Top 5 Best Winzip Software for Windows in 2022

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Compressing large files is still required by us at some point, and that’s because there are some tools or software that do not support layer tops of files, and you have to compress them. Now we are all familiar with using the Winzip to extract, unzip and compress the larger files on our windows PC, but what if you want to try out outer options. Well, in that case, you’re lucky to have stumbled upon your blog post because here, we have shared some of the best WinZip for windows.

When it comes to choosing the alternatives for Winzip, you have to consider all the features that this software offers. Otherwise, it won’t be beneficial for you to get another software instead of Winzip.

List of Best Winzip for Windows 

Since there are tons of alternatives available for Winzip, we have decided to go with the best ones and review them. This will also guide you in many ways to understand the functionality of the compressing tools. 

#1. Ashampoo Pro

Ashampoo pro works quite great with Windows PC when compressing or decompressing various types of larger files. This software supports every type of file format, including rar, tar, zip, -zip, cab, etc. In addition, this tool supports the unlimited size of the archive file and an unlimited number of files inside the archive when they are in the ZIP and 7-ZIP formats. The tool is quite easy to use, and anyone who doesn’t have any experience using the compression software can easily learn about its functionality in no time.

It features an integrated preview that supports various types of images, texts, and other file formats. The preview feature will help you to know more about these files before making an extraction. A repair zip tool is available in the software that can help you fix the broken zip files quickly. If there is any broken zip field containing your important data, then use this feature to fix it. There is also an encryption mode available for making your archives more secured from any third-party attack. 

Features of Ashampoo:

  • The graphical user interface is easy to understand.
  • It supports Windows 7, 8, 10 operating systems. 
  • Supports every type of file format.
  • Repair Zip tool for fixing the broken zip files.

#2. WinRAR

The list of the best WinZip software will be incomplete if we don’t include this tool on our list. Winrar supports every major file type first, including the LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z, and 7-Zip,  RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ. The best thing about using Winrar is that you can split archives into separate volumes, which can help you save them on different disks. The password encryption used in the WinRAR is quite great, and that’s better than any other tool because here, the importance is given to your data privacy. 

Winrar is the perfect alternative for Winzip, those who want to try out something different. Winrar also supports every type of device and various operating systems, including 32 bit and 64 bit OS. In addition, WinRAR comes with the free trial version, which you can use for forty days, making it more useful than any other similar tool.  

Features of WinRAR:

  • It can handle Unicode quite easily.
  • It supports all types of file formats.
  • 256-bit password encryption for all types of security.
  • It supports various languages.

#3. Bandizip

There are very few free types of compression software that can help you compress the various files and decompress them. This tool supports various file formats, and you can use them without any issues or facing mirrors. Bandizip is easy to use and does not take that much space on your computer, the simple drag and drop feature helps you unzip various fields with just a few clicks. The high-speed archiving and multi-core compression is what make band zip a better alternative for Winzip.

There are no flaws in this tool that will prevent you from using it. The inbuilt password manager helps you to protect essential data. A great archive repair tool is also available to make the required changes to all those broken zip files your computer possesses. A preview feature is available that can tell you what’s inside the file before opening or decompressing it. The developers always release frequent updates, so you don’t have to worry about any bugs or software issues.

Features of Bandizip:

  • One of the best free compression tools.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Password manager, auto repair tool available.
  • High-speed archiving.

#4. 7-Zip

7-zip is one of the best unzipping tools in the market that will cost you zero bucks. This tool works with almost every Windows version, so whether you are using Windows 7, 8, or 10, don’t worry; install this compressing tool and start using it. This supports XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP, and WIM and more than 30 other file formats. We have observed that this tool delivers a better compression ratio of 2-10% when you are decompressing the ZIP and GZIP file formats. 

7-Zip is used by individual users easily, but commercial organizations can also use it. Many users want to commercially use this software that can be helpful to them in various ways. You don’t need to pay even a single dime for its usage, and you can use this tool for various uses. Since it’s open-source software, you can get the better and modified versions also, but we would recommend going with the original one only. It already supports more than 12 languages which are better than anything else. 

Features of 7-Zip:

  • It is integrated with the Windows shell.
  • It features a powerful file manager.
  • Free to use.
  • Strong AES-256 encryption used. 

#5. PowerArchiver

PowerArchiver is the best compression utility available in the market that can support almost every type of format of the file. This tool can also support the encryption of the files making it harder for the third-party attacker to hack your important data or files. In addition, this tool uses the Advanced Codec Pack, which can compress any file in the smallest size without altering its original value. 

PowerArchiver is also famous for using smart, optimized odes that can automatically detect the file condition and guide you to choose the best compression speed or ratios. When your file has different formats, this tool will automatically scan the batch of these files, use multiple codecs, and help you to decompress the files easily. 

Features of PowerArchiver:

  • It supports various types of file formats.
  • This tool can encrypt the data also.
  • The tool selects the best possible compression ratio automatically.
  • Works on every version of the Windows operating system.


So these are some of the best WinZip for windows that you can always try and use for various reasons. Usually, people who are quite familiar with the Winzip software are fond of its usability, and the list which we have prepared above suits your requirement in every possible sense. Of course, there are many other options available in the market, but the ones mentioned above are the best from our expert’s point of view since you are getting all the basic to premium types of features.  

If you have any issues or doubts regarding the same topic, leave a comment below; we will be happy to help you out. 

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