Top 5 Best Machine Learning Courses Online in 2022

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Technology is evolving, and at the rate at which it is going, we all have to keep our skills up to to date to survive in the ultra techie world. So if you are a programmer or trying to get your hands on machine learning, you are right. Because being a techie guy, who had managed to learn machine learning online, that thing landed me on the perfect and desired job. So if you are also trying to learn about machine learning, then grab a cup of coffee right there.

There are many platforms and tons of options to choose from, so it could be confusing for you, which course you need to choose, so let me be the helper because here I have shortlisted some of the best courses.

List of Best Machine Learning Courses Online

There are very few platforms that will help you because others are filled up with all the rewritten stuff you probably learn anytime. So here, I have picked the top 5 courses for machine learning and reviewed them.

#1. Machine Learning A-Z™ On Udemy

The best thing about this course is that it helps those who are trying to learn more about machine learning. This course is created by tons of genius people who have mastery in data science. It will help you get more expertise in machine learning in Python and R. The courses come in various languages, so if you want to go with French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, that’s quite helpful for tons of international students. You can check out the code templates and determine whether it suits or not. 

This machine learning course is a bundle of basic to advanced levels of machine learning. You can learn tons of things through this course and practice right after each lesson. You will be able to use machine learning for various personal to professional uses; you will handle advanced techniques like dimensionality reduction. The experts are trained to teach you how to build various machine learning models perfectly, and most importantly, how to use them properly. 

Features of Machine learning on udemy:

  • One of the cheapest and the best machine learning courses.
  • It comes from the data scientists experts.
  • Get all the study materials and practice each lesson.
  • Available in various auto languages.

#2. Become a Machine Learning Engineer @Udacity

Udacity has managed a detailed course about machine learning to help you grow the skills that will fetch a good job or the appraisal. Here you will learn about machine learning techniques and algorithms, along with various ways to deploy your developed models. One of the best things I liked about this course is the A/B test models and the various ways you can update these models as you gather more and more data.

I would like to clarify that this course is for those at the intermediate level or those who know about python and machine learning algorithms at some level. So if you want to scale it up, then this is the best curse for you. It’s a 3-month course, divided into 10hours/week; it includes practical training and testing, which usually lacks in the tons of online courses. 

Features of becoming machine learning engineer @ Udacity:

  • It’s a flexible learning program. 
  • It also includes resume support, GitHub portfolio review, and many other things.
  • Real-world projects practice that will master your tech skills.
  • It includes long and well-explained machine learning lessons.

#3. Machine Learning With Python @edx

Get into the deeper machine learning with the advanced course packed by the edx, which is worth every penny you spend on it. Here, you will learn about everything from linear models, deep learning, and reinforcement learning, which will help you build a strong and useful skill in this competitive market. It includes tons of Python projects on which you can get hands-on practice to know what it feels like to be the best machine learning programmer. The course comes from the experts of that field, and you will have to know the basics before you enroll in it for sure 

Since this course comes straight from the MITx tutors, I don’t have to convince you about its authenticity anymore. You will learn the machine language principles and the main causes behind issues like clustering, classification, regression and test various A/B models to improve the skills. You will also learn how to choose suitable models for the different types of applications. The free version will give you a hint about why this is one of the most advanced yet simple machine learning courses in the market. 

Features of Machine learning with Python @ Edx:

  • It comes from world’s class institutions and experts.
  • You get a shareable certificate on completion.
  • Tons of graded assignments and practices are involved. 
  • Learn deeper levels of machine learning in short and improve the existing skillset.

#4. Data camp

The best thing about this platform is that there are tons of various courses available that are helping young aspirants to shape their future and career, and one of those includes the machine learning scientist. This course is equipped with tons of practical solution-oriented lessons taught by industry experts who have already worked in the big tech companies or startups we all know about. You can enroll in the machine learning scientist course, and before that, you can try their demo lectures to find the actual worth of it.

Usually, people don’t believe unless they try themselves, but you can check out that more than 8.9 million people have opted for the machine learning scientist course from Data camp, which seems to be quite worthwhile. You will learn how to do machine learning with tree-based models in python, learn in detail about the linear classifiers, learn how to cluster, transform, and visualize from various datasets. 

Features of Data Camp:

  • Learn from the top-level educators.
  • Get your hands on the practice modules and improve the existing skills in python.
  • You will be learning about building tune predictive models.
  • It’s a long and detailed course that includes real-life problem-solving case studies also.

#5. Data Science: Machine Learning and Predictions@edx

This course is created to teach you how to use machine learning, mainly focusing on the usability of the regression and classification to find the desired patterns in various data types. It’s a self-paced course so that you can complete it quickly or slowly, depending on your requirements and curiosity. This course is relatively much easier and at the intermediate level if we compare it with the others mentioned above. Yet many people who have a basic understanding or no understanding of machine learning can enroll in this course and improve their skill set. 

This course is coming from the BerkeleyX institution, so the authenticity of the tutors is quite high, and you don’t have to worry about that. Furthermore, this course teaches about various machine learning techniques and the assumptions based on which the data scientists use these techniques. So, in a nutshell, this is one of the most simple yet quite comprehensive courses for machine learning.

Features of Data Science @ Edx:

  • Get to learn about the basics in detail about Machine learning.
  • Learn how to use various machine language learning techniques to solve real-life problems.
  • It comes from the well-trained tutors who are experts in their domain.
  • You get a certification on completion.

So these are the best machine learning courses online that you can choose and learn from them. If you know any other machine learning course providers online then let us know in the comment section. And also please share this article with your friends and family on social media.

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