Top 5 Best Productivity Tools to Control Distractions for WFH Workers

By Vikas Kumar

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Since the pandemic started, we have been forced to stay inside the house; for some people, it might not be good since their jobs require day to day outside commuting, but for those who are staying inside their home and doing the work, you will have to be quite accurate and disciplined while working. Usually, we are not so serious or disinclined about the given task and in such cases, you need to use some useful tools that will assist you while working from home.

If you are the type of guy who has never been used to working from home, you will find it quite hard to ensure that the given tasks are completed in the given period. So in such a case, you need to use some great productivity tools that will boost up the work, and this post is all about it. 

List of Best Productivity Tools for WFH Workers

Here are the top productivity tools that help anyone working from home for their either personal or office work; all these tools can be used for various purposes. 

#1. Forestapp

Forest is one of my favorite productivity tools because it consists of an easy-to-use interface, which increases the focusing ability we possess. If you are working from home for a long time and trying to find the best ways to get more things done in a short period, then you should start using the Forest app on the phone. The web version also works best, and the first piece of advice it will give you is to put down your phone far away from yourself. Because according to them, it’s that little smartphone that makes everything distracting and loses your focus. 

Forest app works uniquely; when you start the session and leave the phone away, it will grow the seed for a sling as you don’t touch the smartphone. The higher the tree grows, the more points you will earn, indicating how focused you are while working on something. You complete more sessions, and there will be more points awarded to you. It’s a great way to put down the bad habit of using smartphones quite often.

Features of Forestapp:

  • It rewards you with a digital coin for completing the task.
  • Helps to build the new habit of intense focusing.
  • It’s a great tool for those who are smartphone-addicted.
  • Simple and calm user interface. 

#2. Freedom

Freedom is quite famous among the users of Windows, Mac who use this tool as the blacklist to avoid those websites and block them, which makes their work-life more confusing and disturbing. Whether it’s the thought of spending some time off from work and surfing through social media, gaming sites are what makes things distracting. Freedom is designed to help you put all those sites under the blacklist, which will make things easier for you. 

You can figure out where most of your productive time is going and why your tasks are not getting completed in the given timeline. You can use the freedom to block the various types of distraction, which everyone who is working from home needs at this moment. You can sit relaxed and focus on what matters the most rather than what makes you feel happy since most of the things that will make you happy are unproductive for your work. 

Features of Freedom:

  • Select the websites that you want to blacklist.
  • Make your browsing more productive and efficient. 
  • It can be used on all types of devices.
  • It provides full control of your browsing. 


If you are the type of guy whose productivity increases when listening to some calm and relaxing music, you will love the application. It provides functional music to improve your working ability and complete the given tasks in the given period. They have used the scientific approach to create the different types of background music, to help you focus more on the given things and get things completed in the given period. has patented the technology they use for resting the functional music because it releases the vibes that help you focus more on these things. 

The music this tool creates will put you in the desired mental state, which is essential if you want to complete a certain task in the given order. Some legit scientists have collaborated with others to make such type of music which helps your neurons and increases the required focus. Music is an essential part of our life, but while working, you cannot listen to the song, which will make you feel distracted; rather, it’s a reverse process.

Features of Brain fm:

  • It creates music that sounds different and helps our brain.
  • Control your mental state of mind.
  • Scientifically proven and approved music is used to boost productivity.
  • It comes with some unique functional music. 

#4. Krisp

Have you ever been to a meeting where the noise could not be heard clearly by the main speaker, and what bothered you is the background noises only? This is the tool that will help you in such a dire case. Krisp lets you block the background noises of the meeting and conference call and provides you with the best audio quality, which will help you hear what others are saying. The tool has in-built features which will remove all the unnecessary echoes, noises that make things complicated.

When you are working from home, you will have to be part of some meetings, and since the outside environment will not be that good to hear what the speaker is saying, in such a case, Krisp will help you. There is a floating widget to access any feature with just one click in the easiest manner. 

Features of Krisp:

  • Room and acoustic echo removal.
  • Instant audio recording of the online meetings.
  • It supports various headsets, microphones, and speakers.
  • AI-based noise cancellation is available. 

#5. Todoist

It might sound to cliche, but we have to accept that living in modern-day society is quite impacted because of the various things which we have to manage. So in such a case, you can prioritize the type of work you want to finish first and make sure that everything goes right. Todoist is designed in a way that will help you create the best type of to-do list that can be accessed from any device and helps you finish the given tasks in the given period. 

You can access todoist from any device you own and sync the account to get done with things easily. You will achieve mental peace when using the todoist because the scientific way they have improved their platform increases your productivity, especially when working from home and managing various things simultaneously. 

Features of Todoist:

  • Start each day with a new todoist and finish it up.
  • Prioritize tasks and work using various headings.
  • Improves your energy to complete important tasks.
  • Share the workload with colleagues.


So these are the best tools that you can use if you are working from and trying to figure out the ways to lighten up your productivity to the next level. Because I had seen many people complaining that their productivity efficiency declined quite drastically when they started WFH culture, so I hope these tools will help you.

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