Top 5 Best WordPress Theme for Fast Loading Website in 2022

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Are you looking for a WordPress theme for your blog/website? Well, here I have listed the popular and best theme for WordPress which is easy to customize and fast in loading. Owning a website and maintaining it are both two different things. Even though you have bought the domain and set it up on excellent hosting, it doesn’t mean millions of people will like your site. Even though getting traffic is a different art, in this article, we will discuss the top 5 best WordPress themes that you need to pay attention to from our POV. 

People nowadays are quite picky because when they land on your website, everything should look good. Even a simple design aspect that you wouldn’t think about matters a lot to many viewers. So using a WordPress theme is relatively easier, especially when you don’t know about the coding. There are tons of great WordPress themes that will enhance performance in terms of SEO, conversion, etc. We decided to cover the top WordPress theme on which you can spend a little bit of money.

List of Fastest WordPress Theme

When making a great website, you should always give importance to suits design, UI, speed, and how people react when they land on your site. If you want to increase the conversion rate on your e-commerce website or improve your blog’s performance, then try to go ahead with any of these WordPress themes, which we have mentioned right below. 

#1. GeneratePress

When you want to buy a free WordPress theme, then there is no better option than GeneratePress. As a blogger, I know that Generatepress is the best WordPress design for improving a website’s efficiency. 

The codes used by the developers behind this WordPress theme are a hundred percent secure and stable. Since the main theme is less than 10 kb of your page size, it makes it installable even on your granny’s food blog also. They have improved the previous versions and made them simple to use and fast to load.

You can customize the pages, CSS control, and many other things to make it more attractive in terms of SEO, user interface, and many other things. People are always curious to know why GeneratePress is not charging money for elegant design and features. You are misinformed in that case because there is a premium version available of the Geeratepress starting from $59/yr.

#2. Astra

When you are handling a more significant and much more critical website, WpAstra is the WordPress theme you should look into. It’s been made in such a way you can use already built design templates for making your website look classy. Customization without coding saves lots of time; gone are the days when you had to learn coding to optimize your site.

If you want to build a full-width size pages website, then there is also an option. Remove the sidebar and other aspects, make it look like according to your choice. The one thing we experienced when shifted to Astra is that the site’s speed improved significantly. Building a website and optimizing it for monetization is made possible by this simple yet effective theme. 

Setting colors and fonts is also quite comfortable with Astra. You can also control the blog posts and archive pages; optimizing it becomes quite helpful when targeting a larger audience. 

#3. Divi WordPress Theme

I still remember being naive about website management that I did even know the site’s design would matter a lot. However, when I started receiving some traffic, it hit you’re wrong, Website’s design is the key component, and no one should ignore it. The first WordPress theme I bought was Divi; it was quite like looking at the beautiful jewelry that will make you look special.

Divi WordPress theme is designed so that you can see the true visual editing, drag and drop building of any elements on your WordPress theme without any coding. If you are good with coding, then the feature of custom CSS control will work more fantastic for you since you can develop the custom CSS control according to your choice yours. 

There are thousands of designing options available in the Divi theme that you can use according to the Website’s niche. You are in full control of your Website, and that’s what every blogger should look for in a premium WordPress theme.

The editing response is quite stunning, and you can make custom changes to make the Website look more scalable on mobile devices. The developers behind this theme used global elements and style making users from across the world feel at home. 

#4. OceanWP

Very few WordPress themes are made for multipurpose because it’s quite hard to build it so accurately as a WP theme that will work for everyone. However, OceanWP is the WordPress theme you need to use when you want a diverse range of options. Whether it’s for the one-page blog, a niche-specific website, or an eCommerce store, OceanWP works excellent for everything.

The base of OceanWP is made considering the core importance of SEO. You can see your website’s ranking getting up when you shifted from a standard theme to OCeanWP. The developers behind have worked exceptionally hard to make it user-friendly and customization in every sense.

Whether you want to edit sidebars, pages, archive galleries, or any other part of your WordPress site, this theme is going to make it look more comfortable for you. Woo-commerce’s integration made it bigger and usable for online store owners who want a stunning-looking and straightforward website.

#5. Hestia

Developed by ThemeIsle, Hestia is the best multi-purpose WordPress theme when you don’t spend lots of money buying a theme for your website. It’s free of cost and offers you a different range of features. The material design is sleek and works for either a blog, e-commerce store or any online website.

You can easily customize the other parts of your WordPress theme, like adding new pages, deleting or removing the sidebar, and optimizing it to the fullest capacity. Whether it’s for speed, SEO, or conversion, this theme works great for every cause.

The theme gets frequently updated, making it more bug-less, and the support system is also quite significant. Tons of video tutorials available if you want to customize them. The premium version will give you enhanced features, and if you have a reasonable budget, you can also go with it.


These are the top 5 most popular WordPress themes available in the market, which we think every blogger, e-commerce store owner should try to use for their site. Even though most of them are free, sometimes the pro version will improve your site;’s performance drastically. If you have used any of these themes or have suggestions, leave a comment down below; we will be glad to hear from you.

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