Top 5 Best Antivirus Protection Software for Windows PC in 2022

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The only problem everyone faces is malware attacks from third-party software or applications when it comes to windows. You might not agree, but yes, there are many cases where we found that a user’s computer got corrupted because of a malware attack. Now in such a case, Windows Defender might be good, but to some extent only. Because after that you will have to go with other antivirus software which will protect your computer and essential files that you have stored on the PC. 

So after looking at the users’ demand which was solely related to finding the best antivirus for Windows PC, we here decided to go into the deep and articulate this article which will help you choose the best and right antivirus. 

List of Best Antivirus Software For Windows

When you look at the various options you have for choosing the antivirus software, sometimes it might not be very clear. So if you are also going through that dilemma, you are at the right place, since here we have picked the best antivirus software and reviewed them. 

#1. Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick heal antivirus is the most trusted application, which is already famous among windows users. The company, whose main focus is to give the utmost security to the user’s PC from any malware attacks, has dominated the security niche for a long time. Their antivirus software will scan all of your data files and create a secure connection between the various computers. So whether you are doing an online transaction or surfing through any vulnerable sites, quick heal will recognize the malware attack and will deal with it accordingly. 

In this software package, you get a firewall, sandbox, anti-keylogger, intrusion detection system, which are essential components to protect your PC. In quick heal, you have the option to quickly scan your system, either targeting a specific file or the entire system. You have the option to go with the free trial version and then go with the paid ones. Performance and protection wise, quick heal has a decent performance. Quick heal detects every type of ransomware or malware and protects your computer from any external threat.

Features of Quick Heal:

  • The suite includes various features.
  • Firewall included.
  • Supports almost all Windows running PCs.
  • Ease of use and good interface.

#2. Norton Plus

Norton plus might be the antivirus version that Norton company has released in between their various packages. Because here you get access to all the security, whether it’s ransomware or malware protection, everything is enabled. Norton Plus is the main component of the Norton 360 suite, which will give you access to VPN, dark web surfing, and protection from webcam access by third-party attacks. Norton plus works perfectly on windows or MacBook, and you will never have to worry about surfing through a not-so-friendly environment on the internet.

You will get antivirus scanning, online protection from malware attacks; Norton’s smart firewall system is also enabled. You also get to use the password manager, which will encrypt your passwords and will not reveal them to anyone. There is a refund policy that the company is offering if your computer gets affected even after using the Norton Plus, so it’s a strong statement from a reputable company. Norton Antivirus gives you access to 2GB cloud storage which will host your important data and files. 

Features of Norton Plus:

  • Full antivirus scanning enabled.
  • Easy surfing through the dark web.
  • Webcam protection enabled.
  • Smart firewall system protects all credentials. 

#3. Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab, which was founded in Russia, is a well-known brand and used by many offices and individuals in various parts of the world. You can choose to go with the free version of Kaspersky, which is also good and gives your PC the required protection from any malware or ransomware attacks. However, the paid and premium version of Kaspersky includes a security cloud version, access to VPN free of cost, online account management for security checks, and password management. 

Even though we agree that the free version will not have the premium features of Kaspersky, it satisfies the user’s intent. The best thing about Kaspersky is that their free version of antivirus software is truly free, and you will not need to upgrade or pay anything for that version. However, if you are planning to use the antivirus software for broader use, then the premium plan is worth every single penny without any doubt. 

Features of Kaspersky:

  • Trusted and reliable antivirus software.
  • Full scanning of the system with one click.
  • User-friendly software system.
  • Firewall, password management included.

#4. McAfee

There is a reason why McAfee has managed to grab the user’s attention, and it’s solely because of their premium services. Not only your PC, but you can use the McAfee virus protection software on any device installed at your home or office. The multiple security offerings to various devices make it the most trusted and useful antivirus software on this list. When you buy the McAfee subscription, you don’t need to buy anything else because it works on every device, whether it is a smartphone, MacBook, Windows PC, etc. 

In the paid version, you get to use the password management tool, encrypted storage, identity theft protection, and unlimited device protection in just one year’s subscription. The basic yearly plan is quite cheap and affordable which you can extend spending upon the requirement and needs of you. Moreover, various plans give access to free VPN, and there is a thirty-day money-back guarantee. 

Features of McAfee:

  • Good firewall and malware protection.
  • Supports all devices in the household.
  • Free VPN, password management system.
  • Thirty days money refund policy.

#5. Bitdefender

The list of best antivirus software will be incomplete if we don’t include this one. Bitdefender is famous for making household computers safe access worldwide by their entry-level plans that cover every aspect of antivirus protection. The first and most important feature of the Bitdefender is ransomware protection, which will protect your important data from any ransom attack. In addition, online transactions are safely monitored, protecting all of your passwords from any third-party attacks. 

The password management tool is amazing; it lets you create tons of various passwords and manages them in one place. The dashboard is easy to use and quite user-friendly, helping anyone who doesn’t have any technical knowledge easily. Real-time detection, anti-fraud or anti-phishing protection, free access to VPN and many other things. Bitdefender works on every platform, whether it’s windows, Mac, iOS and even Android also. 

Features of Bitdefender:

  • Great ransomware protection.
  • It does not track data privacy.
  • Easy to use dashboard system.
  • Gets frequent updates for protection.


So these are the best antivirus for windows that you can use to protect your computer from any ransomware or malware attacks from third parties. When you use the computer to surf online, there are higher chances that your computer might be affected by the third-party track. Now the software mentioned above is trusted and used by our experts personally. 

So if you are planning to buy the antivirus software to protect your Windows PC, you can go with any of the mentioned above. However, if you have more doubts or questions, leave a comment below; we will be happy to help you out. 

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