Top 5 Best Alternatives To Watch Movies Together

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Are you looking for something similar to the rabbit? In this article, I’m going to share an alternative to watching movies. Watching movies and TV shows alone is good but when you have good company of friends or family members, why not share the screen with them?. The watch party concept came into existence because this feature allows you to stream the content with your friends, meaning they can also watch what you are streaming on your computer screen. was one of the best platforms to watch movies together because it let you cast the streaming with your friends. is unarguable and made things easier for people like me who like to watch movies with their buddies. is that platform that supports all types of streaming platforms to be shared. Whether you are watching movies on Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, or stemming any content on Youtube, playing a video game, web-based screen-sharing becomes more comfortable with Your friends need to join that link of and they can also see what you are streaming. However, as there are some drawbacks to using rabb it; we decided to find the best alternatives for it. 

Now, if you are also one of those users who are looking for the best alternatives, then you are at the right place. Because after considering each detail of rabb. It we found some close alternatives to the and we hope you will like them. 

Top 5 Best Alternatives To Watch Movies Together

Are you tired of facing video lagging issues on the Then you are in the right place. Here we prepared a list of the best alternatives of for streaming unlimited content with your friends on the web.

#1. Rave

No one likes to watch action, comedy, comic-based movies alone because these are those types of films where you can enjoy the company of your friends. The demand for virtual platforms where you can share stuff increased during the lockdown phase. Now that’s when we discovered the Rave platform. Rave allows you to upload and manage your videos in the way you want. It also lets you create a separate virtual room for inviting your friends for a watch party.

When you have given a specific platform to create a virtual room, you should utilize it to the maximum. One of the best things about using Rave is that there is also a chat room option. So not only can you watch your favourite films with your buddies or relatives, but also chat while streaming them. We all know what type of friends we have when we see horror films in cinema halls, right?. So if you have gotten bored with then you should check this one.

#2. Synaptop

When you want to enjoy movies and TV shows with your friends, you should use a smooth and clean platform from the user’s point of view. Synaptop is one of the closest alternatives for rabbits because it can help you generate the virtual room for your friends, and when the room is created, you can share the link of it with them.

However, the only thing you need to be careful of is that it requires registration before starting the watch party. This sync watch website is excellent because of its useful and straightforward UI; you can also create chat rooms and share text messages. The video quality is entirely beyond our expectations, and there won’t be any issues with watching lengthy films with your friends.

#3. BlaTube

So you don’t want to go into the process of registration before you start streaming your screen with friends, right?. If that’s the case, then BlaTube is the platform you need to start using. This website allows you to create a virtual room and start streaming with others without any formal registration process that usually takes quite a lot of time. 

Not only video sessions of the movies, but you can also start sharing YoutUbe, dropbox videos with your buddies using BlaTUbe. The streaming quality is quite good compared to, and they are taking this platform to a new level by adding new features in every frequent update. 

#4. Skype

You must have heard about skype, right?. Well, it’s a Microsoft-owned video conferencing platform that people use for video calling and sharing the presentation online. Many people don’t know that Skype can also be the best alternative to because of its unique feature of screen sharing with others. You need to start a skype call and invite your friends on it. Once they join the room, you can start sharing the computer screen yours to them.

They can also watch the same content as you are doing, giving you guys more space and functionality to stream favourite types of movies and TV shows. The audio and video clarity is top-notch on Skype, but there is a limit of screen sharing. So if your friends are in the big numbers, then they might need to use a premium version, but it’s one of the best ways to start watching movies with your friends online. 

#5. Watch2gether

We agree that there are lagging issues in some web-based watch party hosting websites. However, watch2gether is the best alternative for when it comes to streaming your favourite content continuously. Whether it’s Youtube, Dailymotion, or anything, you can continuously stream videos from these platforms.

However, the only drawback you will have with this site is that it does not allow premium streaming services because of piracy and copyright issues. You can watch locally stored videos from the computer or Youtube with high quality and have great fun with your buddies. 


So these are the top 5 best alternatives for to watch movies and TV shows online. Even though we agree that is the type of platform which will be unmatchable, considering the developers behind it have put tremendous efforts to keep it without any issues. The alternatives mentioned above also work best when it comes to sharing video screening with your buddies. 

People nowadays are more interested in watching movies, web series, or even Youtube videos with their friends because they can do live commentary while doing that. All of the alternatives mentioned above work great if you have a good internet connection because screen sharing consumes lots of data. We hope you liked these suggestions, and if you have any other options to mention, leave a comment down below.

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