Top 5 Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers in 2022

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Are you a photographer and looking for the best photo editor for your computer? Well, here I’m going to share an amazing software list that you can use to edit any photo like a pro. As smartphone cameras developed day by day people get more conscious about how they looking in pictures especially girls and boys we edit their pictures. Hehe!! jokes apart, But if you’re a professional photographer who really wants to give a decent look to your mediocre images then the photo editing software can give you an awesome level of photographer’s effect. You can customize the effects and can add more filters to appear it seems like a natural substance. The best photo editing can enhance your creative ideas and provides new opportunities to reach out with more people’s hearts, through your amazing collections of photographs.

Previously When we think do doing photo editing suddenly the application that comes to our mind is photoshop. But now photoshop is not the only option to perform high-quality editing. There are tons of app releases every day and they are able to do the extreme quality of photo editing. So in this article, we will discuss the top & best photo editing software for everyone who wants to edit photos. You can edit your photos to publish them on your social media account by converting them into your desirable file format and resolution. Some of the apps work on both platforms mobile as well as PC, so choose according to your convenience of use.

List of Best Photo Editing Software

Photo editing is not only about adding some flayers and publish them online. Photographers do manually editing in each part of images like image cataloguing, they use lens correction tools and raw processing. So kept all thing in mind I find out some top-of-class best photo editing applications. So let’s start this guide.

#1. Adobe Photoshop

On the desktop level of photo editing, the features which adobe photoshop offers for a long time are never comparable with others. This particular app is able to perform all the narrow editing which is adequate for photographers. Or you can say it’s a complete tool for photo editing tasks still in 2022. Mostly, photo experts, designers, and illustrators use to give a professional touch to their project. Adobe updating its features frequently and now you can utilize the Adobe Cloud photography plan where you can access Lightroom and other features.

Adobe supports 360 editing tools and all the basic formats with a raw file are available like JPG, PNG, GIF. It easily handled the complex layers-based editing. While Lightroom helps you to better organize photo effects. The only drawback its adobe premium tools are somehow costly for beginners. But don’t worry we have other options too.

#2. Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar is one of the best alternatives to adobe because it offers powerful photo editing tools under a reasonable price tag you just need to pay a one-time payment for a lifetime of access. So it’s totally affordable as compared to photoshop and that’s why it’s gaining too much popularity in past few years. If you looking for a professional level of photographs editing then Luminar never disappoints you in any aspect.

Some features are similar to adobe lightroom like it uses the same keyboard shortcuts which lightroom use. And as same as lightroom you can use Skylum as for photo organizer and for photo editor. So if you’re familiar with adobe it’s easy to switch between these two interfaces. Luminar works on AI which makes your photo editing experience much easier and faster. So whenever you upload an image in Luminar workspace It automatically fixes the basic adjustments like brightening, toning, clarifying, and other effects.

#3. Corel PaintShop Pro

This is the most straightforward photo editing tool available there with an effective approach. Without decreasing any details it magnifies the quality of raw images. The flagship feature it offers with advanced tools feels like very expensive photo editing software out there. Like the Luminar it provides all the services after a one-time fee for a lifetime which costs only 60$ with a 30-day money-back guarantee, then you can edit an unlimited amount of photos with dozens of textures, colour palettes, backgrounds, plugins, and brush extensions.

If you’re a professional photographer then you must have to try Corel PaintShop Pro photo editor. Some other features of Corel editor which make it an excellent performer are SmartClone technology, 360-degree photo editing, Graphic design tools, with AI support. But one drawback over adobe photoshop is the lack of some features like 3D modelling, Faces Liquefy, detailed typography, and Camera Shake Reduction. If you don’t require this then this one is best among all others.

#4. Canva

Nowadays Canva is a more popular photo editor in this category. It is Mostly used by creative artists and YouTubers to make their thumbnails, templates, or presentation for their workplace. That doesn’t mean it can’t do the editing which a professional photographer looking for. It haves all the necessary features which are required to make an effective image.

To access Canva no need for any special technical knowledge required, we can say it’s one of the most simplistic and user-friendly interfaces Canva offers, with tons of online graphics editing tool, even the child can easily understand its functionality the simple drag and drop feature attract more social media photographers.

You can download its easy-to-use mobile app and give a correction to any project from anywhere you want. It has a massive library with 8,000 templates, images, logos, icons, and cards. But Canvas is somehow costly the Canva pro subscription starts from 12.95$/month.

#5. GIMP

I know when I used Linux I used the GIMP photo editor more because this is the only good quality image editor app available there. It’s very convenient to use because you can access GIMP from any platform you want apart from mobile. I put it into the last position because it has some limited features as compared to the above top 4 but if you looking for a free photo editor for your beginner level of photography then non-other can match the function of GIMP if you consider free tool.

The interface is customizable and even you can customize the inbuilt tools like colour, widgets, and widget spacings, which provides a perfect editing environment for professional photographers. GIMPs is a free open-source well optimize photo editor. Expert says is an entry-level editor that directly competes with the premium quality paid photo editors.


Photo editing is a creative task that requires a little bit of knowledge, interest, and a good application. In this article, I covered almost all the popular premium quality apps. If you are just started try the free ones or mid-segment apps and if you want a pro-level of photograph editing then consider adobe, Corel, Luminar, or Canva.

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