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By Vikas Kumar

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Have you ever gotten so bored of using Facebook that you started to find the best Facebook alternative that can be used here instead of seamlessly browsing through the FB feed? If you are going through that phase, you are in the correct place because, in this post, I have managed to cover the best alternatives that can be used for Facebook.

Unfortunately, very few people know this or will realize it because Facebook’s quality is getting lower every day. I had been using Facebook when I joined it to see what my friends were doing online, and then as I started to age, my interest changed quite a lot.

Nowadays, we are all at tharp[hase of our lives where we need to give much importance to those things which will increase our productivity, and that’s why I have here managed to create a list of alternatives that can be used instead of Facebook. 

List of Best Facebook Alternatives

Since there are many options to choose from, I have decided to shortcut that list and pick the best social media similar to Facebook. 

#1. Twitter (

This social media platform was launched in 2016, and since then, they have been doing a great job by providing a solid user interface and what they truly want. This platform was being used to educate people about the importance of handling their data, and they have successfully done it.

Twitter was started by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. They archived more than 100 million users and tweeted 340 million tweets a day. By 2019, Twitter had more than 330 million monthly active users. But In 2022, Twitter was sold for $44 billion to Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla.

Features of Twitter:

  • Microblogging
  • 280-char Tweets
  • Follow users
  • Retweets, Likes
  • Hashtags
  • Direct Messages

#2. MeWe

One of the best platforms that I have been using for a long time would be mewe. It’s a great alternative to Facebook because it gives you access to similar content by protecting your data at the same time. The reason why mewe started a few years ago is because of the famed data privacy issues that Facebook is facing with its current user base. You can surf the feed with new and fascinating content without even getting any advertisements while browsing. The developers have given utmost priority to the data points, and that’s why they are becoming my favorite options. 

You can buy out the premium plan if you want to make any changes and the reason people are choosing it is that your data will be protected here. They Are offering enterprise-level of services by offering tons of great things to various plans, and that’s what I liked about it. Even if you are not comfortable with the paid version of mewe, it’s free to use the core version of it, and that’s quite fascinating.

Features of MeWe:

  • Your data will be protected.
  • No advertisements at any cost.
  • Solid premium plans are available to customize the feed.
  • It offers a more secure system.

#3. Minds

There are very few platforms, especially when it comes to social media, that will reward you for doing certain activities. The user interface of the mind is quite oldish yet fascinating, considering the news feed you will be getting that is superb s compared to Facebook. The reward system works great in Minds because, at the time they launched it, many people were earning in the form of Bitcoin for doing certain given tasks. However, no, you will not get bitcoins, but similar things for sure. 

Since it’s a community-based social network platform, you will not be able to get any manipulative search results, or your data will get into the hands of anyone whom you cannot trust. The reward system will be determined by how you interact with users in this community network and based upon it, you will be getting various things. 

Features of Minds:

  • It offers freedom to the user.
  • Your data will be protected from manipulation.
  • Daily reward pool of tokens allotted to the users.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.

#4. Diasporafoundation

The main three principles on which this platform is based include freedom, privacy, and decentralization. Nowadays, many people are giving importance to these things only because of the data privacy issues they face with tech giant media platforms. Here you need to join the pod. You can join any pod based upon your own choices, country, region, and various thighs, and the best thing about it. You can control everything from your profile to the news feed on the diaspora foundation which must be implemented on every social media platform.

Just like the majority of the social media platforms, here, you can use the # to get started with any conversation or create discussion. You can create a new post by using the relevant #, and the people who are following it will get to see it. The reach offered by this platform is quite significantly high since I did not expect that it would manage it. But the way the algorithm works here is quite stunning, and that’s what the majority of people would want to use it. 

Features of Diasporafoundation:

  • Privacy and decentralization gave priority.
  • You have full control of your profile and account.
  • Easy to surf through the various types of content.
  • Help the community by sharing valuable information. 

#5. Nextdoor

Next Door offers a different way to connect with the people in the neighborhood of the arena in which you live. It’s an application based on the locality where you live, and it will give you content like news and social posts based on your preferences. You can connect with various people through this application, make your neighborhood more productive, and get out of the struggle to connect with people. In addition, it’s a place where you can buy things locally. If someone has listed an item to sell in your area, then you can connect with them and get it.

Nextdoor works on the pricing vocal for locals, giving more importance to the area you live in and helping the local people grow further. The great thing about next door is that you will be getting stunning content for sure based on your local area, and that’s what you need in the current pandemic times. 

Features of Nextdoor:

  • It connects with your area and society.
  • Get relevant news and related content and also manage it.
  • Connect with the sellers from your local areas.
  • Easy to use UI.


So these are the best alternatives for Facebook once you get bored of using it for all the cliche reasons. Facebook has been dominant for sure, there is no doubt about it, but once you realize why you want to leave Facebook, it will improve you and those around you also.

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