Top 5 Best Employee Monitoring Software for Remote Workers in 2022

By Vikas Kumar

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When it comes to working, we all know how BUSY we pretend to be when we are in our office cubicle, but that makes us feel good when working for somebody. However, when some people are working for you, you wouldn’t want that thing to happen to you, right?. Nowadays, because of the pandemic, everyone is forced to work from home, which makes the situation hard because you cannot know what your employees are doing.

If you are the employer or manager handling remote workers online, you must realize the importance of tracking their day-to-day work schedule. There Is no need to do anything manually because today, I have brought some great tools that can be used to monitor how employees are performing their work. 

Best Employee Monitoring Software For Remote Employees

Here is the list of employee monitoring softwares that you can use to spy on your employees about how much they are working. 

#1. Time doctor

It is not surprising why the time doctor type of tool is already used by big companies like Apple, Verizon, etc., because it helps you track what and how much time your employees are spending on things. Time doctor is quite easy to use because it gives you some essential data about the employees’ tasks and the time they log in and sign out of the system. What types of sites they are visiting while working for you, and many more things.

The great analytical tool gives you an insight into how much time they are spending on the given tasks and whether they are reaching up to the benchmarking level or not. You can also see the attendance made by the employees and whether they are working on duly or not. Such insight will give you a hint about how much efficiency the employees are showing up while working on the projects.

Features of TimeDoctor:

  • It helps employees to keep productive.
  • Gives you an insight into the online time employees spend most on.
  • It’s a great task management tool.
  • It helps to evaluate the performance of the employees. 

#2. Worktime

Worktime is a great tool for every type of employer who is managing a group of small people, either online or offline. Because this tool is made so that it will give you an insight into everything that your employees spend the most time on, this tool monitors the idle hours, active hours, attendance and absenteeism of the employees accurately. You don’t have to make any changes to the system manually; monitor the results and make the decision based on it. As compared to other employee monitoring tools, work time has been able to deliver some great features, and that’s why they are performing better than another’s for sure.

You can sync the data with cloud platforms, and it will save automatically, and you can have access to it anytime. A productivity tool that is made so that it will not invade the privacy of the employees and give you only legit valid information. The data showed that those who opted to use work time at their workplace witnessed a significant improvement in their overall productivity. 

Features of Worktime:

  • Privacy is protected, so nothing to worry about.
  • Sync the important data with cloud platforms.
  • Use the insights to make managerial decisions.
  • Imported performance of the employees. 

#3. Hubstaff

What I like the most about the Hubstaff is that this tool is designed so that you can see the minimalistic approach not only in the design but also in the results it produces. The inbuilt system of productivity checker gives you an instant idea about how much productivity level the employees are working on and what should be done to improve it further. Results will be given to you in precise and correct reports, which will help you to make important decisions on time.

Hubstaff supports GPS tracking. You can track the movement of your employees and check whether they are lying about what they say to you. This tool will help product-based companies track the marketing representatives outside of the office and track their activity for each minute. The best thing about Hubstaff is that everything is delivered in the timesheet, like how much time an employee has spent on certain tasks, which gives you lots of ideas about their dedication.

Features of Hubstaff:

  • Simple design and easy to use.
  • Available on every sort of platform.
  • It can even manage automated payroll and invoicing to customers.
  • Make the managerial decisions with system generated insights.

#4. Desktime

Desktime lets you track how employees are doing their work online and gives you a detailed insight into more accurate data. It lets you track the time, attendance, and whether employees’ workflow is being conducted effectively or not, and what type of decisions needs to be taken to improve it further. The tool will monitor the activities we are doing online and link it up with the project and the deadline given to complete it to calculate productivity.

The best thing about desk time is that you can track down the data and get insight that decides what type of computer habits you are following. Such types of tools help you to improve the work plan and overall tone of decisions also. You can also track down what type of things are causing the main problems in your work life and what should be done to overcome them.

Features of Desktime:

  • You can track the progress of given tasks.
  • Lead the team more effectively.
  • Monitor the project’s efficiency automatically.
  • Manage absence, productivity and take the essential decisions

#5. Kickidler

If you look at the overall design and the purpose behind the kickidler, you will find that it’s the tool made to kick out laziness and use idle time effectively. If you think the employees are underperforming or spending more time on useless things, this tool will make all of their activities and give you an accurate result. This tool gives you an option to check the productivity level of the employees, get the automatic notification of some important stuff, self-monitoring some activities, and many other things.

You can get the remote PC access of the employees and see what’s going on there. Since this tool has an inbuilt keylogger system, you can also get the data about what your employees are typing on the keyboard. If there is a group of students or employees whom you have to monitor, then don’t worry; the feature of classroom monitoring can be used there. 

Features of Kickidler:

  • Most detailed and advanced level of monitoring tool.
  • Gives you an exact real-time monitoring facility.
  • Get the automatic notification about the rule breaches.
  • Use the tool to make important decisions.


So these are the various tools that you can use to monitor the remote workers. All of the tools mentioned above work great in different situations, and that’s what you need when you are managing the different types of employees. If you have any doubts or questions about them, leave a comment down below. 

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