Top 5 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives To Watch Movies in 2022

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Who hasn’t heard about the popcorn time, right?. Well, if you don’t know about it, then you are living under the rock. Because if you ask any movie lover, they would tell you how unique this platform was for its excellent service. Popcorn time is a torrent client that lets you stream any movie, show online without even a single amount of money for it. Popcorn time is built so that you can stream any movies/TV shows free of cost online.

Popcorn time was one of my favorite torrent platforms because of the diverse range of movies, Tv shows, documentaries available there. However, because of improper maintenance, the service has not gotten to the end. But, we can all agree that it was the best platform for every movie lover. We decided to create a list of popcorn time alternatives that will give you the same service and feeling of streaming online movies for free.

Before we suggest any alternatives for popcorn time, we want to give you a friendly reminder that streaming online movies and Tv shows are illegal and might fetch copyright infringement notices. So choose them according to your risk and stream the content legally.

Best Similar to Popcorn Time To Watch Movies

Even though we know that popcorn time has shut down its services, there are many great alternatives available that you can use to watch movies and TV shows online for free. We have picked the best and listed them down below.

#1. Kodi

Kodi App

It would be quite unfair if we didn’t include Kodi on our list of best popcorn alternatives to watch movies. Kodi is the third party streaming platform that will fetch all the movies and Tv shows related content from other streaming service providers like Netflix, amazon prime and lets you stream them for free. Kodi is widely known for its streaming service across worldwide users.

This software is also used on casting devices such as chromecast, firestick, and you can watch tons of movies on the big screen without paying for any of the streaming platforms subscriptions. However, one thing that needs to be said is that you cannot use Kodi directly because the media content owners closely watch their activities.

It’s an excellent service when you have a good VPN because you can use Kodi without any flaws, and it’s the best platform to stream HD movies and TV shows without any interruption.

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#2. Torrent TV

Torrent TV App

When it comes to Torrent TV, you can always choose to stream any movies where it’s action, fantasy without putting any efforts into downloading it first on your local computer. Torrent Tv is the software that lets you stream torrent content directly. The user interface and the design of the tool is unique and simple to use.

Like popcorn time, you will not face any issues while using torrent TV. There are tons of different options already available for streaming services. You need to download the torrent file or drag and drop the torrent magnet file into the box. The software will then fetch the information in the back end, and the streaming will start automatically.

If you have already downloaded the movie, you can cast it on the big screen like a computer or a TV screen using chromecast, firestick. When you are getting too many options, you will hardly miss popcorn time, don’t you?

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#3. Zona

Zona App

Are you a windows user? Then don’t worry because Zona is one of the best alternatives for popcorn time. The software, which will allow you to search for movies and pick any of your favorite choices, has a great UI. The search engine and the torrent client are built, so it will always amaze you in many ways.

Having your own torrent search engine and torrent client is quite important; it lets you stream online movies without any third-party interruption. There is an option for customization because this particular software lets you make necessary changes to your streaming preferences.

Many windows users got disappointed when they heard about the sad news of popcorn time getting down for infringement issues, but we can firmly say that Zona is the best alternative for these users.

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#4. YiFy TV

YiFy TV App

I still remember watching my favorite star wars movie series from yiFy TV because the platform is great and works even better when you have an excellent high functioning PC. YiFy Tv is the closest popcorn time alternative to stream your favorite movies. The way this website is developed is unique, and you will feel like whether you are streaming the movie on Netflix or amazon prime?

The site has tons of video content, so many options have been given that you will hardly not find anything that you want. YiFy TV fetches all the content on their site from other torrent websites, and the daily addition of movies happens all the time.

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#5. Stremio

Stremio App

Bored of watching movies on those websites which have lots of pop-up ads on their websites? Well, Stremio is the best platform for you then. It’s a video content site where every type of movie, TV show, web series is uploaded daily, and the content is also monitored. You get lots of good options before you start streaming any film on this great platform.

Stremio is available for both windows, mac users, so everyone has an option to get to the best popcorn time alternatives to watch movies. Streami’s desktop client is famous, but it can also be used from your smartphone.

Streamio will give you a nostalgic feeling about the popcorn time, and we think you should at least use it for once if you are genuinely a movie buff. 


So these are the top 5 best popcorn time alternatives to watch movies and TV shows. The topics which we have mentioned above are listed after considering people’s demand. As we know that the popcorn time was one of the most significant streaming platforms, there are tons of other alternatives.  As the resurrection goes, we decided to pick the top five alternatives, hoping you liked them.

If you have any other suggestions regarding popcorn time alternatives, you can always leave a comment below.

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