to track the “real” attendees during the live session and how people are responding to your presentation. 

EasyWebinar’s analytical tool works quite well and gives you some critical insights about how the overall session was and whether there was any conversion or leads generated. It will help you conduct future webinars more accurately and efficiently. 

Features of EasyWebinar:

  • You can Share your live webinar to social media platforms.
  • There are options of live, automated, hybrid, and recurring types of webinars.
  • You can track down audience reactions and keep a note.
  • It helps you to integrate marketing tools to promote products.

#5. Livestorm

Livestorm is famous for conducting online meetings and webinar sessions also. You can join the live webinar session without using add-ons, downloading any browser extension. The host can start sharing the screen to attendees with just one click and invite anyone to be a presenter again with just one click only.

More than 1500 apps can be integrated with Livestorm webinars making it the most dynamic and helpful source of conducting a meeting online. Audiences can interact with live chats, Q&A sessions, polls, etc. The webinar could be pre-recorded, automated, or recurring, or you can go live right now.

Lievstorm’s help you promote the brand or company by offering you an option to customize the forms in a way you want and increase your brand’s awareness during the webinar session. The email system is not an advanced one, but it can send reminders before the webinar and thank you notes after the session ended. 

Features of Livestorm:

  • Use an email generating system to send reminders to the attendees of the webinar.
  • You can customize the forms according to your choice.
  • It allows you to integrate more than 1500 apps.
  • Track user’s activities and responses through analytics.


These are the top 5 best webinar software programs that you can use to start the meeting online and share your product, services, or ideas. Even though there are many other platforms, we decided to go with the best ones only. Many of these platforms are free to use, and with a premium plan, you can enjoy additional tools and features which will ultimately increase your session’s interaction.

If you have any other suggestions, we are free to listen up and let us know by leaving a comment.

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