Top 5 Best Websites To Create Avatar Cartoons Online in 2022

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What’s the purpose of our life if we don’t enjoy every moment of it, whether it’s in real life or on social media? Nowadays, the usage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp has increased a lot, and so are concerns about data privacy. People put their real photos as their profile pictures on their social media accounts, but now, using avatars is getting famous. Considering the popularity of avatars among people, we prepared a list of the top online websites to create avatar cartoons.

If you don’t know what’s avatar is? Then don’t worry. Because an avatar is the cartoon picture of your actual photo. It means how you would look if you were drawn into the cartoons. The trend of using avatars started last year, and many people still like it. Many of my friends picked the best avatars photos, in which they are looking quite dashing and funny also. Who wouldn’t want to see the avatar version of themselves, and if you are also interested, you can use any of these best websites, which are famous for online avatar cartoons creation.

List of Website to Create Avatar Cartoons

Even though tons of websites are available on the internet when it comes to avatar creation, we decided to pick the best from our point of view; we hope you will also like them.

#1. Avachara Avatar

No wonder why Avachara Avatars is considered the best online platform for creating funny and unique avatars for your social media profiles. The app is made so that you have just to upload a selfie or photo of yours. The system will detect your face, skin colour, eyes, lips and other parts of the body and present you with the most stunning cartoon avatar of yourself.

We were quite blown away by the results being produced by the Avachara avatar, and it’s quite amusing to use this type of tool. There are many accessories available like cloth, guitar, and background wallpaper that you can use to make your cartoon avatar look more stunning. All of these features are easy and free to use, so go ahead and check it out.

#2. Faceyourmanga

Unlike the manga characters from which the great anime was born, this application’s system-generated cartoon avatar is quite stunning and gives you a feeling of being an anime character. It uses a system that will fetch your photo and give you an option to add some birthmarks like scars, moles, etc., on the avatar. Sound fun? It is because many of my friends do have some blemishes and their avatars looked quite great.

Other features, such as adding a third eye, changing skin colour, and setting eyebrows, make it more exciting and fun to use. You Can use the manga face of yours created by the fantastic app on your Whatsapp or messenger profile to give your friends a surprise while chatting. 

#3. Cartoonify

Simple and effective in making online avatar cartoons is cartoonify. The developers created this tool so you can see the cartoon version of yourself in just a few minutes. There are already more than 300 illustrated parts available on this tool; you will just have to pick and use it accordingly.

You don’t need to use any software or add any special effects to make your cartoon avatar look more attractive. The tool has an integrated system that will fetch the face, skin color, and expression and make a unique cartoon version of yours. Upload your photo, convert it into a cartoon and re-upload it on social media. These are the most straightforward steps to using this tool. 

#4. My Blue Robot

Ever imagine what the robot version of your would look like? Well, with my blue robot, you can check it out by yourself. The app lets you use unique features such as adding spectacles, adjusting eye color, adding plus/minus signs on the glasses, which you won’t find in any other online avatar-creating sites for sure. People nowadays want to add some exciting things, and this is the tool that you should use at least once.

You can also adjust your eyes by moving them up or down; another feature you can use is tilting your head. These cool things make your avatar look more stylish and likable than any other thing. 

#5. Marvel Superhero Avatar

So you are a fan of Captain America? Iron Man? Hulk? Or the whole Marvel cinematic universe?. Well, if you love Marvel characters, then you should check this fantastic platform. The core basis of this online avatar creating tool is the marvel characters. You will have to upload your photo of yours and make the desired marvel avatar.

You can add customizing effects like adding wings, shield, changing color, etc., to make it look similar to the original superheroes. This is one of the funniest and most exciting online avatar cartoon websites, and you should check it out. 


So these are the top 5 best websites to create avatar cartoons online that you must have liked. People nowadays are not having the required fun, and using avatar-creating tools is one of the best ways to have a good laugh. People will be able to see a different version of yourself, and maybe you can share a good laugh with your buddies.

If you liked any of these tools, then don’t forget to tell us about them by leaving a comment down below. However, if you have any more suggestions, then let us know about them also.

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