Top 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress in 2022

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One of the reasons we see so much advancement in cloud computing is because of the innovation that has happened in the last couple of years. Cloud hosting is the new and trending market that is becoming popular among entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to host their applications, software, websites for business usage. Cloud hosting will let you host anything with minimal charges, and they are far better than any other options available because you are going to save tons of money with this.

Cloud hosting is the game-changer and the reason why we say this is because of the ultimate increase in the demand for these things. You can host your highly trafficked website, applications and optimize them in the most efficient manner possible. So if you are planning to buy a cloud hosting plan for your newly created website or application, then you are in the right place. 

List of Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Since there are tons of companies that are great at providing cloud hosting services, we have managed to pick the top 5 of those service providers and review them. 

#1. Cloudways

Cloudways Managed Hosting

It would be quite hard to imagine where the digital marketing field would have been if we didn’t have cloud computing services. The number one contender in this list for us is Cloudways because they know what a customer wants and deliver it with utmost hundred percent efficiency. Here you get unmatched, super reliable, and greater performance-oriented services from one of the top leading companies. Various cloud servers handle the additional traffic, and you can go with any simple to a premium plan. Unlimited hosting of applications, all PHP apps are supported, and a great creative cpanel makes it far more useful than any others. 

24/7/365 support from highly trained technical experts, a greater security system, and automated backups of the relevant and important data makes it quite useful for you to handle everything in one place. On click installation of WordPress, Joomla makes it far easier from your point of view. Hosts any high trafficked website or application on the cloudways servers, and it will handle everything reliably. They are committed to giving the rite value of money to the customers, and that’s why they have advanced into the field of delivering more customer-oriented services. 

Features of Cloudways:

  • Great cloud hosting services for wordpress and woocommerce websites.
  • One-click easy installation of third-party software.
  • It has an enhanced customer support system.
  • Easy server customization and configuration.
  • Dedicated firewalls, one-click free SSL installation.

#2. A2Hosting

A2hosting Fastest Hosting

A2 Hosting is widely famous for producing the fastest cloud hosting servers in the industry. Their dedicated server runs fast and can handle al, the minor to major types of traffic coming from different parts of the world. Their plans start from $5, $10 per month, and can be extended to the super level depending upon your requirement and needs. A2Hosting is famous for ensuring 99.9% uptime which is relatively far better than any other cloud hosting platform. If you don’t get that uptime, then you can claim the money back urinate from the company also. 

Since there is no direct cpanel support from the A2hostingyou will have to pay some extra bucks for climbing that, or you can integrate with any other third-party platforms and manage it from there. Highly secured servers and automated backups of your data is what you need from a reliable cloud computing provider. There are no issues with A2 Hosting, and the company is truly focusing on building one of the leading cloud hosting services in the market. Those who want to have a fast and unmanaged cloud hosting service should go with this one for sure.

Features of A2hosting:

  • Basin pan starts with just $5 per month.
  • Faster and reliable server speed.
  • 30-day money back guarantee scheme.
  • Great technical support system.

#3. Hostgator

Hostgator Hosting

One of the most reliable and fastest cloud computing services that you can get is from Hostgator. From dedicated to the shared web hosting servers, you can enjoy everything under the brand of HostGator, and that’s what true customers want. Easily scalable and accessible cloud servers are the main specialty of the Hostgator; the plans are also cheap, which you can later extend if you want to. In addition, HostGator offers a free domain and SSL certification to its new members. There are three different plans: hatching plan, baby plan, and business plan, which is the premium one and would obviously require more monthly subscriptions.

You will get free SEO tools, domain names, and many other things when you choose to go out with any of the plans mentioned above. The cPanel offered by Hostgator is far easier and manageable than any other hosting provider. You can migrate websites, install WordPress with just a simple one click. You can see the speed, uptime, downtime, reach, and many other essential data through the c-panel and mane required changes.

Features of Hostgator:

  • Basic plan starting from $11 per month.
  • Free domain, SSL certification.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee scheme.
  • Affordable and quality-oriented services.

#4. Bluehost

BlueHost Web Hosting

The best cloud-based web hosting list would have been incomplete if we didn’t include Bluehost in our list. Bluehost users choose any plans depending upon their demand and requirements. You can make any changes based upon your own requirement like you can go with the dedicated or shared web hosting plans, install WordPress with just a single click, and integrate it with other cPanel. Bluehost is offering a free domain for buying their annual subscription, so if you have never used their service before, then it’s time for you to check it out.

Well-maintained servers and a team of highly educated technicians makes your website look stronger and alive even during the hardest of times. Easy migration and automatic backup of data are what make Bluehost the favorite of the majority of bloggers. If you want a simple, reliable, and fast cud hosting provider, Bluehost is the best choice.

Features of Bluehost:

  • 24/7/365 technical support system.
  • Shared to dedicated servers.
  • Powerful servers are available, which can be extended easily.
  • Unlimited traffic handling.

#5. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

Digital ocean is committed to providing the true value of cloud hosting to customers who want to enjoy the cheap and perfect hosting services. You can choose from the shared to the dedicated cloud hosting servers based upon your requirement. Easily host any of your WordPress or e-commerce websites, various applications on the dedicated servers of the digital ocean, and you won’t have any issues with their quality of services. There are tons of cloud servers available based upon various geo-location and customer requirements. 

The load balancer’s cloud hosting feature will handle and soft the excess or shortage of traffic in between servers efficiently. Easy migration of websites or applications from one server to another requires less handling and hard work from your side—easy and one-click installation of major third-party applications on your websites such as WordPress, Joomla. Integrate the digital ocean account with any other c-panel providing platforms and manage your hosting from there. Those who have a meager budget and want to enjoy reliable cloud hosting servers should go with this one. 

Features of DigitalOcean:

  • Hosts multiple websites on dedicated or shared servers easily.
  • 24/7 technical support system.
  • One-click installation of wordpress.
  • Quick and easy changes to the servers.


So these are some of the best cloud hosting providers that you can choose from. Nowadays, everyone likes cloud-based web hosting services since they are cheap, reliable, and hassle-free. The above-mentioned service-providing companies are truly reliable, and you can go with any of them without any issues; still, if you have any doubt or questions let us know. 

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